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POVÍDKA Marine Prisoner - part 1

Jordan Peters was in a fix. He was a twenty year old marine stationed in *** who had been captured in a ground battle. The information was never released in the US because the Administration doesn't want us to know about such things. So Jordan was listed as missing in action and it was left at that.

Jordan woke to find himself bare assed naked in a dingy interrogation room. His hands were cuffed behind his back. He felt totally vulnerable...being naked is one of the first ways to degrade and humiliate a prisoner. Jordan had learned that from his own side when they had used such techniques on the enemy. Jordan was scared shitless. He felt certain his life was over. He was a handsome young man with a great well developed body and a cute boyish face. What made the whole thing sadder was that he had gotten married only two weeks before his unit was called up. Now he thought of his beautiful young wife at home. Would he ever see her again?

The door to the cell like room opened and three men came in. They were young; in their middle twenties. They were all thin but well muscled, smooth shaven, handsome men with dark curly hair, long straight noses, and dark flashing eyes. Two of them stayed at the door while one approached Jordan.

"Are you feeling all right. You passed out from a minor explosion near you. Our doctor says there is no serious damage, but you may have a headache for a while. I am Yusef. That is not my real name, but you don' t need to know my real name and Yusef will do. We need to talk..." he glanced down at the dog tags in his hand..."Jordan Peters. We need to talk quickly and seriously. If you give us the right answers, you will be placed in holding and well fed and taken care of. If you do not give us the right answers, you will wish you were dead, but the agony will continue for a very long time. Excuse please my poor English. I hope I make myself clear."

"As a prisoner of war, I am obligated to tell you nothing. You are obligated to treat me with respect."

Yusef smiled."Yes. the way you treat your prisoners with respect, huh?" All three men chuckled. "My brother was fifteen when he was captured. He was later found dead. His anus had not only been repeatedly raped, but when we found him, he had a flashlight up his rectum. He had an American flag stuck up inside his penis. His nipples had been cut off, and his teeth pulled out, we assume so he could better suck cock. This the Americans did to him. These stories never make the headlines." Yusef walked closer, his thin strong body moving like a jungle cat. "Now you will tell us what we need to know." He looked down at the handsome naked marine. "We found on you letters to your wife...Becky is her name, yes? It seems you have just recently been married. How delightful. I sincerely hope you see your beautiful wife again. This is her photo, no?" He held up a photo of Jordan's new bride. Jordan wanted to cry. Tears clouded his eyes. He bit his lower lip.

"So we begin. Your people are planning a manouver to surprise our leaders, this much we know. I need to know how the troops are divided up and from which directions they will come and how soon. As I say we do not have much time."

"I am just a marine grunt, for Christ's sake. How the fuck do I know what's being planned."

Yusef smiled. "You know because the troops were already on the move when we had our little skirmish. I know that word and speculation gets around pretty fast. Just tell me what you know, that's all."

"I go where I am ordered. I don't know anything. Nor was I in any way responsible for what happend to your brother. I bear your people no ill will. I am just doing my duty to my country."

Yusef shook his head and signaled to his two co-horts. "I can see you do not want to cooperate. We don't have the time to play games."

They dragged Jordan to a dorr that had been set upon some bricks to form a kind of low table. Then they looped a rope around Jordans fat cock and balls and stretched it out on the table. Jordan had a very large cock and big heavy nuts. Even in high school, allt he guys kidded him in the locker room and all the girls wanted a peek. He was very proud of his equipment. On his wedding night, Becky had been put through some serious discomfort trying to accommodate the huge hunk of fuckmeat. Jordan had been very gentle with her.

Now he looked down...at his thick penis and balls stretched on the table top. The prospects were horrifying.

"You have a very big cock. Like a horse..." Yusef laughed. "Does your pretty young wife scream in pain when you fuck her? Or is she a cock slut and does she want more and more of your big dick? How often do you fuck your new wife? Two or three times a day at least, I bet. Do you fuck her in the ass too? I love to fuck ass. I find it so erotic. It would be such a shame if we had to damage such a beautiful big cock. If we had to damage it so you could never fuck your wife again."

Jordan broke out in a sweat. Sweet Jesus, how could this be happening to him? "Look, There is nothing I can tell you. I'm not even an officer. I have no information. I don't know about any offensive."

"You are so muscular. My little brother was muscular too for his age. They cut off his tits." Yusef reached out and took Jordan's big nipples between his fingers and yanked hard. He stretched the nipples out to an impossible length. Jordan made a hissing sound that turned into a scream. He was a tough stud, but no hero. Yusef tugged and twisted the big titties in his fingers. Jordan couldn't pull back because his dick and balls were tied to the table top. Spit ran from Jordan's mouth and his nostrils flaired as his nipples were crushed and pulled and twisted. Then Yusef let go and even more pain coursed through the young marine's body as feeling returned to the tortured titty tips. Yusef was handed a long thing cane of some kind of felixible wood.

