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Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys. The acts are consensual and are a result of their love or lust for one another. Please write: unkle_c@yahoo.com. I would love to hear if you like my story.

My name is jay, I'm 17 and in my junior year at Fairmont High School.

I'm told that I'm a hunk by many of the girls at school.

So I guess I'm ok looking.

I'm 5'9", 140 pounds, not muscular, but I do work out a little.

I have blond curly hair, short along the front and sides, and long in the back.

I have hazel eyes, and dimples.

I'm a member of our school swim team, and that helps to keep my body toned.

Before I start my story about our High Schools worse Bully ever.

I'd like to mention a few things about my sexual experiences up till now.

I have never thought of my self as anything other than your average straight jock. I mean yeah! I admit to checking out the hardware packed into some of those tight speedos, that my team mates as well as our rivals wear, but correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't everybody check out their competition in that department?

As far as girls go? I've sacked more than a couple, and get calls from chicks every now and then, trying to add their names to that list.

Ok, so I've fucked three chicks, that's still more than a couple, right? Also, I've gotten blown by six, so that must count.

So anyway, my point is, why would I have any reason to think of my self as being anything other than straight?

K, I'll tell you why! It's my best bud Josh! We have been best buds since as far back as I can remember, we have slept at each others houses billions of times while growing up.

My problem is, ever since we reached puberty, when we wrestle and horse around, he being far more aggressive than me, as well as stronger, sometimes will joke around, and say things when he has me pinned, and is straddling my chest.

Things like, "K dude, I'm not lettin you up, till you kiss my crotch or things like, "K, I'll let you up, if you promise to blow me later" Now the thing is, I totally know he is just joking and stuff, but here is my problem, some nights while we are sleepin over, I catch my self checkin out his package , while he's sleepin, and have sometimes wondered what I would have done, if he was not joking, and was really serious.

In other words, I have once or twice, wondered whether I would have gone along with him, if he actually made me do it.

So, Does that make me Bi or Gay? I don't think so, because, it never came to that, and my thoughts were just thoughts, nothing more!

OK, with that much said, I'll get on with my story.

Which is all about one of our schools worse bullies.

Danny is younger than me, and at 15, he is one powerful dude. He is 5'8" 145 pounds of shear muscle.

I know his weight, because he's on my swim team.

I mentioned that most of the girls at school say I'm a hunk.

Well, they refer to Danny as "SUPER HUNK" and when they show up at our swim meets, all they ever talk and whisper about, is what a stud muffin Danny is. Also what a gorgeous bubble butt he has, yuck!

Danny is ok looking I guess, I mean who am I to judge, but I'll describe him, and you can do the math.

He has light blond hair , blue eyes, and like I said, is all muscle, from his chest, pecs, and biceps, down to his thick thighs and hard, well developed legs.

Another thing! The dude is always showing off a huge package, especially when he's wearing his famous speedo, either at the meets, or while at practice. I think he just loves wearing it, to show off. No! I wasn't checking it out, I mean not intentionally, I'm not that brave, he would have killed me, if he ever caught me doing that! It's just that you can't help but notice it, because the Damn thing just juts out, when ever he wears it.

Anyways! What this story is really all about, is how Danny loves to bully and dominate other dudes, especially dudes older than him, don't ask why, who knows! I think he just gets off on the power trip, of beating up and controlling a dude older than him.

I had been lucky, so far I have never been one of his victims.

However, his girl friend Amanda, was about to change that.

They were the ideal couple, she is "Super Sexy" he is "Super Hunk" , but rumors have suggested that "Super Hunk" has been cheating on "Super Sexy".

So Amanda has decided to shop around for a new boyfriend.

YEP! you guessed it! I was the one she was interested in, and she let it be known to the whole school.

Now don't get me wrong, I've had fantasies by the hundreds of Amanda and me. BUT! from the stories I have heard about Danny and his victims, and the times I have witnessed his bullying and fighting with my own eyes, I for one, didn't want to piss him off, two years younger than me, or not.

So now with every one knowing that Danny's girl, had been flirting with me, and wanted me as her next catch, it was just a matter of time , before Danny would be paying me a visit.

It all started at a swim practice, when the coach left the pool area, and instructed us to exercise and stretch for the next twenty to thirty minutes.

I was sitting on the bench watching another team member climb out of the pool. When I heard Dannys voice loud and clear. "Well dudes, I don't know about the rest of you, but I've got my exercise all planned out for the next twenty minutes" Danny was now standing in front of me.

His huge, wet, nylon bulge, was less than an inch from my face.

Danny grabbed the back of my head and forced my face into his very wet crotch, then started humping, and making moaning noises. "Oooooooohhh yeeeeeaaaah! uuuuuuuummm nyyyyyyse! Go ahead fag boy, take it deeper! Ooooohhhhhh fuck fag! yeeeeaaah! feeeeels sooooo good down your fag throat!"

