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STORY Service Truck

When I woke, I looked out the back window of the truck and saw our

location. It had to be Monday, because we were parked beside a housing

construction site. I folded up the blankets, and straightened up the bed;

then I moved over to the hole in the floor of the truck and took a leak.

It was my bathroom most of the time, where I did my business, no matter

whether it was piss or shit. It went down the hole in the bottom of the


It was a panel truck, and it had been my home now for three years. I tried

to remember the details of those first days. I didn't want them to fade.

I wanted to remember back to when my life had been different.

My name is Benjamin, but I had been called Tank since I was a little kid.

I loved playing with them, and always had one with me; so somehow I was

given the nickname. I was 18 and in my senior year of high school. I had

been doing pretty good in school and had a girl friend and was fairly

popular at the school.

That is, up until the time my mom died. She died when I was 17 and I was

left with my step-father. I never knew my real father. I only knew Ted.

After she died, Ted started really drinking. And he became very angry a

lot of the time.

And I ended up being the brunt of that anger. During the summer prior to

my senior year, Ted would catch me at home and use his belt on me or his

fists whenever he was having a bad day and those days seemed to be

happening more and more.

At first, I thought it was him going through his grief, so I tolerated it.

Ted had been an okay dad. He provided for me and got me things that I

needed, but I never felt the warmth or the love that other guys talked

about when they talked about their fathers.

There was no throwing baseballs, or giving me the finer points of shooting

a basket. He came to the soccer games I was in, but it was more like it

was an obligation than a treat.

During the first several months of my senior year, I tried to pretend that

everything would work out. I came up with all kinds of excuses why I had a

black eye, or a bruise on my chest or arms.

My grades started going down the tubes because I was so nervous when I was

home that I couldn't study, and my girlfriend said I was getting weird; so

she quit letting me screw her. That had been my main release from all the

stress . . . the weekly sessions in the back seat of her dad's car.

I think I began to get too rough for her, and she said I was aggressive and

not so caring. So she decided we needed to cool it. That just added to my


I had tried not going home, and staying at a friend's house. But my

stepdad had called the police and had me tracked down. I was brought home

in a squad car and the whole neighborhood was out watching as they marched

me up to our house in handcuffs. The whole scene at my friend's house had

been equally dramatic.

After the police left, Ted really laid into me. He told me that he worked

his ass off to provide for me and this was how I showed my gratitude. I

had to call in sick to school the next day because my ribs hurt so much.

I couldn't take showers after gym class because I didn't want the guys to

see all the bruises. I had enjoyed all the sports we did, and though I

didn't go out for any team, I was pretty good at all of them.

I had a stocky build and good abs from doing crunches all the time. I ran

some, too, to keep in shape. At six feet, I was 170 pounds and most of it

was muscle. I liked looking good. But this shit with my stepdad was

putting all kinds of obstacles in the way of keeping up my body.

My best friend, Tony, managed to finally get the whole story out of me. I

didn't like sharing it, but it was great to share it with someone. He

managed to scrounge up a couple hundred dollars for me. He had me pack up

a backpack with the basic clothes and such, and took me out to a truck pull

off on the highway.

He was helping me run away in the best way he could. I thanked him and

gave him a hug and tried not to get emotional. I really felt like I was

leaving my life behind. Little did I know how much my life would change.

At the truck place, I stuck out my thumb as I walked by the trucks. I

figured I would go as far away as I could with one driver and then on with

another until I was some place my stepdad couldn't find me and start my

life over again.

I had left my cell phone, my school id, credit card (left over from when my

mom was alive), and anything else that could be traced back to me at home.

I had taken my driver's license, just in case I needed to get a job or

something. I was sure there were ways to get a fake one, but I didn't know

when I would be able to do that. So I decided it was a minimal risk.

As I passed a panel truck, the guy stuck his head out of the window and

said, "You need a lift?" I smiled and said I did. He asked where I was

going and I said (so cliche, like something out of a movie) "Anywhere as

long as it is far from here."

He smiled and said, "Well, I am heading out on a long drive. You are

welcome to ride along." I ran around to the other side of the truck and he

let me in. "My name's Bill," he said holding out his hand.

"Tank," I said. "Thanks for offering the lift."

"Oh, I like to have company on a long ride. So it works for both of us."

I stowed my stuff behind the seat, put on a seat belt, and we headed out

onto the interstate. I was reticent to tell my story, even though Bill

kept asking questions about why I was heading out, etc.

Finally, I broke down and told him, and then it was like the download had

begun, and there was no way to stop it. I told him everything. I told him

about my stepdad, school, my girlfriend, working out, everything. He asked

lots of questions, especially about my girlfriend.

He kidded me a lot about getting so much "snatch" (as he called it) as a

high school student. He had me telling detailed descriptions of sex with

her. I guess I figured he was getting off on it, and it was a way to pay

him for his transportation by giving him some jerk off fodder.

After hours of driving and talking, I drifted off to sleep. I had a

terrible dream of Ted beating me. He had me tied up and was pounding away

on my stomach and chest. I woke up sweating and fighting off Ted and the


Only when I was finally awake did I realize that I was really tied up. My

arms were stretched out over my head and spread wide and so were my legs.

And I was naked! "What the fuck!" I screamed.

