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I jacked off regularly to the memory of Dorell (my best friend's

boyfriend) face-fucking me like some common street whore with his bog fat

11" dick and shooting his creamy nutt all down the back of my throat. I

can't tell you how many times I nutted with THAT thought in my mind, and

one of my 9" dildos banging against my back wall!

I'd seen my girlfriend (Karon) the next day (after her boyfriend

face-raped me), and found out she had taken her grandmother to the hospital

in an emergency, and didn't have her cell phone with her to call her

boyfriend. The entire time she spoke to me about how badly her grammy was

doing, I was picturing her boyfriend's dick down my throat, and wondering

if she could take it all like I could? (tacky, I know). I felt so bad that

I couldn't concentrate on listening about her grandma, all I could think

about was Dorell. My hate for him had blossomed into an obsession.

It wasn't until about a week later that I ran into him in the

hallway. He and Karon were going into the apartment (probably to fuck)

while I was going out of mine. Karon spoke (as usual), while Dorell

didn't. But unlike most times when he wouldn't even look my way, he stared

me down while she was working her key in the door. Then smirked at me and

grabbed his crotch just as they went inside. I could see the long length of

his bulge through his pants.

What a tease!

Since my incident with Dorell, I've dated a couple of guys, but

none with the same monster dick or attitude as him. While the sex was nice,

I still found myself relying on memories of Dorell to get off, imagining

HIM fucking me instead of my date.

One day I was on my computer webcam (watching this guy masturbate

while I dildoed my own ass in front of him with my legs propped up on

neither side of my laptop) when I heard a strong knock at my

door. "Shit...!" I said to my computer buddy, yanking my dildo from my ass

before tossing on a bathrobe to answer the door. Fussing and cussing, I

walked across the room and opened the door to find Dorell standing there.

"Sup bitch?" he asked, pushing his way past me.

I was stunned.

"Karon's not here...!" I said, still standing by the door.

"I kno, nigga..." he said, turning around to look at me. "...I ain't here

for her..., I'm here for some more of dat good ass HEAD you give!" he

added, grabbing his crotch. "DAMN, do you ever wear clothes when yur inna

house...?" he asked, noticing my robe.

I quietly closed the door...

"Look Dorell..." I said, seriously. "...Karon's my BEST FRIEND..., that's

the ONLY reason why I didn't tell her what we did last time...! But if you

THINK I'm gonna keep being your...aakkggg...!" I choked, after he gripped

me by my neck.

"If you EVER tell ANYBODY what we did..." he said angrily, his fist poised

to punch me dead in the face. "...I'll fuckin' KILL YOU! You hear me...!?

I'll KILL YOU!!"

"I...I...I won't...I promise...!" I squeaked out, his thumb pressing into

my throat.

I saw his anger subside (a little) as his grip relaxed and he let

go of my now sore neck.

"Aiight then..." he said, walking backwards (his eyes glued on me),

unfastening his belt before taking a seat on the sofa. "...let me feel dat

MOUTH again...!"

Feeling slightly traumatized (and a lot horny), I walked over to

where Dorell was sitting and got on my knees between his spread legs. He

watched my every move as I reached up in his lap and started to unzip and

pull open his pants.

"Do it slow..." he said, staring at me. "...I want us to take our time,

this time...!"

I looked up into his eyes when he said that, feeling his gaze stare

straight through me. Suddenly embarrassed, I lowered my eyelids to his

crotch and continued to open his pants. His big dick was already rock hard,

resting across his hip at an angle. I peeled back his boxers to reveal the

gorgeous hardon which immediately stood up to complete attention.

Damn that dick looked as good as it did the first time.

I took it in my hand and wrapped my fingers around it, stroking it

gently. Dorell settled back in the sofa, watching the fascination on my

face as I stared at and studied his big beautiful dick.

"You just gonna sit there starin' at it...or are you gonna get dat

nutt...?" he asked, reading my face.

