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POVÍDKA "Dominated by lil Bro" pt. 1

Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal toread materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys. The acts are consensual and are a result of their love or lust for one another. This story is completely fiction, all descriptions, and names are also fictitious, any similarities are truly just that, purely similarities.

Please write: unkle_c@yahoo.com. I would love to hear if you like my story

It was Saturday, first day of summer vacation, a time for fun in the sun, for most kids my age.

Not for me! Today would mark the beginning of the summer vacation from Hell! My name is Joey, I'm eighteen, and I'll be a senior in high school in the fall! I have average looks I guess, being 5'9" and weighing 122 pounds, yep! Thin as a tooth pick. I have dark brown hair, and dimples, cute huh? I might also add, that in spite of being so thin? I have more than a few girls hounding me for a date.

My family is small, just me , my little brother Jordan, and my mom. My mom works a lot of hours, as a restaurant manager, and trusts me to watch over Jordan while she's at work. Up till several months ago, that had never been a problem. However! now, looking after Jordan, is more like, looking up to Jordan! Don't get me wrong, Jordan isn't taller than me, just a hell of a lot stronger, and I spend a lot of time lately, on my back looking up at him.

Let me try to fill you in on this situation.

You see, Jordan and I, are as different as day and night. I have dark hair, and dark eyes. Jordan has blond hair, and blue eyes. I'm thin, and non athletic. Jordan is well muscled for his age, and is into all sports. I'm lovable, and easy going. Jordan can be mean, and has a quick temper. I'm as passive as they come, while Jordan is aggressive to the extreme! I'm the first to forgive and forget. Jordan seldom forgives, and NEVER forgets. Get my drift?

Yet, even with all of our differences, we hardly ever had a major problem. I was always left in charge because I was older, and Jordan never seemed to have a problem with that. That is until, he started hanging out with Austin Clayborne, the son of the State Senator!

Austin is the town bully, comes from a whole family of bullies from what I hear! He and his crazy brothers are always getting into trouble, at school and out of school and always getting away with it. There are so many rumors floating around about those wild Clayborne brothers, that, if even half were true, the whole damn bunch of em should have been put away years ago.

Jordan and Austin are both sixteen. They enjoy all the same sports, both in and out of school. Each will be entering their sophomore year of high school in the fall. They both love to work-out, both claim to be improving their bodies for the girls. So as you can see, Austin has a lot more in common with my little brother than I do.

The problems for me, all started a couple of months ago, on a Saturday morning, just as mom left for work. I was expecting an easy day. Jordan and I had not been seeing eye to eye lately, because I didn't approve of him hanging with this dude Austin. So I figured this would be a good day to bond with my little bro. I would try to reason with him. Telling him that hanging with the school bully, wasn't such a good idea.

I was in my bedroom watching some toons. Still in my briefs. When Jordan came barging in, also something new he picked up, since he started hanging with Austin. "Mom just left for work dude" Jordan shouted out. Not sure if it was a question or a statement. I just stared over at him, thinking what a little stud my bro was becoming. Standing there in just his tight CK briefs, his daily work-outs, now showing their reward, and the days outside of school in the sun, offered him a golden tan, to add to his young muscular frame.

"Dude? Can you give me an answer here?" Jordan asked, with his usual growl. I returned from my deep thoughts, "Sorry dude, but that didn't sound like a question, it sounded more like a statement" Jordan now with a scowl on his puss, "What the fuck ever dude, is she on her way to work, or what?"

I had never heard Jordan use fowl language inside our home before, and actually only heard him use that word once in his whole life, and that was when he was caught smoking in the park, by me and my bud. I was kinda shocked at hearing this, "Whoooooaaaaaa dude, what's gotten into you, we don't use that language inside this house, That's language for punks like your new friend Austin to use, not decent kids like you Jordan"

Just as I had made that remark, Austin steps out from behind Jordan. He must have spent the night, because he too was wearing a pair of jockey briefs., and no shirt. Austin now offering a gentle word of advice to my little bro, "I keep telling you Jord, don't take his shit man, just beat the fuck out of the pansy, seriously Jordan, you can so easily do it !"