Bill walked over me into my field of vision. "Sorry about tying you up, but

I found out that it is the best way to get started."

"Get started!" I yelled. "What the fuck, do you mean?" Then I just

screamed out, "Help! I am being kidnapped. Help!"

He laughed and moved back. He opened the back doors and I could lift my

head and see that there was nothing around. "Go ahead and scream. It will

get you nothing but a sore throat."

He sat down on the floor of the truck next to me. He ran his hand along my

chest and said, "We are at the start of a long friendship. I will take

care of all of your needs and treat you like a real dad. In exchange, you

will help me earn money to keep us going." He had a sincere smile on his

face, and he ran his hand over my shoulder and down an arm, almost as a dad

would do to a child.

"Why am I naked?" I asked him. The panic and concern was evident in my


"I needed to make sure that you would be fit for the work, and to make sure

that the bruising wasn't too bad. I have put a salve on the worst ones

that will make them disappear quite quickly." He smiled again, as he ran a

hand over one of the more tender bruises on my abdomen.

"What kind of work do I have to do?" I said, back to panic mode.

"Oh, it is very pleasurable work. I am sure you will enjoy it, and that

you will be very good at it."

He rested his hand over my dick and used his fingers to cup my balls up

together. "You will have lots of fun!"

"Get your hands off of me!" I screamed. I had never been touched there by

a man.

"Tank, or should I call you Benjamin, you will come to really enjoy someone

touching you and giving you pleasure as you pleasure them," he said, with

such a warm and endearing smile. I almost wanted to believe him. No one

had ever spoken to me in such a way. But then I realized he had me naked

in the back of his truck!'

"No!" I said, and tried to struggle.

"Okay, Tank, I can see that you will have to experience a bit of the

discipline that I employ, so that you will know what happens if you decide

to disobey me or not want to follow my instructions." He had that warm

fatherly smile on his face all the while he said this.

I felt him take my balls and tie them up with something. Then I felt my

hands being pulled together over my head, as well as my feet drawing

together until they were about a foot apart. I tried to struggle, but

realized if I moved an arm or a leg it caused my nut sack to be pulled away

from my body.

He smiled as he saw this realization on my face. "Yes, that is one part of

the discipline. You cannot move without causing pain to your testicles."

He began lowering the a lid over me. "The second, is the complete absence

of light." He closed the lid and I heard a click, as it was locked closed.

I tired to move to pound on the lid, but the pain in my balls was terrible.

So I screamed and twisted my head.

But this evoked no response. Everything was quiet. I heard nothing. It

was then that the claustrophobia began to set in. Not only was I bound in

such a way that I couldn't move, but I was in a very small space that was

completely and utterly dark.

At night, in a dark room, there is still the ambient light of the night

stars and maybe a moon. In a closet at night, there is still the light

that seeps under the door. But here, there was nothing! Fuck!

Panic set in and I began to scream anew! And I tried thrashing again, only

to bring ball bruising agony to my balls. I knew I had to lie still, but

panic caused me to tremble as I screamed and cried.

I screamed that I would do anything he wanted, but just let me out of here.

Again, no response. This went on for what seemed like hours, or was it

days. I drifted in and out of consciousness. I got panicked that there

was only a limited amount of air in the box, and that I would die of


Every time I was awake, I would scream and cry and beg to be let out,

promising that I would do ANYTHING just to get out of the box.

Then I saw Ted's evil grin peering down at me saying, "Just what you

deserve, you wimp!" He was laughing at my torture, and enjoying it!

My heart never ceased pounding in my chest while I was awake. Adrenaline

and panic coursed through my body constantly.

When the lid opened, the light blinded me, but all I could babble was,

"Thank you. Thank you."

Something was done, and my arms, legs and balls were all free to move.

Bill reached in and pulled me up into an embrace. He wrapped his arms

around me and squeezed tightly.

"There, there, Tank, it's okay. Bill is here to take care of you." I wept

into his shoulder then, and shook with relief as the adrenaline drained

from my body. I was limp and exhausted. I held on to him and cried and

blubbered into his shoulder.

"Shhhh," he said, in a calming voice, patting me on the back. "It's okay;

Bill's here to take care of you."

I believed him; I wanted to believe him; I wanted him to protect me; I

wanted to do anything he asked, for releasing me from that prison.

Finally, my crying tapered off. Snot ran down my face. He took a washcloth

and wiped my face, all the while comforting me with his words, and with one

hand patting me on the shoulder.

He asked, "Okay now?" I nodded.

"Good," he smiled, a warm reassuring smile. "Are you hungry?" I nodded,

realizing that I had no idea when I had last eaten.

He handed me a sandwich and a bottle of water. I ate ravenously, while he

continued his petting of me, with reassuring words. At first, I was

stuffing the food into my mouth, but I finally went about it in a more

normal manner.

When I was finished I said, "I have to take a leak."

He smiled, and guided me out the back of the truck. "Okay, go ahead," he

said. I was standing in the middle of a field, and there was nothing for

miles and miles. I couldn't see any trees, fences, cars, houses, or

anything except the field. There was the dirt track that the truck had

obviously driven in on. But, otherwise, nothing.

I looked back at Bill. He was smiling and said, "It's okay, just go." I

realized it was true that I could just go out here. I turned my back on

him, and began to pee. He moved around in front of me. "Tank, there is no

privacy here. No need to hide anything." His voice was so reassuring and

so gentle, I just had to trust him. So I finished peeing as he watched. I

couldn't think of a time when someone had watched me pee.

