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STORY Juvenile Reformation 2

"Dude, sorry, its fucking time" Eric said sympathetically. The clock Billy

could see from where he was laying said 4:30. "Time for breakfast and the

early fuck," Eric said. A buzz signaled the cell doors were open, and Eric

pushed it open. "You better get cleaned up man, you don't want to get in

trouble again. Come with me." Billy followed Eric out of the small cell

and into a common area with tables and chairs, but also with some

indescribable furniture in the corner. In one corner was a small table

with a stainless steel head sticking out of it that more fortunate people

would have mistaken for a drinking fountain. "Do you have to shit?" asked


"Yeah man, I do," said Billy.

"Quick then, over here." Eric led Billy to a nasty stained and awful bowl,

on one side of the room. Despite the lack of privacy, Billy had to shit

enough to lay a few good logs in the bowl. Looking for toilet paper, he

found none. "Don't worry about that." Eric broke in, "Come over here."

Billy followed Eric across the day room. What he found was what looked

like a low drinking fountain.

"Hop on," Eric said.

"What the fuck," said Billy.

"Dude, you gotta use that thing to clean your ass or else you'll get in

trouble. Hurry up," Eric warned. What Billy was confronted with was a

stool with what was basically a stainless steel dildo sticking up from the

center. While he was gawking and Eric was admonishing him, at least six

boys squatted over it, pushed the foot pedal that made water come out, and

let the stream wash their ass crack and hole. They would then rather

quickly lower themselves so the metal piece actually went up their butt

hole and let it fill them for 15 or 20 seconds. They would then raise up,

the steel nozzle again visible coming out of their assholes, and then go

over to the grated corner to shoot out whatever was there.

Billy noticed that some of the boys had their hands cuffed to a chain

around their necks, and was glad that his were only cuffed to his waist. A

couple boys also had on leg manacles. Other boys helpfully held the foot

pedal that controlled the water flow for them, but because their feet were

close together, they could not gracefully lower themselves onto the steel

nozzle and ended up basically falling onto it penetrating themselves

quickly and all the way.

Billy went over to the contraption and squatted over it, shifting out one

of his feet to press the pedal. Lukewarm water hit him right on the

butthole making him jump a bit. He let the water wash his crack, and then

very slowly lowered himself toward the spray, feeling the jet of water get

stronger until he actually felt some going inside of him. When the metal

touched his puckered butthole, he froze, but after watching the others, he

lowered himself gingerly feeling the metal part his sphincter and start to

travel up him. He only lowered himself an inch or two onto the nozzle, and

could feel the water gurgling up his butt. Billy probably only lasted

about 10 or 15 seconds until he felt uncomfortably full, and leapt off of

the stool. He felt some water squirt out of his butt and run down his leg,

but clenched his butt as hard as he could and walked quickly over to the

grated area in the floor where he had seen the other boys squat and shoot

dirty water out.

Once relieving himself, he followed another boy to a chair that had a towel

laid over it. The other boy sat on the chair and sort of rubbed his ass

back and forth, like a dog does on a carpet. Billy did the same. "Hey, I

am Chris," the boy said. Billy had been staring down at the boy as he

rubbed his butt on the chair, watching his rather large penis bob on top of

his nutsack as it rolled back and forth over the edge of the chair. "How

long you been in?" Chris continued.

"Just had court yesterday," Billy replied.

"Goddam! And you're in punishment already? That sucks dude. It's not fun

in here," Chris continued, "and the COs are going to go to town on you this

morning if it's your first day in here. Just try to relax, don't fight

them, and think of something else." Billy thought back to what Eric had

mentioned about 'early fuck' and grew increasingly worried. He looked

around the room. There were 12 or 15 boys standing around meekly, most

with the heads hung down, trying not to look at anyone or anything. He

noticed one boy was laying on his back on a table, his head sort of lolling

over the edge with his hands cuffed to his neck.

"What's he doing?" Billy asked in Chris' direction.

"That's the suck table," Chris replied. "You'll probably have to do it

sometime, its pretty bad. Most of the guards come in for at least one a

day, then there's the office staff, and others the warden brings in. Most

of these guys just fuck your mouth and throat pretty hard, and they'll fuck

you up bad if you tooth them or puke on their dick." Now Billy was really


Eric came walking over to where Billy was standing. Having been confused

earlier and dazed in the dark, Billy now took a look at Eric. He was a

very good looking guy, about six feet tall, blond hair like most of the

boys in that part of the state, attractive face with big green eyes and

blushes on his cheeks. Eric had broad shoulders, a nicely defined chest,

and a good six pack and abs that trailed down to his second abs at his

waist. Beneath a small blond patch of pubes, swung a nice dick propped up

by a healthy-sized ball sack. Eric's dick looked to be about four or five

inches long, and Billy stared at the turtleneck of skin that bunched up

around the tip.

Billy had always looked at other boys' dicks in the showers at school, he

thought because of his early childhood insecurity at being one of the only

uncircumcised kids. Eric had a much bigger foreskin than Billy did, and

his dick was noticeably fatter around. Billy had a momentary pang of

jealousy, and then realized he had bigger problems. He was still staring

down when Eric's slim legs came into his view.

"How you doing man?" Eric asked.

"I don't know what the fuck is going on," Billy replied.

"Well, just get this first one out of the way, you'll be better later, said

Eric. "Just relax like you're taking a shit, and whatever you do, don't

yell or cry. That's what these assholes want, and it will only make it

harder on you." Billy caught Eric's eyes, he had a look of genuine

concern. They were all in the same boat Eric knew of course, but at least

he and all the other guys in punishment knew what was coming when they were

sent there, and just about all of them had caught a fuck from a guard or

another boy before being sent there.

Just as Eric and Billy were standing there, Chris walked back over and

addressed both of them. "Here they come." And then to Billy: "good luck

man, just take it easy, you'll be ok." Billy looked around the day room

and noticed things he hadn't before. Along one side were several pommel

horse type things with thick somewhat padded plastic tops. A couple old

sofas were along another wall. Billy also noticed strange and menacing

looking contraptions over by the butt washer, but looked away quickly.

Adding to the already-alarming atmosphere, Billy noticed ropes and long

manacles hanging down from the wall in various places. This was an awful

place and Billy knew he was in trouble.

© Midw Stud [midweststudent88 at yahoo.com]

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