"I am going to whip your cock and balls. I am going to whip them until they are bloody and swollen. They may be permanently damaged. The pain will be awful. Please do not force me to do this. Tell us what we want to know."

"For shit's sake, I told you all ready. I don't know a fucking thing. You've got to believe me." Jordan yelled until he was hoarse.

They put a bag over his head aand tied it like a kind of blindfold so he couldn't see straight ahead. He could still see his cock and nuts if he looked down out the crack in the bottom of the blindfold.

"All right now Jordan, I am going to whip your cock shaft first. It is such a nice thick fucker, I hate to damage it. Your poor wife will never feel her husband's thick cock up her cunt and ass again.."

Yusef brought the cane down on the stretched prick shaft. It left an ugly red welt. Jordan howled in agony. Again and again the cane slashed across the prick meat. Then Yusef brought the blows higer, hitting the bulging nuts. Jordan passed out and the two assistants took out their long brown cocks and pissed on him to wake him up.

"I swear to God I don't know anything. I ....I....." Jordan threw his body back and forth but couldn't pull away from his tethered dick. Yusef kept beating the cock and balls until they were swollen like over ripe fruit. Then Jordan put down the cane. He took a long thing sliver of bamboo. "I have here a bamboo shard ten inches long. I am going to shove it up your piss hole now and ruin the inside of your cock." Jordan blacked out from the pain. They cut him loose from the table and set him on the floor, then Ysef pissed on his face to revive him. The sliver of bamboo was left in his dick. Now they flipped him over onto his stomach. Jordan had a beautiful muscular jock ass. Nice smooth globes well rounded and dimpled with a deep crack.

"Jordan. Please tell us what we need to know. I don't like to see you suffer. If you don't tell us, I am going to fuck you in the ass and turn you into a cunt."

"You can't do this to me...You can't......" Jordan blubbered. For a rough tough marine, he was being a bit of a baby.

Yusef ran his finger down Jordan's sweaty ass crack. "You have a deep crack just like a virgin pussy. I am going to shove my cock up your rectum. Please tell us now before I have to do this horrible thing."

Jordan mumbled and burbled but said nothing worthwhile, so Yusef's two assistants grabbed the marine's ass globes and pulled them painfully apart revealing his tiny puckered assholed. Yusef put a bit of grease on his dick, not for Jordan's sake but for his own cock's comfort and then began to work his large dickhead into th eass of the twenty year old soldier.

"How does it feel my handsome friend to be turned into a cunt. To be fucked like a cheap pussy? My cock head is almost in. It's stretching your hole now and will pop in any second....Ugh..there...there it goes. You are now getting fucked. I am fucking you like a cunt." Yusef now drove his dick balls deep into the marine's raped ass. Joprdan screamed bloody murder...threw his body from side to side, which actually made for a rather fun fuck. After he fucked Jordan for ten minutes, he shot his load up the boy's ruptured ass, then he pulled out and had his two assistants also fuck the poor prisoner. Jordan was by now out of his mind with agony. He was in a partial state of shock and mumbled incoherently.

Yusef turned Jordan over onto his back and then sat on the boy's chest. "Now listen to me, Jordan. Things are about to get very unpleasant for you. We are now going to pull out your teeth one by one until you are toothless and then we are going to fuck your face like a cunt! You don't want that, do you?"

Jordan talked. He told them eveything he knew, which wasn't much. He babbled about troops and where they were...how many he thought they had. He talked of rumors and what the soldiers thought might happen. He told them every thing he could think of. The words poured out in a strained hoarse croak. Fianlly he finished. He lay there panting with Yusef seated on his chest, the big brown prick slapping across his chin now and again.

Ysef smiled and nodded his head. "There..you see, that wasn't so bad was it? And think of the pain you could have saved. It could have been so much better for you my handsome young friend. Now tell us one more thing and we can let you go. One more thing. "

"What..what do you want to know?"

"Simple. How many grains of sand in the desert?"

Jordan blinked the tears and sweat and pain out of his eyes. "Huh?" he croaked.

"How many grains of sand in the desert? You won't tell us? What a shame. Then we have to continue with the torture. What a sad state of affairs. Now we will pull out your teeth and then fuck your face. Then we will roast your cock over a fire. then we will stick long skewers through your nuts. Then we will in a donkey and impale you on his prick. And then the serious torture will begin. You will pay for the death of my innocent brother."

It would not be a good day for Jordan Peters.

© Dale [maipenraikhap at sbcglobal.net]

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