I glanced back at my bro, with a look of disgust, "You see Jordan.... why I don't like you hanging with this trouble maker? .........He not only has a bad mouth, but he has no respect for some one else's home" Jordan now pissed off big time, yelled back at me, " just shut up dude....... you have no right talking about my best friend that way........ so just shut up.... k?"

I guess Jordan yelling at me like this was not good enough for Austin, he was hoping for some blood!

"Jord? I'M TELLING YA! ............kick his fucking fag ass NOW!.......... or he will always be dumping orders on you like this!" I stood up from my bed, and glared at Austin, "I want you to get dressed and get out of this house dude...... and stay away from my brother! ..........You're just a piece of bad news, with a trashy mouth, and a shitty attitude to match! .......So get dressed and get out, NOW!"

I should have seen it coming, but I didn't. Jordan swung fast and hard, with a solid right fist to the side of my face, knocking me back onto my bed. I'm not sure which of us it shocked more, me or Jordan. After recovering from my shock, and the dizzy feeling the punch left me with, add in a little humiliation, I stood up, facing my little bro. "Dude?..... I can't believe you just punched me, I should kick you're ass right now..........but I'm not going to, because it's not your fault, it's this moron Austin, he's egging you on! So have him get dressed and get out, before I change my mind .........and I do kick your ass!"

Austin, not taking my comments lying down, "MAN? ........If you don't kick his fag ass, THEN I WILL!........... I swear dude,.........I " Before Austin could continue his threat, Jordan, using body movements I had never seen him use before, surprised me yet again, with another power blow to the side of my face, sending me back onto my bed.

This punch was hard enough, to keep me down for a minute or two. Feeling a little groggy, I looked up, as My little bro and Austin were slapping their hands together.

"Ya dude! Way to go! Seriously dude, I been tellin ya for a month now, he's nothin but a fag, and you can easily kick his ass! " laughed Austin, "Now finish the bitch off dude"

I tried with all my might to get up and tackle my little bro, but before I could even give it a another thought, Jordan was on top of me, sitting on my chest, lifting my head up off my mattress, and holding it tight with his smooth, well muscled thighs, he slammed both his fists into my face. When I opened my eyes , a few minutes later, I was standing up, or should I say was being held up, by Austin with a wicked tight full-nelson hold on me. I could feel blood on my lips, and my eyes felt wicked puffy. I tried to speak, but suddenly felt my little bros fists start pummeling my gut with one punch after another.

After slamming his fist into my gut, I don't know how many times, he stood there smiling at me, as Austin released me from his powerful hold, and I fell to my knees, then onto my side, in a fetal position. I was groaning, and was trying to speak, to tell my bro, ENOUGH! Yet before I could regain my breath to speak, Jordan was on top of me again. He turned me over onto my back, and was again sitting on my chest, his solid thighs on each side of my head pining me down, in the same position as before.

I looked up into his eyes. "Dude? ........NO MORE! ........I give" I nearly cried out to him. This of course not being enough for his bud Austin. "MAKE HIM FUCKING BEG YOU DUDE..... MAKE HIM CALL YOU MASTER!" Hearing these words come out of Austin's mouth, scared the shit out of me. I knew now, for the first time ever, what humiliation really meant. I also knew that with his bud Austin, pulling his strings, there was no limit to the humiliation my little brother would subject me too.

Jordan smiled down into my eyes, with an evil smile. "YEAH! Shitforbrain..... if you want me to stop beating on you...... then BEG me to stop."

I couldn't believe this was my little bro talking to me like this. I tried to shove Jordan off me, but this just brought him closer to my face, with more harsh comments from his evil bud Austin, "Oooooh yeeeaaah man! ......make him freakin blow you.......seriously dude!......That would show the fag once and for all,......who the real man is, in this house........... Do It Dude,........DO IT, seriously dude, I make my bro Blake blow me all the time, it's soooo fuckin rad, havin that type of power over another dude, but waaaay better, when it's an older brother...trust me dude...just do it!"

Jordan now laughing his balls off, "Naaaahhh! ......I just want to hear him beg me not to beat on him any more,...... and to tell me, that I'm now the BOSS of this house.

"I was in no mood for more humiliation. Having my little bro beat the shit out of me, was enough humiliation for one day. However, I knew if I tried retaliating, or pissing my little brother off any more than I already had, I'd end up being humiliated a lot more than I already was. So I decided to give in to Jordan, before asshole Austin was able to convince him to go any further.

