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POVÍDKA Slave To My Young Brothers 1

This is a fictional story based on young gay sex and incest. If you are

under 18 or offended by this topic please leave this site now.

I have written other stories on Nifty usually about my fantasy which is to

have a young dominant, sadistic, nasty and kinky guy make me his bitch or

slave. I am a white male who is 50, slim and born with just one nut,

really, so I know I'm inferior to any guy who has a pair. If there is a

young Master that wants an older faggot slave or you want my pics contact

me at: dad4u56241@yahoo.com. But this story is about a recent college grad

who moves home with mother, step father and two horny step brothers who

make him their slave. Hope you enjoy the story.


Slave To My Young Brothers

Chapter 1


So here's my situation. My parents divorced when I was five. I lived with

my dad. He made good money and could well afford having a kid. We lived

in L.A. and I loved it and my dad did spoil me. My dad remarried but never

had any kids with her. Now he's on his third wife. Just got married a

month ago.

My mom never liked the city life. She got remarried and lives on a small

farm in SW Minnesota. I visited her a few times and loved being with her

but her husband is an asshole and treats me like shit. I'm small only

5'9", 140#'s, and somewhat a nerd. He on the other hand is 6'3", 225#'s,

and all muscle. He's a man's man. Hunting, fishing, shooting, getting

drunk the whole nine yards.

They have two boys, Aiden and Justin. Aiden is 15 and Justin is 13 almost

14. They are both tall for there age and have muscles like their

dad. Probablly from working on the farm and they both play sports in

school. Unfortunately, they are cocky and think their the best. I'm sure

the're the bullies in school.

Now for me. My name is Caden. I'm 22 and just graduated from college. I

always wanted to be a teacher and I thought I could always find a job as

one. Unfortunately with the money problems school districts have now I

have not found a job yet. They all say that with the cutbacks their not

hiring anymore teachers, their laying off.

I had student loans that I needed to start paying back in six months and no

money, no job and no where to live. I couldn't move back move with dad, not

with his new wife. I didn't have to many options so I swallowed my pride

and called my mom and told her my situation and if I could live with her

until I found a teaching job. She said she have to ask Jeff, her husband.

I knew it wouldn't be fun living there with my step father and two bully

step brothers but I had no choice.

Mom called me back an hour later and said Jeff was OK with me living there.

Farming wasn't doing so well these days so Jeff took a job driving a semi

cross country. He worked Monday thru Friday on the road and home on

weekends. Jeff said I could help my brothers out with the chores for the

summer. I thought great I wouldn't have to put up with him except on

weekends and I could control two teenage boys, I was a teacher after all. I

told her I be there Saturday. She was happy for me coming there. I know

she loves me and missed me.

Dad bought me a Ford Focus for graduation and gave me some money. So I

packed up my clothes and stuff and took off. I hope that I could get a

teaching job starting in September so this would only be for the summer. I

could deal with that. After all I'm a grown man now and on my own.

It was a long drive from L.A. to Minnesota. It took me three days. I

planned it so I arrive Saturday evening so I only had to deal with my step

dad for one night and a day. Thank god for GPS. They really live out in

the sticks. I would have gotten lost for sure without it. I made it to

there place around 4 PM.

They must have heard me coming down their long gravel road because they

were all on the front porch when I pulled up. Mom came running to the car

and hugged me. Jeff was standing on the porch with his arms crossed and

the two boys next to him. I havn't seen them in two years. They really

grew. Aiden was as tall as me and weighed about 160#'s, Justin was about

5'5" and around 110#'s. They both had muscles and great tans already.

They boys were grinning like they were up to something.

Mom and I walked up to the porch. I was going to shake Jeffs hand and

thank him for letting me stay there but he and the boys went inside. Mom

asked Aiden to go and get us all something cold to drink. She and Jeff sat

on the couch, Justin sat on the arm of the couch and I sat on a chair

across from them. Jeff didn't look like he really wanted me there. I

guess mom put some pressure on him.

