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"Yo, I comin', I'm comin', dammit!" I yelled, as I made my way towards my

apartment door.

Some asshole was pounding on it like he were a bounty hunter. I was in

the mist of showering when the banging started. I was still covered in

soap suds as I walked down the hall to the foyer, dripping wet in my navy

blue terry-cloth towel.

I reached for the door knob, and opened it just wide enough to peek out.

It was that fucking Dorell. His girlfriend -Karon and I were best

friends. Dorell was an asshole, and I was always telling Karon to dump

his ignorant ass. She was a beautiful girl, and could get any man she

wanted, literally. I didn't understand what she saw in a loser like him.

Well, I kinda understood. She had told me that the homeboy had

"dick4day", and really knew how to lay some "good pipe".

She finally must have taken my advice, as he was here now looking for


"Wheres Karon?!" he asked, busting past me as I opened the door, smashing

me between the door and the wall.

"Where's who?" I asked, smart-assed as usual.

"You know who, you fuckin... Karon! Where she at?" he huffed.

"She's not here!" I yelled back, slamming the door shut and following him

into my living room.

"Then where the fuck is she?!" he asked, stopping in his tracks to look

around. "I know you know where she at!"

"How the hell would I know,-?" I asked angrily. "-she's not my


Dorell looked at me cross, like he wanted to slap my cross-eyed with his

bare hand.

There was never any love loss between us. He didn't like me, and I

certainly didn't like him. I secretly wished he would hit me, so I'd have

an excuse to scratch his eyes out.

I wasn't a big guy, just 5' 7", 140 lbs, brown complexed, short naturally

curly hair, clean shaven, tight body and a fat booty. Dorell was about 5'

11", 190, dark skin, cornrows, thin mustache, and bow legs. He had what

Karon called "a temper", and from what I've heard on the streets, had the

skills to back it up. But I was never one to back down from a fight. If

Dorell thought his reputation was gonna keep me from putting him in his

place, he was sadly mistaken.

"You know every damn thing else thats going on in our private lives, why

don't you know this one?" he asked as he checked out my bedroom for his


I didn't appreciate him storming around my apartment like he was the

police looking for a missing person.

"What you lookin' for? I told you she's not here!" I yelled as I followed

him in. Dorell ignored me, checking the closets. "What the hell would she

be doing in there?" He ignored me again and checked the bathroom next. I

was on his heels like inspector-12.

"What did you do to her this time?" I asked, knowing it would get his

goat. "Get caught with another woman again? Take her car without asking

again? Borrow money from her purse and conveniently forget to replace

it... again?"

Dorell turned and looked at me like he wanted to set my cute lil' ass on

fire. I stood my ground and looked at him as if to say: "don't eeeven try

it, cuz I will scratch yur eyeballs right outta yur head and place 'em on

display ontop my mantle for any future assholes to take heed!!!"

He pushed past me and escaped the bathroom. I followed close behind,

determined to make him regret ever stepping foot in my apartment. He'd

only been here once in the 2 years they've dated, and that was when they

first met. Karon had brung him over from her apartment down the hall to

meet me, after telling me all these wonderful things about him. But apon

entering my apartment, it was obvious that Karon had forgot to tell him

that I was gay, because the brotha looked as if she'd just introduced him

to a talking cock-roach or something.

After giving me such attitude, he was never invited, nor did he ever want

to come back again. Until now.

"Fuck you Imir!" he said in response to my inquiries.

Yeh, very imaginative I know.

"I bet you'd like to, but I don't do assholes, just dick." I said,

smartassed and almighty.

Dorell looked totally disgusted.

"You so fuckin' gay!" he complained. "Only a BITCH would say some shit

like dat!"

"Suck my dick muthafucker! Is that MAN enuff for you?!" I asked instead.