I tried pushing Danny away, it was like trying to move a ton of bricks.

His thick muscled legs were spread wide, his fists were full of my hair, and he was planted solid, not about to be moved.

I could hear the team members roaring with laughter. This was only adding fuel to Danny's ego.

It was also adding incentive for him to continue.

Danny felt that the position we were in, wasn't giving all the team members a great view. "Lay down on the bench fag, so everyone here can watch you suck my crotch, for the next twenty minutes"

Danny turned me sideways and pushed me backwards, so that I was now laying on my back on the bench.

I saw his strong legs straddle the bench, and felt him sliding his wet butt to my upper chest.

I was totally humiliated, and pissed off big time! "GET THE FUCK OFF ME DUDE, YOU'RE THE FUCKING FAG HERE, NOT ME!"

"whoooooooooaaaaaaaa! guess he told you Danny" a few of the members yelled out in unison.

Danny now sitting on my chest, started slapping my face, not hard enough to leave any marks , that the coach would have noticed.

However the slaps were hard enough to sting, and they kept coming.

"WHO'S the fag asshole? Tell everyone here, who the fag really is" Danny laughed as he kept slapping away at my face.

I tried pleading with him, "Please Danny? Your slaps are fuckin hurting, dude!"

I felt the tears start appearing, as I started sobbing a little, Yeah I know! I'm a baby at times like this.

Not because the slaps were all that painful, although they were starting to sting wicked.

I was crying mostly because I was so humiliated, and couldn't do squat about it.

All I could do was to keep pleading with Danny to stop. "PLEASE DANNY! PLEASE?"

Danny looked down into my eyes, with a wicked evil grin, "aaaaawwww! you don't have to beg for my cock dude, just ask me nicely, I'll let you suck on it any time you want, I mean what the fuck bitch? I'll even feed you my thick creamy juice, how's that?"

An even louder roar of laughter now from my team mates, giving Danny back his momentum. "yeeeeeaaaaah! How many of you would like to see the fag here give me head"

His answer came imediately! "Hell yeah Danny, go for it dude!" "Woooooohoooo! feed it to him Danny boy!" "Fuck yeah dude, we all wanna see him slurping on your dick!" These loud and clear comments were coming from my teammates, dudes I thought were my friends.

I started sobbing even louder now, not knowing whether they were all joking or being serious. I wondered where my best bud was during all this, why he didn't rush over and throw Danny off me.

Danny was in total control, and he let me know. "well faggot, you heard them, either you admit right now, that you're a fuckin fag, or I fuck your mouth till I shoot my thick wad down your fag throat, what will it be?"

I was in a no win situation, I'm not a fag, so why should I permanently damage my rep, by lying and saying I was one, but on the other hand, if Danny is serious about making me suck his cock, then my rep turns to shit anyways. What a fucked up choice I was given!

The other thing is, I couldn't count on the coach returning too soon, when he left us alone like this, he usually trusted us enough to be gone for at least thirty minutes.

Danny was now reaching into his speedo, rubbing his cock and balls, and grinning down at me "K FAG! TIMES UP! what will it be?"

With his hand still at work inside his speedo, he pulled it out, and forced three of his fingers inside my mouth, "Yeeeeaaaah queerboy, here's a little sample of what's to cum!" This caused a few of our team mates to laugh hysterically.

Yeah! I could have bitten his fingers, but to be honest I didn't dare, It's as simple as that!

I was ordered by Danny to suck his fingers, and I did. Tasting what smelt like pre-cum.

He kept his three fingers in my mouth for a few minutes at least, then pulled them out and demanded an answer.

I was fucked either way ( pun intended ) but I figured it would be far worse for me to be force fed his cock, than to say I am a fag.

I thought, oh well, I can always say he forced me to say that, and maybe Josh and some of the team mates would have understood.

Maybe they'd know that I only said it, because I had no choice.

However! if I suck his cock, then I wouldn't stand a snow balls chance in hell, of saving my reputation.

"K Danny! you're right dude! I'm a fag" I whispered softly.

Danny, now with a huge smirk on his face, looked down at me, then out at our team members, and shouted "Louder faggot! so everyone can hear you"

I just wanted to get this little scene done and over with, so I did as I was told. "K DANNY, YOU'RE RIGHT! I AM A FAG, NOW PLEASE, I'M BEGGING YOU"

I now started crying uncontrollably.

"Whoooooaaaaa! Damn dude, he really is a fag"

"Shit dude! Didn't you see him sucking the jizz off Dannys fingers? Of course he's a fag!" were comments being thrown out by my supposedly friends.

