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STORY Slave To My Young Brothers 2

This is a fictional story based on young gay sex and incest. If you are

under 18 or offended by this topic please leave this site now.

I have written other stories on Nifty usually about my fantasy which is to

have a young dominant, sadistic, nasty and kinky guy make me his bitch or

slave. I am a white male who is 50, slim and born with just one nut,

really, so I know I'm inferior to any guy who has a pair. If there is a

young Master that wants an older faggot slave or you want my pics contact

me at: dad4u56241@yahoo.com. I live in a small town in SW Minnesota and

would love to have a live in Master. But this story is about a recent

college grad who moves home with mother, step father and two horny step

brothers who make him their slave. A young guy from Australia told me his

story so this is about him. Hope you enjoy the story.


Slave To My Young Brothers

Chapter 2


After being totally humiliated and degraded by my two young brothers I

really didn't want to go to the house for dinner. But I no longer have any

choices, my brothers completely control me and tell me what to do. I wish

I could have stayed with my dad instead but I'm here now and feel trapped.

I prayed that my brothers wouldn't embarrass me in front of our mother.

Mom greeted us and was all smiles. She liked have her three boys togather.

She remarked that I look like a farm boy now. I thought I was wearing rags

and wished I could wear my clothes and feel normal again.

We all sat down at the table. Mom on one end, Jeff of the other, Aiden and

me on one side with Justin across from us. I just wanted to eat fast and

get out of there. Mom said grace. She was always religous. She went to

church alot and prayed alot. Being married to Jeff she needed to pray.

As soon as we started to eat Justin had to tell mom "Guess what, Caden

wears girly underwear" and he laughed. I said "There silk boxers. They

feel more comfortable than cotton." Jeff smirked and said "Justin, your

right. No man wears silk underwear." All three of them laughed. I put my

head done and so did mom.

Then Aiden put his arm around my shoulders and said to mom "When we were

scrubbing Caden we found out that big brother here is not big at all."

They all laughed again and he continued "Caden got a woody and I swear it's

smaller than Justin's and he has two marble size balls." Again they all

laughed. Justin added "I bet that's why he doesn't have any girlfriends.

Hell, my dick is bigger and I have two huge balls and more hair." I just

wanted to crawl under the table. Jeff told the boys to be thankful that

they have his genes and not my fathers genes.

Jeff asked Aiden if he scrubbed me good and he replied "We had to use a

brush on him to the the city smell off of him and we shaved all his hair

off in case he had lice. You know how city people are, smelly and nasty.

Caden didn't mind, in fact he kepy his woody the hold time." I couldn't

believe they were talking like this in front of mom. I know I was blushing

and was totally embarrassed. Mom just looked at her plate and ate quietly.

I guess I'm more like her, very submissive and don't fight back.

Jeff told the boys that I was their responsibility. They had to teach me

how to work like a man, train me to be obedient, and punish me if

necessary. Then he told them that since I never done any man's work before

that I would be sweating alot so to make sure that they scrubbed me down

every day and to make sure they scrubbed my tiny balls good so that I

wouldn't get heat rash. The boys agreed that they would train me well and

take care of me. Then Jeff mentioned that I was to pale so they should

keep my shirt off so I could get a tan unless they wanted me to have an

overall tan. They laughed at that and the boys thought that was a good

idea. Justin said "If we did I bet Caden have a woody all day." This was

just getting worse. Jeff basically told them to keep me naked outdoors.

My brothers didn't need anyone to give them more ideas on now to humilate

me. Aiden put his hand under the table and squeezed my thigh. I quivered

at his touch. Then he moved his hand up to my crotch. I got a boner, I

couldn't believe it. He squeezed my cock and smiled at me.

Thankfully dinner was finally over. We got up and mom kissed all her boys

on the cheek and told us to have a good night. She squeezed my hand and

looked in my eyes. It was like she was saying "I'm sorry, but there's

nothing I can do to help you." I smiled back and told her I loved her and

that I was OK.

On the way to the door Aiden told me loudly enough for everyone to hear

"Caden, let's start on your tan. Strip on the porch and leave your clothes

there. You'll only be wearing them when your in the house anyway." Justin

was giggling. I looked shocked. I said "Your joking." Aiden was grinning

and said "No, your going to get an overall tan starting now. Besides we

already seen your pathetic body so it's no big deal. Now strip big

brother." Jeff and the boys were all looking at me and grinning knowing

that I wasn't going to say no. I just said "OK, whatever."

