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He came around to find himself lying naked on the floor, a disgusting filthy smell filling his nostrils, he realised he was lying in shit, he jerked awake, ans sat up the shit smearing over his naked flesh. He found he was in a tank about 6 foot square by 8 foot high, the sides ans floor of which were covered in stinking brown excrement, the last thing he remembered was opeing the door to a meter reader, feeling a jab in his arm and then blackness, standing up he reaches for the top of the Tank which is covered in a thick wire grill, as he touckes it, a valve in the side of the Tank opens and a revolting stinking ooze of shit starts pouring in, covering his feet it moves quickly up his legs over his cock and up his chest, as it reaches his chin it stops. he holds on to the grill , his stomach turning at the revolting stench. "Cover yourself" a voice demands, "Do it Fucking Now!" and an heavy electric shock passes though his body, the pain makes him let go of the grill and his arms fall into the shit, a second shock surges though him exiting painfully through his balls. "Do your faceand Head" he grabs the shit and smears it over his Head and down his face, tears of pain and disgust running through the filth, the valve opens again and the shit starts to rise over his chin, he takes a deep breath as the shit passes over his face and closes over his head; he is submerged in shit his eyes tighty closed he thinks his lungs will burst, that he will drown in Shit; then they pull him out. The 2 Men throw him onto a filthy mattress, he looks at them the shit stinging his eyes, gasping for each fetid breath; they are both big bearded Men with thick heavy cocks and beer bellies, both are naked, they stand over him and piss on his filth coated body. "Get on your hands and knees and eat this"; they thrust a dogs bowl at him, it's full of animal food, it tastes disgusting but he eats it as they threaten him with the electric cattle prod, and as he eats they take it in turns to fuck his arse, they shove themselves up him until he find his own cock is hars, they see that and laugh at him, "You love this don't you, you fucking Pig!" They leave him to sleep, he searches for a way to escape but there is none, he is their prisoner, he collapses on the mattress and falls into a sleep, when he wakes up he is desperate to shit, he can't control it and it pours out of his arse, The Men come in, laughing, "Thats what the right Food does for you, Rollin your own Shit, show us how filthy you are"; He lies in the sewage and smears it on himself, rolling in the filth wanking himself and pushing his shitty fingers up his own arse. the Men fetch a Glass Jug and both piss in it, strong dark yellow urine,"Drink This"< he raises it to his mouth but can't make himself drink it, they flip a noose over his neck and pull it tight, "Drink or we'll strangle you" he starts to drinkthe taste of piss in his mouth, they release the noose, so he can swallow, and tighten it between each mouthful until he drinks all their piss, belching from the piss, they leave him lying if his own filth. Hes shaken awake and dragged to a trestle, where hes thrown over and tied down, so that he's bent double, "Eat our Cock Cheese";he shakes his head and they strap him across the arse, beating him until he agrees, the first man rolls back his Skin showing a caking of yellow stinking smegma, he pushes it to the lips and makes him lick and suck the filth, while the other man shoves his cock up him, then they swap over, . He's untied and thrrown over a drainage area where they hose him down, washing the filth from his body, "Now it's time to learn to drink Piss from a cock";they put the electric prod against his wet balls and zao him, he almost passe out from the shock, but he crawls to one of the dicks, opens his mouth and lets them piss in him, when the 2nd Man starts to piss in his mouth, his cock starts to harden, "So you love piss do you"; he nods his head, the men Laugh, dragging him to the middle of the room where they manacle him stanging in a tight X, the use rough towels to dry him offand then they shave off every Hair from his body and head, using wax stips to rip out his eyelashes and pubic hair, and tweezering off his eyelashes, unitl he is totally bald, they take a strip of wet leather and wrap it tightly around his balls, and then they leave him as the leather dries and shrinks the pain from his balls punches up though him, when they return he begs them to remove the lether, "First you have to Eat our Shit, beg for it!" He Begs: They take it in turn shitting our great stinking coils of shit, the stench filling the air, the push it to his mouth and make him lick it, then they break off bits and make him swallow, then they feed him, he gobbles their shit, crying with pain, "Tell us what you are" " I'm a Shiteater a Toilet a Fucking PIG!!" they soak the leather and peel it off, his balls are black , one of the Men grabs them and squeezes,"You're our Toilet forever": he passes out. When he comes around they reshave his body making sure there not a single hair, they've set up a video camera, and brought in buckets brimming with piss and containers of Thick Brown shit. They order him to piss over himself while they Film, and to say how much he loves piss, they they do close ups of him drinking Piss from their cocks, after which he has to pour the buckets of piss over himself, rolling in it, calling himslf a fucking urinal, a piss guzzling pervert. they order him to shit, he does it to camera , splaying his areshole he picks up the shit and licks it before stuffing it in his mouth and swallowing the turds, he says he wants to eat Mens shit, he begs to eat their Turds, and they squat over his mouth, filming him eating Mens shit, He holds his hands out, and the other Man shits in them; they close-up on his face and he chews and swallows this shit, calling himself every filthy name he can, they tell him to empty the containers of shit on to the floor, he does, and starts to smear it all over himself,fucking the pile of Dung, he rolls in the shit, he is insane for shit, it's all he wants. Later they make him watch the video, he is totally turned on by his own perversions, they tell him others haven't got this far, he doesn't ask what they mean. He now belongs to them, and will come whenever they want ,and do without question any perversion they demand, if he fails a copy of the video will be sent to his family and his work, does he understand, he says he does , walks over to the shit tank and lowers himself into the filth.

© Adrian W. []

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