Without even looking up at him, I leaned over and began licking his

dick, kissing and suckling the head and sides (painting it with spit)

before wrapping my lips around it. Dorell made no noise as I tightened my

lips and suctioned with my mouth, my tongue still slicking about the

underbelly. I bobbed my head up and down, taking a little more dick with

each descent, savoring the taste and feel like a delicious candy bar you

want to make last. When I felt his dickhead touch into the back of my

mouth, I retreated, allowing myself a second to prepare. On the downstroke

again, I relaxed my throat muscles and allowed the dickhead to pass into my

throat. Dorell moaned then, when he felt his dick sliding down the back of

my throat.

I nestled my nose in his pube hairs as I adjusted my body to

accommodate his 11 inches. Dorell gently grasped the back of my head,

grounding my face in his pubes as his dick churned in my throat. I stayed

there for about 20 second before finally pulling back up, dragging my soft

suckable lips back up his rock hard and swollen shaft until I was sucking

once again on the head.

"DAYUM yur good..." he groaned, as I polished the head visibly with my lips

and tongue. "...do THAT again!" he insisted.

Swallowing the spit gathered in my mouth, I once again journeyed

down the length of his dick, stopping once the dickhead touched onto the

back of my mouth, then descended down the rest of the dick as I slowly

swallowed him whole. "Daaaammmmnnnn..." he moaned softly, loving the

velvety feel of my fleshy throat.

I held his dick deep for about 10 seconds, then resumed sucking,

racing my hungry lips up and down his glistening shaft while using my

licking tongue as a guide. Dorell watched me blow him for about 10 minutes,

bobbing my head in his lap, and occasionally burying my face in his groin,

accepting his big dick down my throat.

I fully expected him to erupt another thick juicy load down my

throat, when his interests suddenly changed. I felt Dorell reaching down to

remove my robe. "Take that off!" he ordered me (as if I were his bitch). I

did as he said, keeping my eye on that big hard dick standing straight up

from his hairy patch. As soon as I shed the robe, I bent forward and

resumed sucking, taking his dick back in my mouth.

Dorell reached down over my bare back and began to roughly squeeze

my ass cheeks. At first I thought nothing of it as I deep throat his dick

at a sideways angle, but THEN I felt his finger(s) slide between my ass

cheeks, feeling for my asshole. With my boipussie still wet from the dildo,

Dorell's fingers easily slipped inside me, shoving straight through to the

second knuckle.

"DAMN...that pussy's WET...!" he said, wiggling them around inside me. "You

just get fucked or somethin'...?" he asked, curiously.

Of course I couldn't answer with his dick lodged 11 inches deep

down my throat, so I just moaned my response, making his dick twitch and

throb at the thought.

"You just let sum nigga NUTT in that ass, didn't chu...?" he asked, ripping

his fingers from my hole before slapping me (HARD) on my rump. "You NASTY

bitch...!" he said, lying back against the sofa as he reserved himself to

getting more head.

I sucked and slobbered all over that big dick as I pulled Dorell's

pants and boxers down his muscular legs, bunching them down about his

booted ankles. Licked along the underbelly of his big pole, I slurped his

hairy balls up in my mouth and began polishing them like marbles. Dorell

widened his thighs for me to slip both balls in at once, his big stiff

standing dick towering over my head as I vacuumed his nuts into my mouth

like a Hover.

After I finished polishing his baby makers, I licked my way back up

the towering shaft and suckled the cum dewdrops forming at the tip of his

dick. The pearly droplets were as sweet as water mixed with sugar. I

quickly found myself addicted to it, and suckled his piss-slip for more

before taking the entire dick back into my mouth.

I bobbed my head up and down for a few minutes before curiosity got

the better of Dorell, and I felt him (once again) reaching down over my

back towards my ass. This time his fingers went straight for my hole as he

shoved them in, going deeper. I moaned around his dick as he finger-fucked

me for a few seconds, then resumed lying back against the couch as I

continued sucking. A few minutes later I felt his fingers return to my

asshole, as his curiosity grew bigger.

"You gotta condom...?" he asked suddenly, out of the blue.

"Yeah..." I answered, pulling off his dick.

"Get it..." he ordered, stroking his dick. "...I want some ass!"