I shook off the last drops, then turned and looked at the truck. I could

see that along one wall was what looked like a bed folded up against the

wall. The other one held shelves and some strange equipment. Behind the

driver's seat was a small fridge. I didn't see my backpack anywhere.

And there was the box. It looked like one of those Spock boxes that people

have on top of their cars for storage. My heart raced as I looked at it,

afraid that I would have to go back into it.

Bill saw my look and smiled. He flipped some levers and the box swung out

and up and into a track along the ceiling and top of the wall above the


"My stuff?" I said, making the statement a question, trying to take my mind

off of the box.

"Oh, you won't be needing that for a while, so I stored it for you." I

wondered where, as I couldn't see anyplace to store something in the truck.

I shivered again and said, "So what's next?" Wondering where we were going

and what he had planned.

"First, we have to get you trained, and then we can start working," he

said, with a warm smile. I wondered what training meant.

He had me stand up straight, with my arms at my side, and he walked around

me, taking me in from head to toe at every angle. I have a smattering of

chest hair across my pecs, and a trail that leads down to my navel, and

then on into my pubes. They are almost jet black, the same as the hair on

my head. I have a dusting of hair on my ass, and a hairy ass crack, at

least my girlfriend said that.

My dick is about three inches or so, soft, and seven inches hard. I am

circumcised and I have two nice sized balls hanging below my dick. I say

all this, because it seemed that Bill was taking in all these aspects of me

and filing them away.

"Have you ever sucked a cock?" he said, in a casual voice.

"No!" I said shocked by the question.

He smiled, "Ever had a blow job?"

"No," I said a little more hesitantly. I had asked her a couple of times,

but she said it would be disgusting to put it in her mouth.

"So I take it you have never been fucked, either," he said, in the same

conversational voice, like a dad asking about how you did on a science test

or a book report; or so I imagined.

"No," I mumbled, blushing at the thought of such a thing.

"Well, then we have our work cut out for us," he smiled again, and moved up

to me and put his arm around my shoulder and led me back to the truck. He

had me sit down on the lip of the truck.

I stopped and looked at him. He was a stocky man, about 25 or 30. He

seemed to be fit, and the way his clothes fit made his muscles apparent.

He had sandy brown hair and a five o'clock shadow. His eyes were a deep

green hazel, and his smile seemed to really make him seem alive. It was

just so warm and so inviting.

You wanted to do anything for him. He seemed to genuinely care for you

with that look. It was the hallmark picture of a dad. He wore a flannel

shirt and jeans. The sleeves were rolled up his arms a ways. He had a

navy blue t-shirt underneath. He wore hiking boots. He looked very

comfortable with himself.

He seemed to know I was taking him in, because he just stood and let me

observe him. He turned in a circle and, facing me, smiled.

"Okay, let's see you hard," he smiled, and gestured towards my lap.

I reached down and began to fondle my dick. It dawned on me, then, what I

was doing; I removed my hand and looked at him. He still had the warm

smile on his face.

"It's okay. It's not like I haven't seen a hard dick before," he said,

with that understanding , fatherly smile.

It made me feel comfortable. Wouldn't a father want to teach his son about

masturbating? So wouldn't he see his son hard?

Once I was hard, Bill walked over and took my dick in his hand and examined

it from all sides. It seemed so natural that he would do this.

"Do you jerk off with your left hand or right hand, or do you change off?"

he asked.

"Both, but mostly left," I said, blushing just a tad as I answered. I had

not discussed this with anyone.

"Do you squeeze tightly or lightly stroke? And how often do you jerk off?"

he asked, as he continued to touch my cock.

I was breathing more raggedly as I answered, "Mostly, it is tightly." I

stopped and moaned as he continued to manipulate my dick. "And, usually, 2

or 3 times a day. Ohhhh!" I sighed out, as he played with the head. My

girlfriend had never spent much time playing with my cock. It was just

usually me fingering her and then inserting.

He was touching me and making me feel so hot! He moved down and knelt

between my legs. I felt his hot breath on the head of dick, and then warm

moisture enveloped my dick, and I thought I would shoot at that moment.

"Oh fuck!" I exclaimed, as he swirled his tongue around the head of my

cock, ran his tongue along my piss slit, and then swallowed the whole thing

down. I grabbed hold of his head. I let him do his thing, but wanted the

contact with him.

I had never felt anything like this before, and I felt I was rushing to

that precipice where there was no stopping it.

"I'm cumming!" I said, while I gasped, as the waves of orgasm engulfed me.

He continued to suck, and seemed to be literally sucking the cum out of my


He continued on until I had to pull his head up, because my dick had become

so sensitive. He sat back on his heels, wiped his chin, and looked at me,

smiling. "So, I take it you liked that?"

"Fuck, that was fucking mind-blowingly amazing!" I looked down at my slick

dick, and shuddered. That had really screwed with my head. A guy giving

head? Really? Seriously?

I mean I had heard guys talking about fags who did this, but didn't really

think that is was a real thing. I wasn't living in a vacuum . . . I knew

about gays and how they liked guys, but what they did had never really

settled into my brain.