I took my shirt and pants off and put them on the porch chair. I was

allowed to wear my boots though. As soon as the air hit my dick it got

hard. Justin told Aiden "Caden has the hots for us." Then he grabbed my

boner and balls and pulled to towards the barn. I told him that I could

walk on my own. Justin just laughed and asked me than why did I have a

handle sticking out just begging to be pulled. I couldn't believe that I

was walking around naked outside and a 13 y/o kid was pulling me by my

dick. I had hope that boys would be getting tired and we just go back to

the barn and relax, playing video games or watching TV. I know I had

enough for one day.

By the time we made it to the barn my cock and balls were sore from being

pulled and yanked on by Justin. He really liked humiliating his big

brother. When we got in the barn I had to climb the ladder first. Justin

followed me up and smacking the ass as I climbed. These guys just don't

stop. I wanted to kick him but didn't dare to. If he didn't kick my ass

then Jeff would.

Once we were all up in the loft. Aiden told me that it was time for my

punishment. As he told me this he took off his shirt. As I was asking me

what I did to deserve to be punished I was staring at his chest. It was

the first time I seen him half naked. He only had his shorts on. He was

tanned, and a developed chest with nice pecs and he was smooth. His arms

had nice muscles too. Aiden told me that I didn't stip when he ordered me

to at the house and he sat down and told me to get over his knees. I

smiled and said "Your going to spank me. I'm not a little kid." Justin

put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me over to Aiden and push me

down on his knees.

Once I was laying on Aiden knees, Justin kicked my legs apart. Aiden

reached under me and pulled my boner and balls back towards my ass resting

on his thigh. I felt like an idiot being naked and about to be spanked by

a young brother. He didn't waste any time. He started to wail on my ass.

It stun and hurts. I asked him to stop. I told him I listen to him and do

whatever he said but he kept going. He kept going at me until I started to

cry. He stopped, called me a pathetic excuse of a man. He ordered me to

stop crying, he flicked my nut with his finger. It hurt like hell and I

jumped. I lost my boner. He laughed at me and told me my nut is to

sensitive and that he was going to have to toughen it up. I don't know

what he meant but he started on my ass again.

I could feel my ass burning, I'm sure it was bright red by now. He stopped

after every couple of smacks and flicked my nut. It was wedged between his

thigh and my ass so I couldn't get it out of the way. He seemed to really

enjoy torturing my nut. He kept this up for another 5 minutes. He said

his hand was getting sore. I'm sure it wasn't as sore as my ass was.

Aiden told me to put my hands behing my back and spread my cheeks. I

didn't know why but I did it anyhow. Somehow it was embarrassing to me to

have to expose my asshole to him and I started to get another boner. He

licked his finger and pushed it in my ass. I wasn't expecting that and I

yelled at the intrusion. I told Aiden that I wasn't a faggot. He said

"Yeah that's why you have a boner." He stated to finger fuck me and I

begged him to stop. He laughed and inserted a second finger. He told

Justin "Big brother here is super tight, we're going to have fun with his

ass." They both laughed but the strange part was that I kept my cheeks

apart while Aiden was finger fucking me. A straight guy wouldn't have and

would have jumped up and beat the crap out of him. But I just laid there

letting him do it. After the inital shock it actually felt pretty good and

I started to moan as he put his fingers in even deeper. Justin heard me

and told Aiden "Caden's enjoying it. Wait till he gets this up his ass."

He was grabbing his crotch. Justin had taken his shirt off by now and I

looked up at him. He looked just like Aiden but wasn't developed as much

but well on the way and he had a great tan too. These two boys were

certainly more manly than I was. After a couple of minutes of finger

fucking me Aiden pushed me off onto the floor.

Aiden reached down and stuck his fingers in my mouth and ordered me to

clean them. It happened so fast I didn't even realize it. I automatically

started to suck on his fingers tasting my ass juice on them. It was

disgusting, but it sure felt great when they were in my ass. I have never

had anything in my ass before. I'm going to have to try that on myself

sometime, I liked the feeling.

Justin noticed that I left some precum on Aiden thigh and told him so.