Aiden came back with cold drinks and placed them on the coffee table. I

picked one up trying not to show fear, but I was sweating and the AC was

on. Mom asked me about college and what I was going to teach and if I had

a girlfriend. I told her that I didn't have a girlfriend. The boys

snickered. I guess they assumed that no girl would want some skinny, nerdy

guy like me. But i did get lucky in college a few times so I wasn't a

virgin. I know I was straight because I did fuck women. But I did check

out the jocks in school. I wished I had great bodies like they did, but

that's not being gay right.

After the chit chat Jeff asked me what I was good at. I told him that

since I was a teacher I could tudor the boys and I worked part time at a

computer store. Jeff looked at me shaking his head and said "So I take it

you know shit about doing chores on a farm or anything. Can you hurt or

fish, fix cars or tractors or anything useful?" I told him that I never

shot a gun or work on cars and dad never took me fishing.

The boys were grinning, Jeff looked upset. He finally said "Look here's

the deal. Since we're helping you out, you will earn your keep here. It's

summer and no school so you don't have to tudor them, instead they will

teach you how to work like a man. You can gather the eggs in the morning,

milk the cow, clean the chicken coop, feed the chickens, cow and both

horses. The boys will be in charge of you. They will tell you what to do,

when and how. You listen to them and do everything they tell you or you

will be punished. You got that ? "I told him "Yes Sir, I'm sure the boys

can teach me alot Sir. And I appreciate you letting me stay here Sir."

Jeff Said "Good. First thing the boys will show you where your staying,

get you settle in, show you around. Then he asked if I had any clothes to

work in. I was wearing dress pants, a nice shirt and tie. I told Jeff

that this is what I wear all the time. Jeff smiled and said "That


Jeff told the boys to settle me in, scrub the city stink off of me and put

some real clothes on me. Aiden said he had some old jeans and shirts I

could have. Jeff said "Good, get him cleaned up and be back by 6 for

dinner." It was 4:00 now so we had two hours. I didn't like the fact that

he told the boys that they were in charge and boss me around and they could

punish me too. And what's with scrub the city stink off of me.

The boys got up and went outside, I followed like a lost puppy dog. I

assumed that they were going to help me take my stuff inside. Aiden asked

for my car keys. I handed them to him. I thought he was going to open the

trunk. But he tossed them to Justin and told him to drive my car to the

barn. I looked at Aiden and told him that Justin can't drive my car. He

laughed and said all farm kids drive then said "He can drive a car and a

tractor can you?" I said no and asked why he was taking it to the barn.

Aiden informed me that they and now me sleep in there in the summer. Their

bedroom is on the second floor and blazing hot in the summer. The only

AC's in the house are in the living room and his parents bedroom. I didn't

think that I was going to like living in a barn. Then Aiden asked for my

cell phone. I asked him why. He said "Just give me your damn phone." I

handed it to him, he smiled and told me that I wouldn't need it here and

put it in his pocket. I wanted to demand my phone back but I pussied out.

When we got to the barn which was about 500 feet from the house Justin was

there already and had my two suitcases out. I asked him to open the trunk.

I thought he was going to take my suitcases inside and I grab my box from

the trunk. But instead he tossed my keys to Aiden, who pocketed them and

they both went inside. I asked if they were going to help. Aiden smiled

and said "Look, you work us, we're not your slaves your ours." They sure

liked the idea of being in charge of their big brother. I picked up my

suitcases and followed them inside.