And Bill had mentioned guys fucking. Really? My cock leapt at the mental

images. And I thought of the mechanics. I mean how did it work?

"So you ready to give it a whirl?" Bill said, with his warm hand on my

thigh. Really . . . was he asking me what I think he was asking?

"I don't, I don't think, I mean, am I, do you mean? You want me to...?" I

just stammered out, not knowing how to answer or phrase what I was wanting

to say.

He just smiled and, with both warm hands on my thighs, which felt amazing,

said, "Wouldn't you like to learn how to give that same pleasure to another

man? To me?" He just kept making me feel secure and wanted. Why wouldn't I

want to make him feel good? He was taking care of me.

(Somehow back there, the box never figured into my thinking. I don't know

if I just blocked it out, or was so struck by his caring that I couldn't

imagine such a thing ever happening.)

I nodded my head. He stood up and moved over to me. "Go ahead and undress

me," he said.

My hands trembled as I first took off his shirt, then his t-shirt. His

chest was solid and well developed. His pecs were well defined, and had

just a patch of that same sandy blond hair in the middle of his chest. His

abs were well defined, as well as he pecs. A trail of that blond hair led

down into his waist band.

He toed off his shoes, while I worked on his belt. My fingers trembled as

I tried to get it undone. When I had it undone, I saw that he was finished

with his shoes. I unbuttoned the button, and then worked the zipper down.

I pushed down, and the jeans slid down his thighs. He stood in a pair of

blue plaid boxers. He stepped out of his jeans and waited for me to take

the next step.

Again, my hands trembled as I reached out and gripped the waist band of the

boxers. I pushed down and felt the warmth of his thighs as they went down.

I saw the tops of his pubes and then the top of his cock. I hadn't been

this close to a man's dick before.

Swallowing the lump in my throat, I pulled them the rest of the way down.

They fell to his ankles. His soft cock lay there for my observation. It

was a good 4 inches long and was surrounded by a thick bush of kinky sandy

brown hair. Two golf ball sized nuts hung down in a hairless sack.

He guided me around until he was sitting and I was in front of him. I

knelt down and moved in close. I was enthralled with the warmth that was

given off, and then I noticed the musky, manly, powerful smell that came

from his crotch.

"Go ahead," he said in that comforting voice, "touch it, examine it, and

get to know it."

As I did, it began to swell in my hand. I noticed the flair of the head

and the thick veins that ran along the underside. It grew until it felt

like velvet steel in my hands. It was about 8 inches long and thick.

Thicker than mine.

It felt amazing! I leaned in and for some reason ran my tongue along the

piss slit. I was amazed at both the texture and the taste. He just sat

there as I explored his dick.

At some point, I took the head into my mouth and savored the feel and the

taste of it. I swirled my tongue around it. I tried to remember what he

had done to me and tried to repeat it. When I tried to take the whole

thing down my throat, I choked and gagged. "Easy," he said. "You will

learn how to do that in time."

So I took hold of it with one hand and his balls with the other, and began

to lap and suck on his dick. He rested his hand on my head and kept

encouraging me and telling me how good I was making him feel.

I don't know how long this continued, until he said, "I'm cumming." I

wanted to pull off; I wasn't sure I wanted to swallow this like he did, but

he held my head and began to shoot into my mouth. I had my first taste of

the salty, but not bitter tasting fluid, as he flooded my mouth with cum.

I worked to swallow it all and, at the same time, to suck on his dick the

way he had done to me. "Good boy," he kept saying, over and over, as I

sucked and swallowed away.

"Good job," he said, as he lifted up my head and smiled at me.

"Thank you!" I said, enjoying the praise . . . something I had not had a

lot of lately.

That afternoon, Bill took me to sexual heights I had never dreamed of, as

he taught me how to rim, how to fuck, and to be fucked. I was afraid of

this process, but he used his fingers to relax my hole, and lube to make it

easier. When he entered me, it was extremely painful, but quickly turned

to pleasure as he hit that magic spot inside my ass.

After hours of this, we took a break. He gave me another sandwich and some

water. We sat on the back of the truck, naked, eating our dinner. I was

starving, and ate like I was famished.

After dinner, we took a leak standing side by side. He took me to the side

of the truck and swung out a shower head. He said he had a solar water

heater on the top of his truck, along with a solar power generator.

So we took a warm shower together. He cleaned me up and soaped every part

of my body. I did the same to him. I had never explored a man's body like

this. I wasn't sure what to make of the way his body felt, and how good it

felt when he washed me, and when I touched him in so many places.

After the shower, we dried each other off. He pulled down the bed from the

wall, and, after going around the truck and closing everything up, laid

down beside me. There was a soft light on in the ceiling of the truck, so

I could make him out easily. There wasn't any cover over us, so when he

asked if I wanted to really explore his body, I nodded.

I set about smelling, tasting, and touching every part of his body. By the

time I finished, both of us were hard. He just laid there and let me give

him another blow job. When I finished, he told me to jerk myself off.

Just another one of the things I had never done with a man. He just

watched, as I showed him my most intimate pleasure. When I had shot

several gobs of cum across my chest, he scooped them up and fed them to me,

while I panted and tried to control my breathing. I sucked the cum from

his fingers.

He pulled me close to him, and kissed me long and hard. He hugged me

tightly, and I melted into his arms.

