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It was close to closing. The intercom buzzed. "Doctor he´s here!" The young receptionist breathed breathlessly.

"Send him in," I replied in a matter-of-fact tone. "And then leave for the day."

Yes doctor," the voice replied in disappointment.

The door opened and he walked in. "Good morning Mr."

"Mike is fine sir," the young athlete replied quietly as he cut off my greeting.

I smiled. He was so young yet, even in jeans and a shirt you could see his mature, lean, powerful, muscular frame just rippling under the clothes. I directed him to pull up a chair and got a nice view of his tight butt as he leaned over to lift the heavy object. As he sat down his jeans rode up over his powerful thighs and bunched closely around his hot basket. I recalled the TV and news shots of him in his tight Speedos. His amazing body bursting out of the strained material. I felt myself stirring. Soon I thought as our eyes made contact. Although not a ‘classic beauty´ he had an off-beat face that was as sexy as hell! I could tell being here was embarrassing for him. I waited.

"Your coach recommenced me." I finally stated.

He blushed and lowered his gaze. "To be honest sir I´m not comfortable at the thought of needing a shrink." He stammered.

"Relax I´m not a shrink," I said comfortingly. "I´m a sort of counselor. Your coach thinks you have some issues you need to deal with. Your swimming performance has been off since the Games."

He winced. The recollection of that event still affected him. I felt sorry for him. Touted by press and fans as the wonder-boy in the pool he had not quite lived up to the hype. Sure he had won in some events and done very well in others but he had just missed fulfilling the role he had been assigned. The after results had left him in a state of depression that was affecting his recent athletic performances.

"Yeah," he replied as his eyes dropped. "Not only in swimming,” the young jock muttered softly to himself. Lucky for me I just caught it. My paid spies that I had assigned to dig up information on him had been right. Our young stud had been a dude in the sack too since the games. At his age those hormones must be ready to burst. I gave him a sincere smile. I would fix that need!

"I think this session we will correct all your problems" I cheerfully replied. "After all I did wonders for my other athletes."

He looked up, "my coach told me you counseled that ballplayer and soccer guy," He said excitedly.

"I never discuss my patients I said firmly, "confidentiality is my rule."

A grin came to his face giving him that sexy boyish quality I liked in my subjects... "I agree. I like that security. Thanks sir,"

"Now lets begin." I responded. "Look at this light on my desk. Concentrate on it as it flickers."

"Yes sir," he said as his puppy-dog brown eyes focused on the light.

"That´s right." I said softly, "see how the light flickers. Watch the pulsations. Breathe deeply in rhythm to it."

I watched as the young swimming sensation did as instructed. As a swimmer he was trained in breathing rhythms and as a jock obeying coaching directives was second nature to him.

"Breathe in time. In then out. Feel yourself drifting. Give in to that feeling." I whispered as I watched him slipping under. His eyes blinked rapidly and his breathing quickened.

"Breathe in. Breathe out. Drift off." I repeated over and over in a soothing monotone. His lids fluttered and soon that glassy look that signaled going under came to his handsome face. He was mine. For the next few minutes I guided him deeper into trance.

"All right Mike" I said quietly after a few preliminary tests showed he was in deeply under now.

"I want you to get up and strip for me."

"Yes sir," he mumbled as he rose and peeled off his clothes. I watched as his shirt came off revealing that powerfully defined chest and abs. When he dropped his pants I realized that, like some hot jocks, he went around without underwear. His private ‘charms were all I had hoped for. Low and hefty with a thick, generously hung and meaty tube complimenting them. As he stood there in his delineated muscular form I pondered what fun the next few hours would be. Unlike my other subjects I had decided this would be a one shot deal. My sources told me that on the whole he was a relatively nice guy who did not have that ‘ego´ that would justify a permanent sexual re-training. Yes, one shot of fun coupled with a fix of his depression then back to his life. No after effects.

"Now Mike I want you to visualize this depression that is inside you. See it as a liquid coursing in you." I said firmly. "Can you feel it and sense it?"

My zapped hunk took a few minutes and then nodded.

"Good now. That fluid is now flowing into your nuts. It´s filling them up& leaving the rest of your body." I instructed him in a commanding manner. I noticed with arousing pleasure how his sack seemed to bloat into a firmly rounded balloon. "Your sack is so heavy with it you need to hold it."

He obeyed & proceeded to palm it for me. His pouch was low and full with a sparse patch of short wiry hair giving it a nice look. "It must be so heavy. Should I help you Mike," I offered.

My young swimmer meekly nodded and I approached him. Gently I palmed his low- hangers which were bursting with untapped juices far too long. I savored the hot moist prickly feel of his hairy pouch. At. one point I began running my thumb across the ridge in the center. Mike groaned in delight. I stared into his eyes. The pupils had dilated. An erogenous zone was being tapped! I flicked back and forth along the bumpy ridge savoring his reactions as he mumbled incoherently lost in arousal. His meat stiffened.

With my other free hand I explored his tight defined torso making sure to arouse his brown nipples with some techniques I had perfected. As his circular orbs hardened under my manipulations I detected a slight grin on my tized boy. He gurgled sexily; his rod began to harden further while his knees slightly buckled.

"Ohhhh,” he sighed in his now agitated yet still dazed condition. I ran my palm down his chest over his tight abs and then stroked his perfectly defined thighs sending him deeper into a state of sexual bliss. His smooth skin was satiny in texture with just the merest of hair coverings .As my other cupped hand massaged his nuts I leaned in to whisper in his ear. "Now we are going to get those bad juices out of you alright son,"

"Yeaahhh," he croaked as his breathing increased . His lanky body squatted down slightly and swayed. He was literally rubbing his nuts in my palm. His cock was rigid and dripping now

"Reach down and get yourself off Mike," I commanded. "Shoot it all out now son. Once it´s out you will be free of it!"