I got up from the floor, my own dick 8" dick (standing at full

tilt) bobbed as I walked into the bedroom to retrieve a condom. It wasn't a

MAGNUM, so it barely stretched halfway down Dorell's horse dick as he got

up off the sofa and positioned me in doggy-style. I was now looking

directly into the face of my laptop (which was on my computer desk behind

the sofa, against the wall separating the kitchen), and remembered my

jack-off buddy, wondering if he was still watching?

"Damn...look at dat ass..." groaned Dorell, staring down at my spread

buns. I looked back over my shoulder to see the hungry look in his eyes as

he zeroed in on my hole.

He reached down and molested my ass cheeks, pulling them apart,

squeezing and molding the hot flesh, and simply kneading them between his

fingers like dough. He slapped his hardon between the ass cheeks and

started to grind against me, letting me know the depths in which he was

about to go inside me. I loved the feel of his thick dick sliding back and

forth along my crack. After a minute or two of horse-play, he pulled back

and aimed his condom covered dickhead up against my well lubed hole and

pushed in.

"UHHH...!" I grunted when his fat head penetrated me.

Dorell pulled out and slapped his dickhead against my asshole

several times teasingly, before re-aiming and pushing it back into me. This

time when the head popped in, he pushed about 4 or 5 inches in behind

it. "OOOHHHH...!!" I moaned aloud, feeling my anal ring stretch to

accommodate his girth. Dorell surprised me again by pulling back out of me

(leaving me empty), then ramming back in, burying up to 8 or 9 inches

inside me. "AARRRHHH...!!!" I grunted as the dick pierced through me like a

hot poker. With two more inches to go, Dorell grabbed me about the

shoulders and pulled my body back onto his dick, forcing me to impale

myself on his rod. "AARRRRHHH god...!" I groaned, feeling fully stuffed

like a Thanksgiving Day turkey.

"YEAHHH...!" groaned Dorell, gripping my shoulders tighter as he ground his

pelvic bone into my plush cheeks. I tightened my anal muscles, just to let

him know how tight it can be. "Fuck yeah...!" he moaned, liking my flexes.

I felt Dorell pull back with his hip, withdrawing his dick about

halfway before pushing back in. I could feel his dick sliding through me,

stretching my ring and fucking me deep. He released his hold on my

shoulders and gripped my ass cheeks, pulling them apart with his thumbs to

watch his own dick slide in and out of me.

"You LIKE that shit, bitch...?" he asked, slapping me on my ass.

"Yes!" I moaned, feeling his dick stretch me like no one else ever had.

I felt him grip my waist tightly with his strong hands, just before

he started to hammer his pubes into me, slapping his pelvic bone into my

ass like a paddle.

"URHHG...URHHG...URHHG...URHHG..." I grunted and groaned every time his

pelvis slapped my ass, feeling the head bang well up into my gut, --making

me scream like a bitch!

Dorell must've liked hearing me yell like that, because he picked

up the pace and started to fuck me harder, making sure he withdrew back to

the head before shoving all the way back inside to the balls. I squealed

and squirmed as I tried to find a better position to take his dick. But no

matter where I went, he followed, stroking nonstop as he jammed all 11

inches bone deep with nearly every thrust. By the time my ass started to

get used to his whopper, I was lying face down on the sofa, getting pounded

into the cushions as he straddled along on top of me.

"This was what you wanted, right bitch...?" he asked, ramming all 11 inches

of that horse meat up my ass with every heartbeat. "This what ALL you gay

boys want..., so straight nigga's big dick up yur ass...! So take it,

bitch...! TAKE THAT SHIT!"

"AARRHHHHH...!!" I screamed as he beat my insides to a pulp, ramming,

stabbing, jabbing, digging out my gut as my asshole stretched to

accommodate him.

I could feel his chest against my back as he fucked me, holding me

down with his body weight as he continuously ramming in and out of me. I

have to admit, despite his arrogance, despite his cockiness and dating my

best friend, --I LOVED his dick pummeling through me, beating down my anal

ring like a battering ram, bursting through my clinching hole as a well

greased piston. I wanted that bastard to to fuck me until I couldn't feel

my feet anymore. Fuck Karon, best friends are a dime a dozen, but good dick

is hard to find!