I slept without dreams that night, or at least I didn't remember any. The

next morning when I woke, Bill had coffee and breakfast ready. It was a

bowl of some sort of granola with berries on it.

After I finished, I noticed that Bill was dressed. He said we were going

to do some work today, and for me to get comfortable in the back of the

truck. He folded the bed up to the wall and gave me a pull down jump seat

to sit on.

He had on some soft non-vocal music as he drove along the dirt track in the

field. I couldn't see where we were going; I could only tell how rough or

smooth the road was.

He drove for what seemed like an hour,and finally stopped the truck. He

came around to the back of the truck and opened the doors. He was smiling

at me with that same heartwarming smile as he said, "Time for work." He

had me stand, as he flipped up the jump seat and let the bed down.

I looked out and saw about 8 or 10 guys in a circle around the back of the

truck. They ranged in age from what looked like 18 to 40. They were all

shapes and sizes, but they all looked strong. They wore jeans and plaid

shirts and looked like they worked outside.

I didn't know what I was supposed to do. Bill smiled at me, and then

walked over to one of the men. "What're you having today?" The guy was a

powerfully tall man; I could see biceps bulging out of his cut-off shirt.

"I think I'll have a go at the new kid's ass!" he said, handing over some

money to Bill. He climbed up into the truck, and flipped me up on my hands

and knees. I heard, rather than saw, him undo his pants. His hand reached

into a pouch that I hadn't noticed on the wall, and he withdrew the hand

with some sort of grease on it.

In a moment, I felt him pushing at my ass, and then he thrust all the way

into me, and I screamed. Fuck! He was huge! He laughed, and I heard the

others laugh. He began to roughly fuck me, calling me his bitch and his

fuck toy. At one point, he pulled back on my hair and pounded my ass.

Then he had his head close to my shoulders, and I felt his breath,which

smelled of stale cigarettes. "Come on, bitch; make me cum!" he hissed into

my ear.

I clamped down on his dick as Bill had taught me, and he laughed. "You

love it, don't you, bitch!"

After 10 minutes of pounding my ass, he announced to the world that he was

going to cum. He thrust deep inside me, and I felt him begin to shoot. I

hadn't realized until he began to shoot that I was cumming as well. He

would push into me deeply and spurt as he yelled, "Yeah, take my seed,


He pulled out and left me on the bed, and I heard him tell Bill, "Nice

tight ass!"

I heard the next man say, "Blow job," and soon found my head being pulled

down to a cock that stuck out of the fly of his jeans. I did all the

things that Bill had taught me, but this guy kept trying to force his dick

all the way down my throat. He didn't seem that big, but still I gagged.

That just made him laugh, as well as the guy's watching.

From then on, I lost count of the number of times I was fucked and had to

blow someone. At one point, I had a guy feeding me dick while another

fucked my ass. Once, between fuckings, someone scooped up the cum that was

running out of my ass and fed it to me. They laughed again, as I slurped

the cum from his fingers.

When they were all done, Bill came back and said, "Good boy, Tank. You did

really well!" Why I felt pleasure at his praise, I don't know, but I did.

He closed up the back of the truck and drove off. I lay on the bed, dazed

and confused by what had happened. He stopped after a while, and had me

get out and take a shower. He pulled a hose from the side of the truck and

told me to bend over. Then he pushed the hose up inside, and I soon felt a

warm liquid flowing into my gut.

He turned off the water, but made me hold it in for a while. Finally, he

told me I could go. I didn't care that he was there; I just squatted and

let it go. He did it again, and then let me rinse off after it was


Afterward, he gave me lunch, and I was starved! He told me that I was a

good worker, and that the men had really liked me, and had given him

generous tips because I was so good. He said I should feel real proud of

how well I did, and hugged me while he told me this.

Back in the truck, he put up the bed. He showed me how to open the hole in

the floor, if I needed to take a dump or pee. I was dazed by all the stuff

that was happening.

He drove on for a bit before stopping again. This time, I could tell it

was some sort of housing construction site, and there were more men. A

couple even closed the doors while they fucked me, but most left them open

so the others could see what was being done to me.

One big bellied man was fucking me and laughing away at his little bitch

loving it. I don't think his dick was that big, but he sure made it sound

to everyone else that I was having difficulty taking it.

When he finished shooting in me, he held me against him by my lips, until

he began to soften. Then I felt warmth in my hole again, and realized that

he must be pissing in me!

I squirmed, but he just laughed and said, "The little bitch loves getting

his love hole washed out!" The others must have known what this guy did,

because they laughed. They all watched as I jumped out of the truck and

squatted to get rid of the piss.

After that, they seemed to be rougher on me; guys holding onto my ears and

fucking my face, and laughing as they gagged me, making snot and saliva

pour out of my nose and mouth.

After one particularly rough face fuck, the guy held my head down and began

pissing down my throat. He laughed, as I struggled, but just kept up the

stream down my throat. I had to swallow or gag, so I swallowed.

After hours there, the guys drifted off and Bill came over and gave me

another warm hug and said, "You are amazing, Tank!" He patted and rubbed my

head. "What a great worker!" I smiled, but then moved quickly over to the

hole in the floor and threw up. It seemed to be the combination of all the

cum and the piss, but I continued on until I had the dry heaves and finally


Bill was there with a wet wash cloth, holding onto me while the spasms

racked my body. He wiped my forehead with the cool cloth, and then my

face. "Sorry about that," he said, with what seemed genuine concern.