Aiden looked at it then at me. He pulled his fingers out, slapped the shit

out of my facing and said "Faggot lick that shit off my leg." He grabbed

my hair and pushed my face into his leg. I immediately started to lick his

leg. It was sweaty and tasted good. I got the spot where my precum was

and licked it up. It was the first time I ever tasted it. It wasn't as

bad as I thought it would be. Justin pointed at me and told Aiden that I

had a boner licking my cum off his leg.

Justin then said "Hey Aiden, I think the faggot got some cum on your

crotch, make the bitch lick it." I guess Aiden liked the idea because he

grabbed my hair again and pushed my face into his crotch. I wanted to tell

them that I wasn't a faggot but my face was pushed hard into Aiden crotch.

I could feel him getting hard. He ordered me to start licking. I started

with licking up and down his zipper and his cock kept growing. He told me

to lick harder. So I put more pressure into licking. I licked along the

sides of his zipper and I could tell he was bone hard with his cock going

along his right side. I licked the entire length of his cock. I could

tell it was long and thicker than mine. I licked for a good minute when

Aiden told me to suck on it. I tilted my head sides ways and opened my

mouth to suck in his pant leg and cock. I heard Justin say "Look at that

faggot go. He loves your cock Aiden." Aiden replied "Yeah, we knew he was

a faggot." He pushed me off him again. For some reason I wanted to stay

and continue licking.

Aiden and Justin were looking down at me laying there on my back with my

boner throbbing and hairless. I had my hand on my cock. Aiden kicked it

away. They laughed at me for being so pitiful. Aiden told me that I wasn't

allowed to touch my cock without their permission. I hadn't cum in days

and I was so fucking horny. I just wanted to cum.

Aiden told me to get up. He said it was time to start training. I didn't

have a clue as to what he meant. I got up and he put his hand on my back

pushing me to the back wall. He told Justin to get some rope. I was still

confused and my boner was bouncing around. Once he had me in place he took

the rope from Justin and threw one end over the beam above me. He tied one

hand to it and pulled on it until my hand was up as far as it could go. He

took my other hand and raised it over my head and tied the other end of the

rope to it. Now I was at his mercy. But he wasn't done yet. He kicked my

legs apart as far as he could took another rope from Justin and started

tying my leg to a pole and told Justin to tie my other one. So now I was

tied spread eagle for them to do whatever they wanted. Yet I kept my

boner. I was beginning to enjoy all the attention the boys were giving me

even though it was humiliating and painful at times.

The boys stood up grinning as they looked at me spread out for them to

train me. Aiden went and got a fly swatter and slapped his hand with it

and told Justin that let's start our big brothers training. He stood in

front of me with an evil grin on his face. Then he suddenly swung the fly

swatter and hit my nuts with it. I yelled out in pain. Both of my

brothers laughed at me for being such a pussy. I immediately lost my

boner. It laid limp covering my balls. Aiden told Justin to get some more

rope so they could get my dick out of the way. Justin came back and tied

one end around my cock and threw the other end over the beam and tied it

off so my cock was stretched pointing straight up. Now my nuts were just

sitting there with nothing in the way.

Aiden looked at me while I was pleading with me not to hit my balls again.

He just laughed and told me that it was their job to toughen me up and that

included my balls. Then another hit and another and another. I thought i

was going to pass out. When he stopped I was crying like a baby and my

balls were swollen. Justin wanted his turn and Aiden gave him the fly

swatter. Aiden told me that by the end of summer my balls would be tough.

Justin hit my balls but it wasn't as hard as Aiden's but it still hurt a

lot. He gave them three good hits and dropped the fly swatter. I was

crying, sweating like a pig and my balls were burning and in alot of pain.

Aiden grabbed my balls to examine them. He said that they were really

swollen and he gave them a quick squeeze. I gritted my teeth and begged

him not to hit them again.

Aiden laughed at me and told me that he will toughen my balls up so I

better get use to them being tortured daily. Then he said we need to

stretch these little fuckers out. He picked up some more rope and tied it

around my nut then tied a coffee cup to it then dropped it. I yelled out

again. My balls were swollen and now being stretched. The boys laughed

and Justin added change to the cup to add more weight. Then he pushed the

cup making it swing. It hurt my balls but I guess it looked funny because

Aiden told me to keep the cup swinging. I didn't want to but I had no

choice. I started to work my hips to keep the cup swinging. The boys

busted out laughing watching me do this.