Dorell grabbed me by my neck, and shoved me across the room so hard that

I fell backwards over the arm of the couch, flipping my legs up overhead

and losing the terry cloth towel in the process. My privates were

immediately exposed. I flipped over on my stomach as I tried to right

myself quickly, but Dorell was ontop of me even quicker then a 18 year

old sailor on with his first hooker.

He grabbed me by the hair from behind, and held me tight in his clutches.

I grabbed his wrist to try to wrench myself free, but he was too strong,

too determined, and too butch. He squeezed my head like a mellon.

"I could fuck you up right now, you lil' pussy!" he whispered through

clinched teeth. I could feel his top half on my back. "I don't like you

anyway. Whats to keep me from breakin' yur faggot fuckin' neck right


I didn't say anything. Dorell was stronger than I gave him credit for. I

played submissive, hoping he'd realize I didn't intend to fight him.

Hoping he'd give up and go home. But Dorell had another plan, he had

become drunk with power and the adrenalin had him thinking nasty


"Yeh faggot, now what'cha got to say, huh?" he asked, gripping me

tighter. "You ain't nothing but a lil' bitch-ass pussy, ain't chu?!" He

was so close that I could feel tiny drops of spit exit his mouth and land

on my left facial cheek.

I didn't say anything. I refused to speak. Refused to cry. I was afraid

he might use what I say as an excuse to beat the living hell out of me.

Dorell didn't say anything more for afew seconds. He held his position,

but seemed somewhat distracted. I felt his grip on my head loosen, but

the grip on the back of my neck held firm, keeping me crotched over the


"Yeh..." he said, this time in a softer tone. "...you just like a bitch,

your skins all soft n'shit. I bet you give good head too don't cha?" he

asked. I was stunned, speechless. I didn't know how to react or respond.

He spun me around, shoving me down to the floor on my ass, my face was

crotch level with his zipper.

Dorell gripped his dick through his pants, and massaged himself an

erection infront of me. He was nolonger holding me in place. I was now

paralized as I looked up from his crotch, into his face. The evil gleam

in his eyes told me what I was instore for.

"We gonna see just how good that pussy-boy mouth of yours is. Ain't that

right bitch?"

I had to admit, Dorell was fine as shit. He reminded me of one of those

famous basketball players I keep seeing on t.v. but can never name since

I'm not into sports. He was definately a "doer", but his personality is

what sucked. When I first met him, I wanted to drop to my knees and bury

my cute face in his crotch and suck him dry, but then he opened his

mouth, and ruined the fantasy.

Now, it was about to happen.

He let go of me, telling me to stay put, while he slowly opened his

pants. My own dick started to rise up hard between my legs as Dorell

pulled his free from his shorts. I nearly fainted when I saw the size of

it come into view. Karon had told me on numberous occasions about how

well endowed Dorell was, but I always refused to see past his arrogance.

Dorell massaged the swelling phallus with his hand, aiming it towards my

face. I'd sucked some big dicks in my time (my ex, of whom I broke up

with last year was 9 and a half inches of pure bliss. And let me tell

you, that motherfucker liked to fuck -everyday!), but Dorell's dick

messured 10 to 11 inches easily. It looked like someone was behind him,

reaching their arm at me from between his legs. Forreal.

The shocked expression on my face must have been music to his ears.

Dorell leaned forward, his dick coming within a 1/2 inch of my face.

"So you gonna suck it bitch? You've been wanting to all this time. I can

tell by the way you been looking at me. Like girls do, when they want me

up in their pussies. You just like one of them, ain't chu?"

I didn't deny it. I simply stayed put while D' shoved his dickhead up to

my mouth. The head touched my lips, and I instinctively opened them to

allow him in. I hated myself for not being stronger and trying to resist,

if only for my friendship with Karon's sake.

"Yeh..." Dorell cooed, once he felt the wetness of my mouth.

He placed his hand immediately to my head, guiding it back and forth on

his dick. Making me "take it deeper" on every downstroke.