He brought me a hot dinner, then, of a grilled chicken sandwich, some fruit

and water. That night, he held me close to him, and calmed me when I woke

up with nightmares of choking on a cock.

After that it became a routine. There was a rotation that I figured out

Bill followed. After the first week, I tried to get away from him. I

found some policemen and told them what was going on. I was naked, and

they just laughed. They put cuffs on me and put me in the back of the car.

I kept going on about Bill and what he made me do, and everything. They

just laughed. They dragged me through the police station naked, with

everyone making cat calls and remarks. I was so embarrassed at having been

seen naked by so many men and women in the police station.

In the jail, there were five other guys. One smelled like alcohol, and two

looked like bums. The other two looked like college students. But in no

time at all, they had all held me down while they roughly fucked me. I was

screaming! A policeman came in and stuck a wad of cloth in my mouth and

taped it closed, while the others held me.

Then he used his night stick up my ass, saying, "Yeah, you guys should have

some real fun!"

The guys went back to fucking me, and policemen kept coming by to watch me

getting raped, and laughed about it. At one point, they brought two women

down. "Do you believe this? This guy is getting off on having all these

guys fucking him, and he keeps telling us to come and watch!"

"Amazing!" one of the women said, as she watched while one of them began to

shoot up my ass. And my obvious hard on was constantly on display, while I

was moved into new positions as each man had his way.

Late that night, I was moved to another cell, one that was well away from

the other cell. I thought that they finally felt sorry for me; but,

instead, the night shift came down, one by one, and fucked me.

One used his night stick in my ass while he made me suck him. That

continued all night. It seemed like the line of guys was endless. Early

the next morning, one of the policemen came and said, "Your dad is here to

get you."

I pictured Todd picking me up, and what he would do with me after he saw me

and heard what I had done.

But it was Bill who was there. He was showing them his ID and mine. It

said I was his son! One of the officers leaned in and whispered to Bill,

"You were right; the kid is a sex freak. He couldn't get enough of it. He

begged us all night long to fuck him. Pitiful."

Bill said, "I know; his mom left. She couldn't stand the spectacle he would

make in the neighborhood and at school. We were trying this new

institution, but then he escaped. And he always comes up with these wild

stories of how he is being sold or pimped out or something; but then he

ends up begging everyone to fuck him or let him suck them. We just hope

that one day they will find a cure for him.

Bill draped a towel over my shoulders, which did nothing to hide my crotch

or my ass, as he led me out of the police station and down the street to

his truck.

He put me in the back of the truck and didn't say anything as he drove out

of town. After awhile, he stopped out under a tree and opened the back of

the truck.

"Tank, that was very disappointing. You were being such a good boy, and I

was so proud of you; but you misbehaved." With that, he pulled down the

box and opened it. I screamed, "No! I'll do whatever you say., but please

don't put me in there!" All my fears of that box came roaring back.

He used some kind of electric shock on me, until I minded him and laid down

in the box. He put me on my stomach this time, and pulled my dick and

balls through a hole in the bottom of the box. Then he forced a large

dildo into my ass and fastened the whole thing to my balls and to my arms

and legs. I couldn't move without pulling on my balls or twisting the

thing in my ass.

All the while the lid was closing, I was begging him not to do this to me.

But he just said, "I am so sorry that you made me do this to you, Tank. I

don't like having to do this. I would much rather take care of you and

make you feel good!" It was all my fault!

I promised to be good, but to no avail. He locked the box, and then I felt

it move. It went up and locked into a position. I felt air on my

constricted balls, and felt they were hanging free, as well as my dick.

Then I heard a click and felt the huge dick in my ass begin to vibrate, and

something gently slapping my balls. I screamed out my fears.

But I heard nothing. I saw nothing. All I could feel was the tingling in

my ass and the constant tapping on my balls.

I trembled and tried thrashing one time, but that bruised my balls so much

that I had to stop. I tried calming my breath, but it was a fight to do

so. Then I began to feel this little tingling in my ass, on my prostate.

The tingling built until I couldn't stand it anymore, and I let loose a

volley of cum.

The gentle tapping on my balls became torturous, as it continued to repeat.

It became like getting hit in the nuts over and over, and the stomach

wrenching feeling began to build until it felt like I was kneed in the


The tingling started all over again in my ass, and I figured that

electrical impulses were being sent through my prostate, stimulating it

beyond belief. I shot again.

Then another build up of being kneed in the balls. This just continued on

and on, until I was sick to my stomach, and threw up. I now had puke all

over me, and had to hold my head up to avoid being drowned in it!

I came at least six times, and, some time in there, I blacked out, only to

be woken up with another zap to my prostate, and the ongoing tapping of my


Hours, days, I don't know how long, went by before I felt the box shift

again, and the zapping and tapping had stopped.

Bill undid all the restraints and removed the plug from my ass. I was like

a limp rag in his arms. He carried me over to the shower and turned it on,

then rinsed me off and washed me down. He also cleaned out my cum filled

hole several times.

When he was done, he tenderly dried me and continued to console me. "Oh,

baby, I hate it when you make me do these things to you. I want nothing

more than to take care of you and to make you feel good." 
 He hugged

me, and I felt the warmth of his body and the sincerity of his words. I

gripped him tightly and told him I was sorry.