"K, Jordan, I'm begging you bro,...... please don't beat me up any more, ......You are the new boss of the house, .......and I will accept that from now on, so please let me up dude.....K?" My little brother, looking down at me, had a wicked evil grin on his face, "So you saying from now on......... you will do whatever I say........ you will be my freakin slave, like forever?"

I was beaten and I knew it, and at this point, I would say whatever I had to, just to end this humiliation, and get Jordan off me. "YEAH BRO! ......YOU'RE THE NEW BOSS OF THIS HOUSE,.......I will do whatever you say from now on dude!" Jordan, showing off his power, by doing a double biceps pose, spat down into my face, "Austin's right! ......You are a pussy, .....and I'm gonna love beating you up,......and trust me, .....I will, any time you don't do as I say. GOT IT?"

Austin, not to be out done, looked at Jordan and nodded, "make him open his mouth dude," Jordan, probably not sure him self, what Austin had in mind, but figured whatever it was, it could only add to the humiliation, "You heard the man, open your mouth NOW!" Not knowing what to expect, but not wanting another punch to my face, I did as my little brother ordered.

Austin leaned over, got into my face, and spat into my opened mouth, not once but three times. "Now make him swallow it, dude!" Austin demanded, as he stared into my eyes, "YOU'RE lucky it isn't me on top of you, or else you'd be gagging on my dick right now, BIG TIME, you fuckin pussy!"

I swallowed the spit, then begged my little bro to let me up. Jordan and Austin laughed their butts off, as they watched me making faces, as I swallowed Austin's spit. Then the two of them left me laying on my bed crying, as they walked out of my room, Jordan turned back long enough to yell, Clean my bedroom, and do my laundry, before you go out today, slave boy!

I continued laying on the bedroom floor, wondering what the hell just happened. Not quite sure which was hurting me more, the pain in my gut and face from his punches, the shock that he not only could, but did do such a thing, my pride, or the humiliation of being beat up by my little brother.

The only thing I seem to be sure about at this time, is that I just committed myself to be nothing less than his little slave, and the fear that now that he is aware that he can beat me up any time he chooses, and his best friend controlling his mind, made me scared as hell as to what limits my little bro would decide upon, if any!

Austin had made it perfectly clear that if it were him on top of me, rather than my little brother, he would have forced me to blow him! This bothered me in more ways than one, first off, I'm not totally sure that I`m gay, and secondly, one of the reasons I didn't want my bro hanging with him, is that I had heard a few rumors from my buds that Austin, like his older brothers, was quite the little bully around town these days. That wasn't bad enough, but he also was forcing his victims to give him blow jobs, after beating them up. I had been concerned lately that he may be trying to coheres my brother to follow his lead. Somehow, I had to convince him that unlike the rich Senators sons, he wouldn't get away with shit like that!

Still laying on the floor, I decided I better start cleaning little bro's room, and start his laundry, no telling how soon he might be back, and I obviously didn't want another beating from him so soon.

Well that day a few months ago was the beginning of my life in HELL! My duties as my little bro's slave, grew longer and longer with each passing day. This has continued without the knowledge of my mom. Today while assuming that I'm still in charge of the house, and it being the 1st day of school vacation, she decided to spend a week with my aunt and uncle two States away.

IF she had known that Jordan was the one now, not only in charge of the house, but me as well, I know she wouldn't have made these plans. Yet what could I do, I was too humiliated to tell her what had taken place a few months ago, and what has transpired since.

It wasn't until mom pulled out of the driveway, and was halfway up the street, that Jordan being followed by Austin both wearing only nylon soccer shorts, came out onto our front porch. I looked at my little brother with a look of disgust, "Dude, you didn't even come out to say goodbye to mom" He glared back at me with a smirk on his face, "Fuck that, you'd better get your skinny ass inside and start making Austin and me breakfast, unless you wanna start the summer off with a beating"

Seeing the mean evil grin on Austins face I should have know better than to push my point, "Dude? What if she has an accident and we never see her again, wouldn't you feel like a piece of shit?" Jordan grabbed a fistful of my hair, dragged me into the house, and slammed his fist into my gut several times, till I fell onto the soft carpet below me. He came crashing down on top of me, sitting high on my chest, his nylon bulge less than an inch or so from my face.