My mouth conformed to Dorell's dick. Molding around it like slick wet

putty. With half his piece in my mouth, and the head bumping into the

start of my throat, I was glad that I'd spent the majority of my teens

getting plenty of dick sucking practice by the guys in my old


Dorell felt the head bump the start of my throat, but kept on drilling

deeper, confident that I'd be able to "take it".

"Yeh bitch, suck it all the way down." he ordered, adding pressure to the

back of my head.

I relaxed my throat, and let him slowly slide the head down into my it.

Dorell gasped involuntarily when he felt his rod slipping into my throat

inch by long probing thick inch.

I tilted my head backward, to angile my throat along with the shape of

his penis, then suddenly felt his balls rest on my chin.

"Dayum." he moaned in pleasant surprise. "I knew your ass would be a damn

good dick-sucker."

I didn't comment. I couldn't, my mouth was over stuffed by 11 inches of

thick primed FDA approved grade-A madd cow beef. I simply sucked on that

lovely long black pole like Dorell was my long lost love. I completely

forgot about my best friend, as her boyfriend started to shove his dick

back and forth across my tonsils.

I couldn't believe I was sucking something this big. I thought I'd found

my person private heaven, and was on my way to an erotic bliss as

Dorell's dick sled directly down into my throat, purposely cutting off my

breath everytime it sank in ball deep.

Dorell enjoyed my good deep throat capabilies, I knew. Karon had told me

on occasions, that she had vomitted twice trying to acommodate Dorell's

large appendage. I on the other hand, had no such handicap having had

much practice swollowing plenty of dicks at all the gay pride parties I

attended in Ny, DC and Hotlanta.

I felt him grab me about the head, and really start to force feed me his

massive meat.

"Yeh, take that shit." he said, face-fucking me with the complete length

of his monster dong.

I looked down at the dick of death cross-eyed. I could see the base and

much of the shaft as it withdraw from the depths of my throat, only to

see it disappear as it slowly sled back in out of sight. The thick colume

of dark flesh glistened with the clear shine of my spit that coated it.

"Yeh, that's it, I'm getting close..." he announced, fucking my face

deeper. All I could do was sit there with my jaws open as wide as I

could, while he see-sawed himself in and out of my throat. I could tell

by the way his dick had started pulsating, that he was closing in on


"Aww shit man,-" he gasped, picking up the pace as his dick moved faster

over my throat glands. I had to fight to keep from gaging and

interrupting his flow, I really wanted him to enjoy this ride as much as

I was. "-deep throat that big dick, baby!" he said, his entire demeanor

changing before my eyes. I knew it would only be until he blew his load,

then it'd be back to the name calling and hateful glances.

Taking my head by both hands, Dorell fucked my mouth like a professional

face-fucker, impelling me repeatedly on his long thick pole. Spit dripped

freely down from the corners of my mouth, onto my naked chest. My own

hardon was sticking up straight from my crotch. I was afraid to touch it,

as I was so close to popping off a load myself.

"Aww shit, Imir, I'm about to nutt boyee...! Here it cums!!" he yelled,

shooting his hot thick load into my open throat with abundance. A river

of hot cum gushed down the back of my throat in heavy spurts, coating and

lining my aching gullet with his salty slick baby making sperm. I drank

it all as fast as possible, feeling it seap down into my stomach like

creamy rich sauce. My own dick erupted its juices all over my carpet as

soon as I touched it.

"Yeh..." moaned Dorell, pausing briefly before pulling his softening dick

from the deep depths of my pallet. "This'll just be between us, right?"

he asked, tucking his shrinking dick back into his pants.

I licked the remaining drops of his juice from the corners of my mouth.

"Yeah, sure." I said, wondering if Karon would even believe me if I told


Without saying another word, he quietly turned and walked out the front

door. I reached down between my legs, my middle finger finding the not so

tight pucker of my asshole. It pushed in easily. I wondered how that big

11 incher would feel shoved deep in my bowels. Hopefully Karon would

disappear again soon, and I'll find out.

© DOGG [NPhillydogg at aol.com]

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