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POVÍDKA Story of Boris

Story of Boris

The sky was clear and the sun was shining bright as i jumped off the train that Saturday afternoon. It was very crowded and all i saw was friendly smiling faces. Little did they know why i just grinned as i felt the buttplug with every step i made. It took me just 10 minutes walk when i entered the Masters frontdoor. Strange, it was slightly opened but no-one was to be seen. I went inside and immediatly noticed: a pair of iron handcuffs and anklecuffs, a dogcollar on a leash and a leather mask. The door to the living was firmly closed and i could hear no sound at all. I could only guess that i had to change my gear as i did right away. I ended with the mask on which a blindfold already was attached. Then i took the right position, on my knees, hands behind my back head down. After a short while the door of the living opened and i heard the Master coming in my direction. He attached the handcuffs tight together and came up with a gag (a short rubber cock) and titclamps. After making sure they were on the right place he hang o load on the chain of the clamps. Now he had me on my feet and had the leash on a hook in the ceiling. Next thing i knew he was going to the kitchen to open a bottle of beer. Then i heard him close the door of the living leaving me alone in the hallway. After finishing his beer (well, that’s just guessing) he came back and led me upstairs to the attick. There he put me in a cage. I sat on a stool, he tied my legs to it. Then a rope was placed around my body and arms and i felt he made sure i couldn’t move at all. I heard him slam the door and lock it. But he wasn’t finished. He took the chain of the titclamps and had it fixed to the bars of the cage. Right from the start he hadn’t said a word and he didn’t say anything when he left. I heard him lock the door and that was it. He just left leaving me alone in the attick. And i wasn’t going nowhere that’s for sure! I couldn’t move, nor see nor make any sound. So the only thing left to do was think. And what a strange thoughts i got. At first i had great fantasies about what was coming up next. I imagined myself being kidnapped to the woods where i was tied to a tree to be flogged and raped. I saw myself shitting on a newspaper as part of the dogtraining. Eating and drinking out of a dogbowl. But fantasies do stop and i found myself back in the cage in the attick again. Masters house is pretty close to the railway and each 30 minutes 2 trains pass. I was surprised hearing them the second time. It meant i had been there for at least one hour. As if my nipples couldn’t tell! They burned and hurted. Well Master would come back very soon i thought. But the joke was on me as i heard the next two trains passing by. I tried to bend a little thus releasing my nipples a bit. But i was held back by the ropes. All i could move were fingers and toes. Even my dick couldn’t move as it was standing up proudly dripping and dripping. I tried to figure out what i should wear the next day when i was going to a birhtdayparty. The thoughts got me busy quit a while when suddenly i realised the position i was in right then and there. I was sure! I was going mad. Maybe He was going to keep me prison the next day. And the day after and…………

I came to the point i didn’t even care anymore. The burning in my nipples had stopped but by now i knew they felt raw. I wondered if there was any life in them. After i found out two hours had passed i was hoping this torture would come to an end. I felt like crying as i felt cramps in my arms and sparkles in my fingers. My tongue was very dry en i really felt like an animal in it’s cage. Strange enough my dick remained hard. And again i could hear the trains and i knew about all the people in there. Traveling, chatting, listening to their favourite music or reading a good book. Oh whatever! No-one knew i was suffering in my cage and what if something happened to the Master? I knew about people having a stroke in their thirties or suffering from a heartattaque. The thought of it made me shiver. How long would it take before rescuers would find me? Each minute i felt more miserable. And just when i thought i reached the bottom i heard the door being unlocked! My Lord and Master came in! The trains told me i was there for 3 hours! And this time the Master spoke. “So, you’re still horny huh? Well boy, let me cool you down” And i felt him pissing over my body. My nipples came back alive and it felt real good. I don’t know how much beer he had drunk but it seemed half an barrel. After he released all he unlocked the cage and took of the titclamps. No need to tell you how much that hurts! Man it felt like my nipples were ripped off my body. He must have had foreseen this aching cause he held some icecubes against them. Quite a relief i can tell you that. As he untied my arms and legs he told me he was very proud of me and he promised me a beer. So we went downstairs to the livingroom. I still couldn’t see as i remained blindfolded. He made me sit ‘comfortable’ on the ground and gave me a bottle of beer and a sigarette. Just enough to make me feel very happy. After i finished he tied my hands behind my back again and started whipping me real hard. As soon as i let out a (soft) scream he gagged me again and finished the whipping. My butt burned like hell. Then i heard him scream very loud as i felt his load on my back and ass. As if it didn’t stop!

After a short while he turned me over and began working my dick. Didn’t take him too long. Oh boy this was something! My load was going through the room in all directions! Fortunately he had the sense to release me completely this time. As my eyes were getting used to the bright light i thought i noticed several spots on the wall i never seen before.

Boris - the author

© Boris [fransvanliempt at casema.nl]

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