Mike reached down to stroke his stiff rod. I walked back and watched as the tized hunk pumped himself for me.

"Ugh,Ugh, Ugh," he grunted as he jerked on his pole. "Going..going to....oh fuck," he roared as his rod popped its load sending a foamy white arch across the carpet. For the next few minutes young Mike repeatedly milked himself for me. By the final attempt he was streaked with sweat. I gazed as the watery beads dripped sensually off his taunt frame. "Oh fuck," he gasped that last time as his dick lurched in his grip but only produced a few short dribbles.

"Stop," I said as I reveled in the sight of the wet panting hunk sucking in air and now completely empty. "Good boy. But now we must fill you up with your old confidence." I teased as I undressed. "You want that right?

"Oh yes," he croaked hoarsely as he shivered in the coolness that his sweaty body must have now felt..

I came up close to him. "I'll let you drink it in." I slowly placed my hands on his powerful shoulders and pushed him to his knees.

He dropped down his knees with an expectant look. I rubbed my hard rod across his full lips as I tousled his brown hair affectionately . " This holds all your old confidence and ability. You want to drink from it so badly right?"

"Yes, yes", he replied desperately as his tongue thrust out. I let him slobber on my head. he was moaning by now to be feed.

"Suck it all down." He opened his mouth and accepted my rod. At that moment he began to suck his first cock. Inside it was warm and moist. I could feel his tongue running up and down under my hard joint. As I slowly fucked his handsome face I could hear him gulping for air. Luckily his desire to be his old athletic self overcame any reluctance or balking at the task. He deep throated my member with gusto and soon I found myself erupting down his throat. I held his head tightly into my crotch ignoring his flaying arms and muffled grunts as I filled his tunnel with my spunk. I felt his gulps as he slurped in my cum. After, when I withdrew & he coughed and gasped for air while my jis seeped from the corners of his mouth. My swimmer stud gave me the best blow job of my life.

"Good boy," I said encouragingly. He burst into a smile and I noticed that his rod was stiff. My young swimmer had found giving his first head to be an erotic thrill too it seemed. Confidence restored he would be his old self but before I released him I had one last cherry to pick. "Get up my desk and hold your legs apart son. One more extra injection will double your athletic abilities."

My dazed jock quickly lay on my table and held his powerful legs apart. Gazing at him there eager for his newest injection with those powerful legs in the air and his cute rosy chute slyly winking in anticipation was as hot as hell. I grabbed some lube and gently greased his ring muscles.

"Oh fuck sir," my loopy stud-muffin sighed as I digitally penetrated his cherry. I made sure my , by now delightfully squirming medal winner was well lubed."Fuck more...please," he whimpered as he thrust down on my finger. Yes he was ready judging by how hard he was trying to get me further into his hole. I noticed also the now fully erect dick he was sporting. I recalled how young males were surprisingly sensitive in their anal cavity. It was time to go for the gold I mused. Gently , but firmly, I placed my hard pole on his greased entryway.

"Injection time son," I said softly as my hard dick pressed past his loosened ring muscles.

"Oh man. Fuck!" My jock gasped as I popped his cherry. He face was a study in pain.

"Suck it up Mike.You can go the distance." I encouraged him as I plunged in deep.

"Ahhhh mannnnnnn," he grunted. But he was a pro as most athletes are with discomfort & soon pleasure replaced pain. It wasn´t long before my tized swimmer began to get into the ‘swim´ of it. His breathing increased and his chest heaved in time to my thrusts. His hard swimmer form moved under me in sexual frenzy. He let out a series of encouragements as he babbled under my penetration."Oh yeah. Oh man. Yes. Yes. YES!"

I felt his powerful thighs pressing against me as I leaned into him. His cock was now straight up and red. He instinctively reached down to grab his erect dick. As he jerked himself off I pumped into my star jock like a man on fire. The room filled with the heat of sexual rutting. I gazed at the sweating form writhing under me. This was a gold medal performance from him. At last that familiar urge overcame me and with one last thrust I exploded my hot liquid in his now de-virgined butt. As my fiery jis hit his insides Mike let out his own strangled cry "AAAAAHHHHH MMAAANNNNNNNNNNN.!!!!!!!"He erupted once more from his cock. Ah youth!

As I pulled out from him he let out a sigh of disappointment. I leaned in and we kissed. The next few hours were filled with further sexual pleasures but at last I had to end it. I got him cleaned up and dressed. Instructed him to remember nothing but the loss of his depression, how much fun chatting with me was, increased his confidence and, woke him.

"How do you feel Mike," I inquired as he blinked and refocused.

"WOW," he laughed I feel great sir!"

"Good ," I replied," Your problems are solved . You are really quite fine now. Just some post game letdown but that´s over." I extended my hand and we shook.. "Now go out there and compete but always remember that its for the joy of it and you´ll be fine!"

"Yes sir,” He smiled fetchingly, "Thanks for all you did. I hope you will come see my perform live."

"Oh I am sure seeing your perform live would be an experience," I chuckled, "Count on it."

"If," he shyly stammered, "I need some sort of booster treatment, " Well....could I...would you ah."

"Of course you can come here anytime," I nodded, " Now get off with you."

He left smiling and whistling. After he´d gone I hit a button & a side wall screen opened. A screen came to life. That night I reviewed the tape of our ‘session´. I made it a practice to tape my ‘sessions´ with subjects for later pleasurably viewing. Yes a booster now and again was definitely in the cards!

© Cicero [kysen1 at yahoo.com]

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