I just really starting to enjoy having my guts rearranged when

Dorell pulled out unexpectedly. My asshole gaped open like a stunned mouth

as fresh air rushed inside my heated cave, cooling my entrails.

"Turn over!" his hissed.

As his slave, I did as he said without hesitation, flipping over on

my back and lifting my legs to expose my bare hole once more. I pulled my

knees down to my chest (doubling myself in-half), then watched as Dorell

ripped off his condom and tossed it on the floor beside the couch. "I wanna

FEEL dat pussy on my dick this time...!" was all he said before he rammed

back in, balls deep!

"AARRHHHH...!!" I yelled as I was suddenly (once again) full of fat dick.

Dorell paused for a few moments as he ground his groin against me,

letting his dick get used to my deep wet asshole. I could feel his dick

pulsing inside me before he started to thrust through me, pulling and

pushing that big dick in and out of me. Grabbing the backs of my thighs,

Dorell got into pushup position and started riding my ass, pulling nearly

all of his dick out of me before sliding it all the way back in. His face

was only inches away from mine, our foreheads practically touching each

other as we both looked down between us to watch his dick sliding through


"Oh my god..., it's SO big...!" I moaned, unable to hold back my amazement

any longer.

Dorell just looked down at me and smiled. I melted instantly,

catching extreme feelings for him at that moment. I could feel him starting

to fuck faster, his pelvis kissing against my ass cheeks with every

thrust. I rested my head back against the cushions and just stared up at

him, falling deeper in love with every thrust of his big dick.

Dorell must've sensed my admiration as he stared back down at me,

his smirk gone, replaced by a lustful expression as he began to ram me


"ARRHHH...ARRHHH...ARRHHH...ARRHHH..." I grunted as his hips began to slam

into my ass harder, driving every inch of his pole straight through me. I

squirmed as his dick rammed too deep, banging into my back wall. Soon my

head was stuck up in the corner of the couch as Dorell continued to fuck

the living shit out of me.

"DAMN this pussy feels good...!" he shouted, just as affected as I was. As

much as his dick was driving me crazy, my wet hungry asshole was doing the

same thing to him. We were both feeding and fucking off each other, basking

in the same lust. I spread my legs wider, making my ass a bigger better

target. I say Dorell's eyes gloss over as he seemed to go into a zone. I

knew he'd be spewing his load soon enough, just by the way his dick pulsed

and swelled inside me as he fucked.

"Shit man...I'm gonna cum soon...!" he warned, picking up pace as he

continued to stab me in the gut. By now I had sunk down into the sofa,

practically disappearing as my body was bent in half, my dangling legs the

only thing visible as he rammed me repeatedly, holding my legs for


My own dick was rock hard and drooling pre-cum all over my

stomach. I was far too afraid to touch it, knowing it would erupt

immediately. Dorell completely ignored my dick, pretending it wasn't there

as he fucked me hard and deep.

"Aww shit...I'm about to CUM..." he announced, slamming his hips in one

last time. I could feel his dick straining inside my bowels, just before it

swelled and throbbed, then started to burst semen straight into


"Oh god...!" I gasped, feeling his dick jumping and jerking inside me. I

reached down and stroked my dick 2 times, then exploded cum all over my

face, chest, stomach, and couch.

Dorell stayed locked inside me until his orgasm subsided, breathing

and panting hard as his dick slowly melted to normal size. After a few

minutes I felt him pulling out, his soft dick slipping quietly from my

milking anus.

As soon as he pulled off of me, I pulled my head out of the sofa

cushions and pushed him back against the far side. Dorell looked upset by

my actions until I bent down and took his soft pud in my mouth and sucked

him clean.

"Damn you nasty..." he laughed, watching me make love to his dick, my numb

ass turned topside as his sperm began to leak out of me like warm molasses.


Written by NPHILLYDOGG@aol.com

© DOGG [NPhillydogg at aol.com]

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