Aiden then picked up the fly swatter again. I begged him not to hit my

balls. I was crying and begging. Instead he hit my right nipple hard then

the left. It hurt but not as much as my balls did. Aiden told me that I

was to soft and this training will toughen me up. He kept up hitting my

nipples until they were red, swollen and bleeding. Again, I was crying in

pain. I begged him to please stop. After about 5 minutes he did stop.

Justin took the fly swatter and started on my stomach and hit it until it

to was bright red. Then he turned his attention to my tied up cock. He

hit the head several times then the shaft. It was all red and hurt like

hell. The more I cried the more he hit it. But before he stopped he

swatted my already bruised ass with it. They were both grinning the whole

time they were torturing me. They clearly got off on beating their big

pussy brother. I knew they were bullies but I didn't think they were this


Aiden finally said that training time was over. Now it's time for some

fun. I thought great no more pain. They both untied me and I fell to the

floor. I was exhausted, sweating, bruised, in pain and just wanted a warm

bath and go to bed.

What I wanted didn't matter of course. Justin grabbed my hair pulling me

on my hands and knees dragging the coffee cup with my nut over to a

table. He pulled me up and laid my stomach and chest over the side of the

table. My head was hanging over one side and my legs on the ground on the

other side. Justin retied my hands to the legs of the table while Aiden

tied my legs to the legs of the table making sure my legs with spread wide

and the coffee cup dangling from my nut.

Aiden pushed the cup and said "Bitch did I tell you to stop swinging that

cup?" I weakly said "No Sir" and I started to hump the table to swing the

cup. The boys were roaring with laughter watching me hump the table.

Justin slapped my bruised ass and told me to keep it going.

Aiden walked over in front of me. I watched as he dropped his shorts. His

cock bounced up. I just kept my head up staring at it. It was a good 7"

and thick, plus he had two large low hanging balls and a big hairy bush.

He had everything I didn't. He asked me if I liked his cock. I told him

"Sir, you have a beautiful cock and big balls and alot more hair than I

did." He replied "That's because I'm a man and your a little balled

faggot. Kiss my cock bitch" and he pushed the head of his cock right up to

my lips. I kissed the head tasting his precum. It tasted good to me.

Then he lifted his balls to my mouth and told me to kiss them to and I did,

both of them. They were sweaty and tasted salty but not bad. He ordered

me to open my mouth and he stuck his cock in about 3 inches. He told me to

start sucking it. I didn't want to be his cocksucker but I was to weak to

refuse so I did the best I could. He was humping my mouth telling me that

to get it good and wet because it was going to be the only lube when he

busted my cherry. Justin chimed in saying "Aiden going to rip you a new

asshole." I wanted to say no but my mouth was full. Then Justin noticed

my dick got hard. It was hanging over the edge of the table. He told

Aiden that I was getting boned sucking his cock. Aiden just said "Why

wouldn't he. I have an awesome cock. Isn't that right big brother? You

like my cock?" He pulled his cock out and I said "Yes Sir you have an

awesome cock. But please don't fuck me it will hurt. I'll blow you and get

you off OK?" He said that I would blow him alot but right now he wanted my


Aiden walked around and stood between my legs and pushed the cup again. My

legs were spread so wide my asshole was exposed. He lined his cock up to

it and pushed the head in and stopped. I screamed. He had a large

mushroom head and it stretched my hole wide open. Thankfully Aiden waited

until the initial pain subsided. Then inch by inch to entered me until he

was in balls deep. I could feel his pubic hair on my ass. Once in he

started to pump my ass. Slow at first but then increased his pace until he

was long stroking me and fucking me hard and fast. The whole time he was

fucking me like a $2 whore the cup was swinging and stretching my nut even

more. I begged him to take it off. He laughed and said "I want your balls

down to your knees, so get use to it." I felt Aiden cock swell a little

and he tensed up. I knew he was close to cumming then I felt at least four

large squirts filling my asshole. He collapsed on my back and stayed there

for a minute. Once he recovered he pulled his cock out and I could feel

his cum dripping out my asshole and onto my leg. I thought that he came

alot more than I ever could. He came around the table and lifted my head

and told me to clean his prick. I looked at it and it was only semi hard

now but covered in his cum and my ass juice. I licked it as best as I

could. It was the first real cum that I tasted. I was surprised that I

liked it but my not my ass juice. Aiden said "that was good big brother.