"The world is cruel out there, Tank. Here, with me you are safe. I'll

take care of you, and we work to make some money so we can enjoy life."

I didn't try to get away after that; I became resigned to the life with


Monday's, we stopped at a gym in the morning, and he had me work out. I

worked out naked, while other guys worked out in their gym outfits. I

figured out, that like many of the places we went, Bill had an arrangement

with the management. They would hold these special member-only events and

charge for them.

The guys got to watch me work out, and then they used me however they

wanted. They used the weight benches to put me over to fuck, or do push

ups over my mouth, with their dicks going into my throat each time they

lowered themselves.

In the locker room, shower, steam room and sauna, I was passed around until

everyone had had their fill. It seemed like a lot of piss flowed once we

left the gym floor. Guys seemed to enjoy pissing on the hot stones in the

sauna, and then pushing their still pissing dicks into my ass.

Then I would be allowed to clean up, always with the enema that Bill

insisted upon, and then we were off to the next spot. The afternoon was at

the housing construction site.

After dinner, there was a movie theater that I was taken to. I never wore

clothes any more; I had a really ragged pair of shorts, that showed more

than they covered, and a ragged t-shirt. These I wore if I had to be taken

someplace where getting there required I not be nude, like along the

streets on the way to the theatre.

I was taken to the balcony and placed in the front row, after stripping.

My clothes were taken away and returned by Bill when it was time to leave.

A constant flow of men came to the balcony for me to pleasure. I would sit

down on their rigid cocks and fuck myself. Or I would jerk off for guys,

or jerk off two guys while sucking another.

That was usually a three-hour stent. Monday night, I slept in the truck

while Bill went someplace else.

Tuesday, I went to this gas station on the outskirts of a town. Bill

walked me naked from the truck to the men's room. There was no lock on the

men's room, and men came and went, and used me for several hours there.

Sometimes there would be 4 or 5 men watching me being used, and the men's

room always meant that I would get loads and loads of piss on me and in me.

Bill always had me wash off under the shower beside the truck before

leaving. I don't know the number of people that drove by and honked when

they saw this naked dude taking a shower by the side of the road.

Tuesday afternoon we parked in this parking structure, and a string of

well-dressed men came by, one by one, to use me. Bill always had the truck

cleaned and freshened up before they arrived.

Again, the shower beside the truck to the honks of the horns of the cars

leaving the structure. Once, I wondered why Bill was never arrested, or

why I was never arrested for these public exhibitions; but I figured Bill

must know so many cops that he didn't need to worry.

Tuesday night was a motel. I had the last room, and the door couldn't

lock. I was to lay there jerking off until someone came in. Many guys

just stood at the windows and watched me. But Tuesday night usually had

somewhere between 10 and 20 guys coming into use me.

I became very good at pleasuring the men; there wasn't anything I couldn't

do. Bill didn't do scat, for which I was thankful, but everything else

seemed to be okay.

Bill had an exercise thing built into the side of the truck, so when we

couldn't make it to a gym, he had me do a very strenuous set in the truck.

He would take me to high school tracks early in the morning or late at

night and have me run; he gave me shoes for that; they were good running

shoes, but I never had any clothes.

I was caught once by a security guard, but Bill persuaded him that getting

a favor from me would be better than having to go through everything

necessary to report me.

Wednesday morning was a late morning, but it was at a ranch. The hands all

came by and paid Bill, and used me.

Wednesday afternoon, we went to a lake. I think it was on the same property

as the ranch. Anyway, I played the teenager skinny dipping at the lake. I

would be discovered by these other teenagers, and then have to let them

have their way with me.

One fucked me in the water and held my head under water so much, that I

thought I would drown. Bill told him that he was cut off for a month.

After that, they weren't quite so rough.

Wednesday night was at an abandoned warehouse. It had a saw horse and a

really ratty mattress; I think it was gang night. These thugs would come

in and gang rape me. I was usually tied to the saw horse, as they took

turns fucking me over and over.

Thursday mornings was in the parking lot of a park. Guys would pull up and

go at it with me. Sometimes Bill would have the back of the truck open;

other times I would be in the bushes at the edge of the park, and sometimes

even on the picnic tables.

I lost count of the number of times someone was fucking me on my back on

the picnic table when a car would drive by. I would see the car slow, and

then stop. Then I would see a camera or cell phone come out, as they

captured me getting fucked in such a public place.

Thursday afternoon was in a parking lot at a college, and it was when I got

my dick sucked, and got to fuck guys. These were guys in college that

couldn't go out and seek someone to do what they wanted, so they paid Bill

to have me do it.

Sure, a couple still wanted to fuck me or get a blow job, but most wanted

to blow me or to have me fuck them. There were three guys that came by

together that wanted to watch the whole thing. One usually filmed while

the other two were with me, and then they would switch out.

One of the first things they did was to have two of them inside me at the

same time. I had never done this until it was with them. My hole was

stretched, but it felt amazing, as they created such friction between their

dicks and my hole.

They tried to get me to suck two cocks at once, though that wasn't nearly

as successful; but they filmed everything. I did wonder if they were

posting this stuff on the internet. That got me thinking, and I asked Bill

how he got all these guys to show up. He said he advertised on Craigslist.