I looked up at Danny and pleaded with him to now end this, but all I was able to get out in between my sobs, was "Please Danny"

Danny now grinning from ear to ear, "GEEZ FAG! I told ya, you don't have to beg, but since you are, hear you go"

Danny pulled the front of his speedos down and tucked the front under his huge tight sack, and rubbed his pre-cum soaked cock head all over my lips. "uuuuuuuuummmmm! you're gonna love the taste of this fagboy"

I felt the warm pre-cum being rubbed all over my face with Danny's huge cock head. "Open wide fagboy" Danny laughed as he inched him self closer to my face.

I clamped my mouth tight, and refused to open it.

However! Several slaps, the most powerful ones yet, connected to each side of my face.

I immediately closed my eyes, saw stars, and thought, damn! this kid is sooo freaking powerful.

The power slaps continued. I even thought I might pass out, truth is, I even started praying that I would.

Finally I seriously could not take it anymore, I opened my mouth to

beg him to stop, and felt the huge head of his cock slide into my mouth. "Woooohooooo!" "Holy fuck" "Wow dudes look!" came from several voices.

Danny enjoying every second of this, and with a triumphant grin on his face "Yeeeeaaah! Your mouth feels sooooo warm dude, suuuuck me good!"

I tried fighting it, tried pushing it out of my mouth with my tongue.

However, Danny grabbed a fistful of my hair, lifted my head up off the bench, and started fucking my face with long and slow thrusts.

Soon he was at the passage way of my throat, trying desperately to force his thick cock beyond there, as he would pull out almost completely, then slowly push in as far as he could, till I started gagging and fighting for air.

The more I gagged and choked, the more Danny loved it, smiling down at me with each thrust. Then he started singing "Knock, knock, knocking at heavens doooooor" of course this just brought tons of laughter from everyone.

He started thrusting in and out rapidly, I started gagging BIG TIME.

Soon, Danny was yelling at me to cover my teeth with my lips and to relax my throat muscles, telling me he was going in all the way, whether I relaxed my throat or not.

I was going insane. I never knew that a cock could be soooo brutal.

I was gagging so much I actually thought I was going to die. So I did as Danny suggested, and relaxed my throat, which allowed his cock to enter.

Then Danny pulled out his cock almost completely, only to thrust it all the way in, and hold it there tightly.

I felt his pubes pressed tightly against my nose and lips.

I was choking and gagging, I couldn't breathe, then I felt his huge cock throbbing, followed by large spurts of warm liquid shoot down my throat, and into my belly, then again several more spurts.

Danny was moaning loudly, "Ooooooooh fuuuuuucccck! Eeeeeewwwwww! Oooooh yeah you fucking faggot! Eat my cum, yeeeaaaah! Swallow that thick cream, Ooooooh fuuuuucccck dudes, I'm feeding this queer loads of cum, and he's eating it all, look at him dudes! He's loving it, Oooooh fuuuuuck yeeeaaah bitch, eat it all, and don't worry! There's plenty more yet fagboy!

I had my hands on Danny's powerful thick thighs, which were tightly pressed against each side of my head, trying to push him off me, but no way was that going to happen.

Finally, I felt Danny pulling out of my mouth, once he was completely out, he let his last couple of spurts splash onto my face. To add a final touch of humiliation, he Smeared his hot cum all over my face with his cock head. Then smiled "Now clean off my cock faggot, with your tongue, then I'll let you up!"

I don't know why, but I allowed his cock head back into my mouth without a fight, and sucked his cock clean.

I was still sucking it when he pulled it out, "Oh My GOD! Look at him dudes! He don't wanna let my cock go now! This homo just can't get enough! but don't worry faggot, you'll be getting a lot more of my cock in the days ahead! Fuuuuuccck! No one, and I mean NO ONE! has ever made my cock feel this good, and soon, real soon, you'll be begging me for it trust me!"

Danny looked out at our team mates, "Dudes? This fag is fucking awesome, too bad you don't have time to use his mouth now, but do it soon! cause you're really gonna love it!"

Danny rested his sack on top of my lips, "kiss my balls faggot, I know you want more, maybe later tonight, after I fuck the bitch, I'll stop by your house, and let you lick her juice off my cock, cause that is as close to her as you're ever going to get now fag"

I was in such a fog, that I kissed his balls without even realizing that's what I was doing, he laughed as he pulled his speedo up. "hmmmmmm! Don't worry bitch, next time, I'll let you suck on them for me"

He climbed off me, yet I still couldn't get up, I was sooooo totally afraid of facing my team mates.

I felt as tho Danny was still on top of me holding me down.

Within a few minutes the coach returned, Danny pointing over at me still laying on the bench, told the coach I wasn't feeling very well.

The coach asked Danny to help me to the lockers, then wait and escort me to the office so I could call my mom to pick me up.

Danny said sure, then winked at our team mates. "I'll take good care of him coach"

To be cont.

© Chaz [unkle_c at yahoo.com]

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