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POVÍDKA Marine Prisoner - part 2

Jordan Peters wasn't touched any more that day. Yusef was called away on a mission of some sort. Jordan lay naked in the filthy basement like room, shackled to the wall. He thought about his new bride back home; he thought about his family; his country; his life, and he sobbed. The pain in his body was great, but the sorrow in his heart was greater. He sank into a restless sleep, on the hard floor, his naked muscular body covered in dried sweat and dirt.

He awoke some hours later when the door opened and a boy of about fifteen entered with a bowl of some kind of cereal of some kind. Jordan hadn't realized how famished he was. He had not eaten for at least thirty hours. The boy set the bowl on the floor just outside Jordan's reach.

"You hungry?" The boy asked. He was a very cute kid with curly black hair and bright eyes. His young body was thin, but strong. He wore a torn shirt that showed his right nipple when he moved. The boy smiled a big smile.

"Thank you...." Jordan rasped, his voice hoarse from screaming during his interrogation.

"You Welcome," The boy said in English. The the cute kid pulled the rope at his waist and his baggy torn trousers dropped to the dirt revealing his teenage dick and balls. The cock had thick foreskin covering a rosy red dickhead. It was half erect, but the foreskin had not yet pulled back. The kid had a nice back of teenage nuts with black hair sprouting out.

"You want some food? You suck my dick first!" He still smiled as he fingered his teen prick,pushing the thick foreskin back so more of the red round cockhead showed.

Jordan shook his head no.

"Never mind. When you get hungry, you will suck." The boy pulled up his pants and left, the bowl resting outside of Jordan's reach.

Five hours later the ritual was repeated, and still Jordan refused, although the pain in his gut was agonizing. Twice more the boy came in, all smiles and hard dicked, and twice more Jordan refused. Then he could stand it no more. He agreed to suck cock.

The boy said very seriously while fisting his leaking teen prick. "You bite me...you not do a good job...you not suck real good...you get no food for maybe three days.

Jordan's wrists were tied behind his back so he could do nothing to threaten the boy. The kid stepped in closer, his dick bouncing and dripping. Jordan looked up at him. The boy had no intention of helping the American soldier crawl up to his cock. Jordan dragged himself to his knees. He was now facing the teen prick head on. It was gross. He was a straight all American type boy. A good Midwestern Christian. Why must he be put through this agony, he asked God.

The boy lifted his filthy shirt and rubbed his belly with one hand and his tits with the other.

"You lick my balls and cock before you start."

Jordan Peters, the perfect ideal of a handsome young Marine, stuck out his dry tongue and began to lick the balls of a fifteen year old enemy. They were salty and tasted of piss and sweat. He lifted each nut with his tongue and licked beneath. Several times he gagged. When he did, the boy kicked Jordan's own naked swinging scrotum with his bare foot.

Then the boy stepped back and turned around. "Now you lick my ass."

"No! Jordan yelled in a voice he no longer recognized." That was not part of the deal."

"You lick my ass, or you get no food!" The boy began to hobble toward the door, his trousers still down around his ankles.

Jordan couldn't stand the pain in his gut. "No wait..please...okay...okay...I'll do it."

The boy smiled triumphantly and stepped out of his ragged trousers. Naked from the waist down, the slender kid walked back to Jordan with his dick so hard it slapped his brown belly. He turned and presented a small smooth round young ass to Jordan. The crack was deep, the ass globes muscular with dimples.

"Lick up and down the crack." The boy admonished. Jordan leaned in, overcome by the smell of sweaty boy ass. He stuck out his tongue, gagged and backed off. Could he do this? He had to have food to keep up his strength. It was his only hope of salvation. He must stay strong. He leaned in his handsome head and touched his tongue to the crack of the kid's ass.

"Lick in the crack deep..up and down." the boy said, fisting his teenage fuckmeat.

Jordan pushed his tongue into the boy's ass crack and licked up and down. He conquered his impulse to puke, besides he had nothing left to puke up. He needed food. He licked the boy's ass crack.

"Deeper. Lick deeper, enemy scum." Jordan Peters, twenty year old Marine was licking the ass of a fifteen year old boy. It was unbelievable, but true. Jordan knew at that moment that no matter what the outcome of his imprisonment, he would never be the same again. Life could never be the same again. He would always in his own mind at least, be an ass licker. An asslicker who gave in to the demands of a kid for a bowl of meal!

The cute boy moaned and now reached back and spread his ass cheeks with his hands.

"Now stick your tongue up inside my asshole."

"Please, please don' t make me do this...." Jordan begged the teenage boy.

"Tongue in my asshole now, or no food!"

Jordan made his tongue pointy and prodded at the puckered rosebud asshole of the boy. He felt the hole open. He felt the moistness inside. He pushed his tongue up inside the asshole of the enemy teenage boy.

"You Marines...so brave." The boy laughed, pushing more ass into the soldier's face.

Jordan groaned and fucked his tongue into the asshole. It tasted bitter an dirty and dark and awful. His nose was pressed into the ass crack just above the hole and his tongue was imbedded in the rectum.

"Wiggle your tongue and suck!" Jordan obeyed. He licked, sucked, slurped, teenage boy asshole. Finally the boy was ready to shoot a load of teen fuckscum. He turned around and presented his dick to Jordan's mouth. Jordan took the teen prick in his mouth. It didn't last long, thank God. The kid was ready to blast almost at once. He fucked the soldier's handsome face a few times, and then, rising up on his toes and arching forward, he sprayed his load of teen fuck scum down Jordan's throat.

Jordan prayed to God for it to be over. Finally the boy pulled out and wiped his slime covered prick on Jordan's face. He stepped back.

"You see, Soldier? You obey, and everything okay. Until Yusef get back. Then he torture you to death. But very slow horrible death. Now you eat so you're strong."

The boy stood over the bowl of soggy lumpy meal. He fingered his dick, and then a hard, strong spray of yellow piss shot out of the teenage cock slit and splashed into the bowl of food.

Jordan held his breath for a moment in shock. Then he let out a wail of grief and fell back onto the dirty floor.

"It's okay, you can still eat it. It's better this way. We mix it with milk or water for our meals, but it is better with my piss for you, I think. You will eat it when you are hungry enough."

He shook off the last drops of pee, put on his trousers and left.

Four hours later, Jordan crawled over to the bowl of piss oatmeal and sticking his face into the slop, began to slurp it up.

© Dale [maipenraikhap at sbcglobal.net]

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