I'm going to enjoy fucking your ass every day."

Justin said "I'm next faggot." He stood in front of me with his shorts off

already and his rock hard cock staring at my face. He grabbed his cock and

was slapping my face with it. His cock looked as big as mine and he too

had two big balls and low hangers like his brother. I wished I did.

Justin asked if I liked his cock. I said "Sir, you have an awesome cock

and two big balls too. It is bigger than my pathetic little dick and small

balls. And you have alot more pubic hair than I did Sir." I did feel

pathetic, Justin wasn't even 14 yet and he was bigger than me. These boys

were lucky being so well endowed. He lifted my head up so my mouth opened

and struck his cock in. It was about 6" same as mine and thinner than

Aiden's like mine. I actually enjoyed sucking his cock. He was dripping

alot of precum and I was swallowing it as I licked the head. When he

pulled out he went to the other side.

He looked at my hole. It was still open and dripping cum. Aiden told him

that I was all lubed up and ready for him. Justin lined his pole up to my

hole and rammed his cock all the way in until I could feel his pubes on my

ass. It didn't hurt nearly as bad as Aiden's cock did. Of course being

shorter and thinned and my asshole filled with cum helped alot. He fucked

as hard as Aiden did and the cup was swinging just as hard stretching my

nut even more. Lucky for me Justin didn't last long. He shot his load and

I could feel alot more cum dripping out of my ass. He pulled his cock out

and presented it to me to clean. It was soaked in his and Aiden's cum. I

eagerly sucked on his cock and swallowed all that cum. I was starting to

believe that I was a faggot. I really liked eating their cum.

The boys untied me and I laid on the floor completely wiped out and sore

all over. I didn't know what hurt worse my asshole, my nut, my cock or my

ass. I had no strengh left. I just laid there with cum pouring out of my

asshole. The boys just laughed at me then Aiden told me not to waste their

cum and to pull it out of my ass and eat it. I first wiped up the cum on

my legs and around my ass. Then I was easily able to put two fingers in my

hole and pulled their cum out and ate it. I think I was smiling because

Justin said "Aiden look at him eating our cum. The little faggot really

likes it." Aiden told him that I was going to be eating their cum several

times a day. They laughed.

When I was done eating Aiden said it was time to clean up. I could bearly

stand but managed to climb down the ladder. We all want out to the shower

naked. I was looking at them in awe. They were truly hot looking boys and

I wanted their cocks. We were all sweating and smelly and needed a shower

bad. But before Justing turned it on he raised his right arm and pushed my

face into his hairy pit and told me to lick it. I was surprised by him

doing that but I licked his pit like a good little faggot. It was salty

but tasted pretty good to me. I went to his left pit on my own and he

raised his left arm and I licked that one too. Aiden said that I couldn't

get enough of them. Aiden raised his right army and I went right over to

him and licked it. It tasted the same as Justin's. Aiden was right I

wanted more of them and bad. I got a boner while licking their pits even

though my balls were swollen. Aiden slapped my cock and said let's get

cleaned up. Justin turned the water on and and the three of us showered

togather. It was a great feeling sharing the shower with them like we were

good friends.

After our shower we went back to the loft and Aiden said it was time for

bed. He told me that since it was Sunday we get to sleep in until 7 am.

we still had to gather the eggs in the morning and milk the cow and feed

the animals. Aiden and Justin laid on the bed side by side. Justin told

me to sleep at their feet. I laid across the foot of the bed. Aiden put

his foot to my face and told me to lick his toes. I picked up his foot and

licked it and inbetween his toes then sucked on them. He called me a

faggot but let me continue licking his feet. Justin had his foot on my

boner playing with it. Within ten minutes we were all fast asleep. What a

day and I had the whole summer ahead of me yet.


If you liked this story you can contact the boy who the story is based on.

His name is Caden Tyler. He lives in Higgins, Canberra, Aurstralia. His

e-mail is aussiemarcus95Whotmail and boy_spanked_naked @yahoo. His Brother

Aiden is 15 and Justin is 13. He will send you pics. These boys are for

real. I wish I was Aiden or had a son like Aiden or Justin to use and

abuse me. Let me know if you liked the story and I'll write the next


© Tom Dickson [dad4u56241 at yahoo.com]

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