He immediately started slapping me in the face and yelling "HELL DUDE! I'm beginning to think you like me beating you up like this. Just so you know? It's no problem for me, I love beating you up. Now you better listen very closely while I tell you what is gonna be happening this week. Starting today not only will you be taking orders from me, but you'll be taking orders from Austin as well, and trust me, if you give him any shit, he'll beat you up far worse than I do, and if you go so far as to you piss him off. ....well let's just say you won't look too healthy afterwards! Now! To start our summer vacation, we're gonna have some friends over tonight for a little party. You'll be in charge of cleaning up the mess afterwards, and making sure our friends have everything they need to make this the best party ever. Got any questions slave?"

I was aching to rub my sore gut, but with my arms being pinned by Jordans legs, all I could do was suffer the pain. I was furious with what my bro was now saying, "Jordan? You can't have a party here, if our home gets trashed, mom will freak out, she works hard for everything we have here. So no party, no way! You may be stronger than me, but I'm still the older bro, and I know what's best! Also^Å."

I was cut off by Austin's barefoot being planted over my lips, "Jordan? seriously dude! you gotta have him suck you off, it's the only way he is gonna finally accept you as being more superior than him, you KNOW you want SUPERIOROTY over him, RIGHT?, Well trust me on this! after you force the pussy to blow you, he'll never question your superiority again! GO FOR IT DUDE, make him lick your nuts first, then tell the fag to blow you. NOW DUDE! YOU GOTTA DO IT NOW! I'm tellin ya dude, When I first started makin my brother Blake blow me, I had him suckin on my dick all night long, just to show him I was in charge, he never questioned me again, I swear on my mom's grave!"

I started to panic, but with Austins barefoot planted hard on my lips, I couldn't say anything to discourage Jordan, and to make matters worse, Austin was now trying to force his toes into my mouth!

Jay glaring deep into my eyes, and the look of being totally pissed off at what I had just said to him, whispered softly, "yeah you're right Austin, he is a pussy isn't he? and pussies love big dick, and being controlled by jocks like you and me!"

Austin's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, "YEAH DUDE! Now you're fucking talkin! you know how awesome it felt when you made Dustin suck you off the other day, after beating the faggot into submission, WELL let me tell you dude, forcing your older bro to blow you, is going to be sooo much more of a fucking high for you, TRUST ME DUDE"

Austin lifted his foot from my mouth, and grinned an evil grin. "Awe...look at the faggot, he's upset that I won't let him suck my toes any more, don't worry queerboy, havin my feet worshiped is one of my favorite things, so you'll be gettin plenty of my feet, fag!" I started to protest, trying to reason with my little bro, "Jordan? Please dude, you can't do this, don't you see that this asshole is just trying to put a wedge between you and I forever?" Jordan slapped me harder than I have ever been hit before, "shut the fuck up dude, or I swear, I'll beat you up twice as bad as usual, now lets see just how much of a pussy you really are, you're gonna lick my balls and then suck them, then you're gonna blow me, unless of course you feel strong enough to try and prevent this!"

I felt a lump in my throat, I tried once again pleading with my tough little brother, "DUDE? I'm not gay, besides you can't do this to me, I'm your BROTHER DAMN IT"

Jordan grabbed a fistful of my hair, and forced my face into the crotch of his soccer shorts, I was shocked once again, not only did he go this far, but my lips came into contact with a major hard-on, letting me know, that the whole idea of forcing his older bro to suck him off, was turning him on.

Jordan held my face tightly pressed against his nylon basket for a few minutes, "Yeeeaaah! You're loving this aren't you , well lets see just how much you love licking the sweat of your little bro's nuts"

Jordan stood up, and dropped his soccer shorts, kicking them aside, them dropped his tight jockey shorts over my face, he then came down on top of me once again, rubbing his shorts into my face, he and Austin laughing their asses off. "yeah pussy boy, you like the smell of my jockey shorts? Maybe later on I'll let you clean them with your tongue while I'm wearing them, I bet you'll love that " I was humiliated, but I also knew that this was probably just the beginning.

Austin was busy creating a monster, and today was more than likely only day one, of a full summer of nothing less than total humiliation, at the hands of my lil bro and his partner in crime!