They climbed the ladder to the loft which is where I assumed they slept. I

climbed up carrying one bag and it was hard to do. Once I was up there I

looked around. They had a large area cleared away and made a small

apartment out of it. The big door which the hay came in I guessed was open

and a nice breeze was coming in. There was a large bed by it, a old couch,

coffee table, TV, a refrig and microwave. Not to bad. I guessed the boys

slept togather and asked where was I suppose to sleep. They both smiled

and Justin said "You'll fit in the bed, your skinny, but if your bad you

will sleep on the floor." They both laughed but he was serious. I didn't

like the idea of having to sleep with two boys in one bed. I put my

suitcase down and brought the other one up. Then I went to my car for my


I had a hard time getting the box up there and once I was I noticed that

the boys emptied my suitcases. I asked them what they were doing. Aiden

said "Just wanted to see what you had. See if you had anything useful." I

told him next time ask. He walked up to me and got right in my face. He

said "Look, we're in charge, we share and have no secrets. Whatever is

yours is ours now. If you want to use your shit you have to earn it." I

was shocked at his stern attitude. I put my box down and the boys

immediately went through it. I just stood there letting them. They took

out my laptop, my X-boy, Gameboy and other stuff. They were smiling. They

didn't have any of these things. I'm sure they will take them over.

Justin said "This stuff we will use but your clothes are for faggots."

These boys were having fun at my expense. I told them "Listen we're all

brothers and we need to get along, OK?" Aidan said "You may be our big

brother but your such a pussy. We're going to have to man you up and

toughen you up. But for now your are our slave and you will obey us." I

responsed with "Your right I'm not like you guys and you can teach me alot.

I know I'm skinny and not in shape like you guys and maybe by summers end I

will look more manly." They laughed at me saying they doubt I ever look

like a real man.

Adien informed that it was time to scrub me down and told me to strip. I

blushed and told him that I was a big boy and I could wash myself. I asked

him where the bathroom was. The boys both laughed at me. Justin said "We

don't have a bathroom in the barn, we have a homemade shower downstairs. I

should have guessed. I asked Aiden if he could give me his old jeans and a

shirt so I can change after I shower. He told me to strip first and to

leave my tie on. I asked him why. He told me that he use it as my leash

for now.

I didn't want to fight with him but these boys were in good shape and I

wasn't and I knew they laugh at my pathetic body. But I took off my shirt,

left my tie on, took my socks and shoes off and my pants. The boys were

watching. They saw my black silk boxers and laughed. Justin asked if I

always wore silky girls underwear. I assured him that they were men's

underwear and silk felt alot better than cotton. Aiden told me to take

them off. I really didn't want to stand naked in front of them but I took

them off.

I just stood there like a fool waiting for my next orders. They both came

up to me and we're laughing at me. Aidan said "You really are out of

shape, no pecs, flabby stomach, little dick. He pinched my right nipples

and I yelled out. He laughed and called me a pussy. I don't know why but

I was getting hard. I asked Aiden where the shower was. I just wanted to

get out of there. Justin noticed my dick grewing and pointed to it for

Aiden to see. By then it was the full 6" and sticking straight out. Aidan

slapped it a couple of time and pushed is all the way down and let it

bounce up to hit my stomach. Aiden asked Justin did you ever see just a

small dick on a grown man. They were laughing again. Then Aiden grabbed

my balls and told Justin he has the smallest balls ever. There the size of

two marble. Actually I have an average size cock and balls, there just not

low hangers like alot of guys have. I told Aiden that this was humiliating

and could I please just go and take my shower.

Aiden said sure and he went down the ladder followed by Justin then me.

When I got to the bottom of the ladder Justin smacked my ass hard a couple

of times. I told them that this isn't funny. Justin said it was for them.

Aiden took my tie and pulled me out back. He was making me their slave. I

wish I could make my boner go down. Once out the back door I saw a make

shift shower head on a garden hose attached to a 2 X 6.

Aidan told Justin to get the rope. I had no idea what he had in mind. I

told him "Look just let me take a shower and let me get dressed, please."

He smiled and said "Your begging, your really are a pussy aren't you."

Justing returned with a rope. He tied my hands togather and to the 2x6 so

my hands to stretched over my head. Aidan turned the water on, it was ice

cold, lucky it was 85 degrees out. He got me good and wet and applied

shampoo to my head and picked up a toilet brush and scrubbed my head. I

yelled for him to stop. He told me that he was told to scrub me down and

that's what they were going to do.

When he was done he turned the water back on to rinse my head off. Then he

and Justin soaped me up all over spending alot of time on my boner and tiny

balls. It felt great actually but humilating. Then the brush again.