Thursday night was the adult bookstore. Bill took me in naked through the

front door and then into the back room. There were 20 booths for porn, but

when I was there, I was the main feature. I was continually groped while I

was in the hallways.

And this was really a mixed bag of things. I was fucked and sucked. I

sucked and fucked, and I did a lot of rimming while other guys watched.

That seemed to be a big hit at the bookstore.

One night, one of the guys pulled me out into the main part of the store,

right up to the big empty space in front of the register, and began to fuck

me. I was laying on my stomach on the filthy carpet, while he pounded my

ass. I heard the bell dinging over and over, as customers came and went,

while he was fucking me. I looked up at one point, and saw a dozen guys

standing around watching me get fucked.

Friday and Saturday were the biggies. Friday morning I would be in an

alley behind some market, and guys would come out and use me there. This

always drew a gang of guys, seeing this naked guy leaning against the brick

wall getting his brains fucked out. This, too, led to lots of guys pissing

on me while I laid on my back in the alley jerking off for them.

Friday afternoons I worked in a bar; I was naked, of course. I delivered

drinks, but mainly I was there for the pleasure of the guests. They could

grope me at their leisure, or I would drink their recycled beer, give them

blow jobs while their friends cheered them on, or be bent over a table and

fucked while the crowd cheered them on.

This night also involved numerous trips to the men's room. It was all

tile, and always reeked of piss. Sometimes I was in the urinal trough, and

sometimes in the stalls (which had no doors). Once they set it up so the

urinal pipe flowed directly into my mouth.

Guys laughed, as they pissed in the urinal, and some just pissed on me.

Numerous times I was forced to crawl around the bar while being pissed on,

and having a pool cue handle up my ass.

Friday night was a late night fest in the back room of this men's club. I

was there for their pleasure, and they were all dominent men . . . and

there seemed to be no end to the ways they wanted to use me. I had

electric butt plugs up my ass, and electric shock sticks played along my

dick. I was tied, pissed on/in and fucked. It went on into the wee hours

of the night.

Saturday, Bill always let me sleep in, and always had a big breakfast for

me. It was when he spent the most time with me, praising me and telling me

what a great job I was doing, and how proud he was of me. That always made

me emotional, as I liked pleasing him and making him proud of me.

Saturday only had one event on it. It was at some guy's house; I never

knew who, as he always wore a mask. The house was huge. He would gather a

bunch of friends, men and women, or at least a few women were there each


Once they were seated in a semi-circle around a platform, I would be

brought out. I was to stand still as they came up to inspect me, and I was

expected to follow instructions. This included bending over and spreading

my ass, getting myself hard, and flexing for them.

Once they returned to their seats, another man would come out. He was

always masked as well. I often wondered if it was one of the guests that

got to play this part, because it was always a different man. I assumed the

mask was to protect his identity from the other guests.

This man would then proceed to use me in every way possible . . . to

dominate me, to do anything and everything he asked; and always in full

view of the audience. I would hear comments of "Can you believe a man

would be so low as to do that?"

I was not allowed to cum during all of this. After he had finished using

me, and I was dripping sweat, I had to stand and jerk off for the assembled

group. I had long ago learned that I must look at them as I did this.

And once I shot, I had to lick my hand clean.

Bill would always be there to pick me up after it was over, and tell me how

wonderful I did, and point out some specific point on which to praise me,

like how well I had cleaned the man's arm pit with my tongue, or how far I

was able to get my tongue up the man's ass.

Sunday was a funny one. Bill would park the truck behind a store that was

near a church. After church, a stream of men would come by to use me.

These meetings would always be done privately, but always with great force

by the men.

One man liked to use a paddle on my ass to drive out satan, and then he

would fuck the shit out of me, telling me he was putting the seed of God in


Sunday afternoon was in the parking lot of some old folks home, and these

old geezers would come out. Mostly I would blow them. A couple wanted to

blow me, and one guy always tried to fuck me, but I always ended up sucking

him off.

Sunday night was just Bill and I. We would be in a motel room, and he

would clean me up and make me feel so special. He would show me new ways

of pleasing a guy, and he would always hold me tight and tell me how

special I was and what a good boy I was. He spent a long time reviewing

the week, and pointing out where I had done great work.

It was always great to be told how well I did something, and to be praised.

Bill was so nice to me, and he took care of me.

It has been three years now, and Bill says that there is a man that is

really interested in having me as his own. I cry and tell Bill that I

don't want to leave him, that he is like my father. What will I do without


He calms me down, and tells me that the man is a very nice man, and he has

a home with a pool, and a big yard. His house has a built in gym with its

own locker room, steam room, whirlpool and sauna. Bill knows that I like

whirlpools. It is so much fun to play with a guy's dick near the jets and

get him all excited!

The man has lots of nice friends that he wants to share me with, and lots

of toys for me to play with. He gets me excited about the possibility, and

tells me how proud it would make him if I went to live with the man.

I knew that Bill was going to get a lot of money for me; I wasn't dumb.

And I figured that he would get a new boy at some truck stop along the

interstate, but that didn't mean that I didn't get overcome with emotions

about the possibility of leaving Bill.

He seemed to have been the one anchor I had in a confusing life. I had

gotten very used to my schedule in the service truck!


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