After Jordan rubbed his worn jockies into my face for a few minutes, he placed them to the side, and inched himself closer to my face, his tight balls now resting on my lips, as he whispered "kiss my nuts, then start licking them all over, I haven't showered yet, so they should taste real good!"

This talk as well as my bro's actions had Austin laughing like crazy and encouraging Jordan to continue. "FUCK YEAH DUDE! It's about time you put this pussy in his place. After you force him to suck you off, he'll be a piece of cake For you to handle, WAIT DUDE! Let me grab the digital camera, just in case he ever tries denying any of this, I promise not to show your face, only his."

I was busy first kissing then licking Jordan's tight nuts. The taste was gross, he had a little bit of dried up sweat on them, and no matter how much or hard I licked them, and no matter how much I swallowed, I was still getting more of the salty taste .

Austin returned with the digital camera, I glanced up with a sad look on my face, as he knelt down and got close-ups of me licking my little bros balls. Jordan was really getting into this now, "fuck dude, you were sooooo right once again, this is fucking awesome, I love knowing I have this kind of control over my older bro, look at him licking my nuts dude!"

Austin becoming a little inpatient, and wanting Jordan to get on with the good stuff, "K dude, now give him a taste of your hard dick, make him kiss the head of it a few times first, then make him take the head into his pussy mouth!"

Once again I started to panic, yet I knew at this point there was no turning back for Jordan, he was truly getting off on having this much control over his big bro. He looked into my eyes with an evil grin, as he pushed himself backwards a little bit, he asked Austin to get a couple of large pillows for my head, so that my face was at a better angle.

Once the pillows were placed under my head, my little bro leaned forward so that his hard cock was pressing against my lips. He started whispering once again, "kiss it, and keep kissing it, till I tell you to stop!" I did exactly as my little bro ordered, I knew it wouldn't have done any good to plead with him any more.

I kissed the head of his cock, over and over, waiting for him to tell me to stop. I was amazed that my little bro, had such a huge cock, I was sure that it was at least as long as mine, but it was thicker than mine by far.

His cock head was starting to form pre-cum big time, a smirk now on his face, he ordered me to lick it. "aaaaawwwww now look at what you've done, you made my cock drool from your kisses, guess you `re just gonna have to wipe his head clean with your tongue, GO AHEAD! LICK IT CLEAN!"

Austin was now laughing his balls off "Ooooohhh fuck dude, you're getting good at this, yeah show the pussy who the boss is of you two!"

I hesitated, but then obediently licked the pre-cum off Jordan's cockhead, it tasted salty, yet sweet at the same time, I had to control my gag reflexes so I wouldn't get sick from the taste. I now knew why girls don't like to swallow or even take it in their mouth.

My bro was loving every second of this, "Oh my fucking word, he just licked the cum off my cockhead, and swallowed it, Ooooooh fuck! This is soooo fucking wild dude, you getting all this on that cam dude?"

Austin was certainly doing his part, "TRUST ME DUDE! I'm getting it all, every fucking time his tongue touches your cock, we will have it on film."

Jordan was now ready to see just how far I was going to go, "Open up wide, and say hello to little Jordan, he's gonna FUCK your mouth and throat, REAL GOOD!" I tried to beg Jordan, but he was way to into this to even listen. "Shut up and Open up! "

I opened my mouth wide, as wide as I could. Jordan started to lay down on top of my face. I knew now why he wanted the pillows. He pushed his cockhead between my lips, and ordered me to suck, "K big bro, how does my cock taste? SUCK THE HEAD, SUCK IT GOOD!"

I rolled my tongue around his thick cockhead, sucking and licking it as best as I knew how, I did it the way I liked having it done to me when Sarah Twombly sucked me off last New Years eve. I guess I was doing a good job, cause my little brother was loosing it. "Ooooooohhhhhh shit man, this is too fucking wild! LOOK AT HIM Austin, he's sooooo sucking my cock man! I'm fucking loving this!" Austin wanting to see more, urged my bro to go all the way, "K dude, fuck his pussy mouth, make him gag and choke on it, START FUCKING THAT PUSSY NOW DUDE, NOW!"