Aiden started with my armpits and the brush hurt like hell. I begged him

to take it easy. Aiden commented to Justin "just like a little bitch to

beg, huh?" Justin loved me begging. Aiden then scrubbed my chest and

stomach. He handed the brush to Justin and told him to scrub my dick and

balls good. Justin was grinning from ear to ear and started in. A toilet

brush on your cock and nuts really hurts and he wasn't gentle about it at


While hanging there and Justin getting into scrubbing me down Jeff came

into view and was smiling. Aiden told his dad that I didn't like the

shower. Jeff smiled some more and said "Looks to me he's enjoying it" and

he pointed to my boner. Justin asked his dad if he ever saw just a small

boner before. Jeff said "Yeah on you when you were 5 y/o. they all

laughed and I was just hanging there. Aiden told his dad that I worn silk

underwear and that I was begging him. Jeff looked at me and said "You

really are a little pussy aren't you? Well the boys will change that."

I have a hairy chest and stomach and Justin asked his dad saying "Dad since

he's a pussy, I don't think he deserves to have hair like a man, can we

shave him?" Aiden and Jeff smiled again and Jeff said "He's your bitch do

whatever you want to him or her or whatever it is." He told the boys

dinner will be in 45 minutes and to make sure to put some real clothes on

me before coming to the house. He left, thankfully, but he wasn't going to

be any help in stopping the boys from treating me like this.

Aiden went and got some shaving cream and a razor. I begged him not to

shave me. He laughed at me saying a real man wouldn't beg. He covered my

pits to my feet in shaving cream. He shaved me completely smooth including

my balls. I looked like a plucked chicken being hairless. I couldn't

believe what I have gone through in the past hour. I was a man when I got

here now I'm a slave to my two younger brothers.

Once they had me shaved they untied me from the 2x6 Aiden ordered me to

spread my legs and bend over. Aiden then spread my cheeks and Justin took

the toilet brush to my asshole. I cried out in pain. They both laughed.

Once Justin was done with the brush he put some soap on his fingers and

stuck one in my asshole. I jumped and asked him what the hell he was

doing. Aiden had his hands on my back to hold me down. Justin told Aiden

I was tight. Aiden told him to put two fingers in and Justin did. I told

him to stop that I'm not a faggot. Aiden told me to shut the fuck up and

enjoy it. He said I should be happy it was just fingers, this time. I

didn't want to know what he meant. Justin finger fucked me for a couple of

minutes before sticking his fingers in my mouth and told me to clean my

shit of of them. The boys were laughing and I was disgusted. I couldn't

believe he put his fingers in my ass then in my mouth. I told him he was

sick. Aiden pulled me up straight and said "You loved it bitch, your hard

as a rock" and he smacked by boner really hard. He was right I did like it

after the initial shock of it. He put me back under the shower and turned

it on to rinse me off then pulled me by my tie back inside.

I had to climb the ladder first and Justin was behind me smacking my ass

all the way up there. My hands were still tied and I was standing there

naked, hairless and boned waiting for whatever the boys were going to do

next. Aiden said he should put a dress on me but throw a pair of jeans at

me and told me to put them on. I reached over to the bed to grab a pair of

my boxers. Justin stopped me and said "No underwear faggot." I told him I

wasn't a faggot. He said we'll find out tonight. I didn't like the sound

of that but put the jeans on. They were a little to tight especially with

a boner but I managed to get them on. There was a rip in the seat of the

pants so my bare ass showed. Then he threw an old tee shirt to me. That

was really tight but I put it on. At least mom wouldn't see that I was


Aiden said it was time for dinner. I dregged seeing Jeff there and prayed

no one would say anything in front of my mom. We climbed back down and

walked to the house.


This story is based on what a reader who read another story of mine on

Nifty told me. He said he was 18 and he was a sex slave to his 13 and 15

year old brothers. The names I used are there's and they live in

Australia. I wish I had two young brothers to use, but now I'm looking for

a young son to be my Master.

© Tom Dickson [dad4u56241 at yahoo.com]

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