Jordan didn't need anymore encouragement, he started pumping my mouth big time. I felt his thick thighs pressed tightly on each side of my head, the pillows under my head made a nice cushion for my little bro to fuck my mouth comfortably.

He pushed more and more of his thick cock deeper into my mouth, when he reached the entrance to my throat, he stopped for a second, as I started gagging wildly. He withdrew a little bit, but then thrusting forward with full power, he entered my throat, causing me to choke and gag so bad, I seriously thought he was killing me. Austin, still laughing his balls off, leaned down for a close up, "You better relax your throat muscles faggot, or you really will choke to death, with the way Jord is going to town!"

Within minutes, and me still gagging uncontrollably, my bro forced his whole cock into my mouth and throat, pressing his pubes hard against my face, he remained in that position, listening to me gag. "OOOOOOOH FUCK DUDE, he's got it all, listen to him gag on my cock dude, ooooooooh shit, I could keep my dick right where it is forever, this feels sooooo fucking awesome!"

I was choking to death, I had to use every ounce of strength I had to try and push Jordan off me, but he didn't even budge.

Finally he withdrew a little, not all the way but enough for me to use my nose to breathe again. Within seconds he started pumping my mouth and throat, slowly, then building up his pace, till he was at a somewhat steady rhythm.

He wanted us to know how much this was turning him on, as if we hadn't gotten the message by now. "OOOOOOH YEEEEAAAAH! Take my cock you fucking pussy, ooooohhhhh yeeeeaaah! Austin? You were sooooo fucking right dude! This so frigging ROCKS BIG TIME!"

After pumping my mouth for at least twenty - thirty minutes , Jordan began to moan loudly as he plunged deeply into my throat with all his powerful weight. "OOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUCCCCCK MAAAAAN, take it, take my fucking hot cum into your pussy throat, ooooooh man! I'm shooting a fucking quart into his mouth Austin, ooooooohhhhhh shit man, THIS IS GOTTA BE THE BEST FUCKIN ORGASM EVER!"

Jordan was right, He was having an orgasm that was unlike any orgasm I have ever had, he was shooting huge spurts into my mouth and throat, that just didn't want to stop. I couldn't swallow it all, it was leaking out the corner of my lips,.

Austin was going crazy, " holy shit dude, I think you're breaking a record for the amount of cum any dude has ever shot. Keep pumping his fucking mouth dude, make him eat every fucking bit of it, ooooh yeaaah, make him swallow!" I was beginning to think that my baby brother was going to drown me with his warm thick cream, but just as those thoughts crossed my mind, Jordan pulled out of my mouth, shooting the last of his warm cream onto my face.

He sat on my chest with his cockhead resting on my lips, he grinned that evil grin, then yelled! "FUCK DUDE! YOU JUST SUCKED MY COCK, YOU EVEN FUCKIN SWALLOWED A SHIT LOAD OF MY CUM, Austin is right! You really are a fucking fag, clean my cock faggot, clean it up good! TRUST ME, This is just the beginning of a much closer relationship between me and you, brother dearest! Mom's gonna be so happy that we've bonded so good, while she was away........ Huh?"

After I cleaned my little brothers cock, he rubbed the head of it over my face, scooping up the cum he shot onto my face, making me lick that off his cock as well, with he and Austin laughing all the while.

I felt lower than anyone could ever feel, I just sucked my little brothers cock, and ate his cream. I should have stopped somehow, but how? He's a lot tougher than me now, and easily over powers me, and now he's convinced that whenever he is in the mood for a blow job, he has an older cocksucker in the very next room.

Jordan stood up, and high fived Austin, "you were right all along dude, I should have listened to you three months ago, look at all the head I could have been getting all this time, dude! That was sooo fucking rad, the tremendous feeling of pure power and control that gave me over this faggot, is just soooo way fucking awesome!" Austin feeling very confident now that Jordan is admitting that his best friend was right all along, Began feeling there was nothing that Jordan wont do, now!

Austin looking down at me then looking at my bro. "K DUDE, watching you fuck your bro's mouth made me horny too, so looks like your bro gets a double face fucking today, lucky him huh?"

Jordan and Austin slapped hands yet again, as the senators younger son stood over me, his well developed legs spread wide, while straddling my head, and rubbing his massive basket.

© Chaz [unkle_c at yahoo.com]

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