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Cameron Brock III (cameronbrock3@gmail.com)

NOTE: I'm only 19 so don't expect a bunch of fancy writing from me.

Yeah, this really is my real name and email and all this shit really

happened. I know its sounds weird but it's all fucking true because

people really are like this. A guy couldn't make up all the freaking

stuff. Don't read it if you can't stand the truth about adults.

For instance, there's this one faggot who pays me actual money to come

to his office and treat him like my personal cuntboy fuckhole. Which

he is, actually. I call him my "wallet twat".

I make him wrap money around my cock with his tongue before he can get

started serving me. This faggot really puts his money where his mouth

is, and he spends his whole lunch hour naked on his knees fagging out

on my cock. And his "lunch" is my boycum ha ha.

I cum on his tie. I kick him in the nuts. Then I take his credit card.

But I'll get to that after I tell you all about all the other fags.

All the other cocksuckers (online and off) that I've broke in to

paying me money regular so they can get a chance at swinging on my


For them, giving me stuff, paying me money or buying me things from my

amazon wishlist is just their way of worshipping me. It's just a

reminder to these fags that I deserve more and they deserve less.

Hell, I've got some fags who don't feel right until they've paid their

weekly or daily dues because they NEED to feel like a fag. They NEED

to feel USED. Paying me something, or doing me some favor just reminds

them that they are nothing, when they perform this service for me,

they keep in their sick little fag heads all day long what low-lifes

they truly are.

I make'em send me stuff from my gift list at amazon. Sometimes the

sick perv queers get sooooo grateful that real men like me exist to

put them in their place that they fork over plenty through paypal and

stuff. Keeps me in sneakers, fresh underwear, the latest ipods,

camping gear.

Wallet twats like these love to help pay for my dates with girls so

when I fuck'em I'll sometimes come home and have a fag waiting for me

at home just for the purpose of cleaning off my real man cock.Just for

grins, I step on his little clit weenie before I leave.Just to put the

fucking queer in his place.

But they love to pay me for the honor of just paying me. They know

their supporting the true nature of their cause, which is that

submissive lower-than-human fags are put on this earth to make my life

better. And they're grateful to do it.

One queer I mailed a jumbo condom sagging with my boycum.

THAT fag was so grateful for a balloon of my sweet jizz he practically

paid for all my textbooks this first semester!

One time I went over to one of my naked fags' house just before I went

out on a date. The fag thought he was gonna get to suck my cock but

instead I made him hand over his credit card so I could show my girl a

really sweet time before I took her home and fucked her pussy full of

my cum right on his bed.

Next day the fag came to me in tears and said he was soooo grateful

that he could help me help my cock have that kind of pleasure in that

way, and that he knew I deserved it.

I said, "Damn right." And kept the credit card for a month longer.

When I brought other girls over, I told the fag he had to be hiding

the under the bed the whole time so he could listen while I dicked her

pussy hard into the mattress, LOL!

Stupid cocksucker keeps paying for the whole thing. Including the

humiliation. But then faggots like that love helping a REAL man like

me enjoy my life.

That's what faggots live for. That's what faggots were born for.

And if they can't serve in some ways, they can always send money. Or gifts.

Geez, its awesome all the pussyboys who'll fork over the cash or send

me presents just for the honor of being near an honest-to-god real

man's cock.

The thing is, they LOVE it. they can't get enough of it. Can't get

enough of my cock. Can't get enough of my cum. Can't get enough of my

name calling. And they can't get enough of sending me personal

tributes to celebrate the real cock of a real man who knows how to do

some real fucking.

One time I even charged two fags for the privilege of watching me fuck

a girl. I made them stay on their knees naked in my bedroom closet

while i fucked the bejeezus out of her.

Did I mention I'm 19 years old? I'm just got out of highschool and I'm

working on building up my college fund just by pumping money out of

faggots who love to get abused by a real man. Hell, now I've even got

Mr. Begley, my high school science teacher, "contributing" to my

scholarship fund. He says he doesn't feel right unless he paypals me

50 bucks every day. Every so often I'll go over to the highschool

when it's closed and make him crawl around the classroom naked barking

like a dog and standing up on his hind legs and begging for my cock.

Sometimes I'll send a one of my buddies over to facefuck him too.

I first discovered queers or faggots were crazy for my cock when I was fifteen.

Yeah, I was fifteen and my next door neighbor turned out to be a fag.

At first Mr. Gifford was paying me to cut the grass.

Then he was just PAYING me. We'd pretend like it was an advance, but I

would just end up sitting around his house drinking lemonade while I

finally noticed he was trying to get a glimpse of my big sweaty balls

up my shorts.

Still Mr.Gifford kept giving me more and more money.

All I had to do was sit there in my sweaty t-shirt and jeans with

grass stains and holes in them (sometimes he could see I wasn't

wearing underwear).

Mr. Gifford'd get all fidgety till one day Mr.Gifford said why don't

you take off your shoes and relax?

So I did.

The stupid fag was practically drooling when he saw my feet. I wiggled

my toes a little just to tease him. He practically creamed in his


"Please," Mr. Gifford finally broke down. His voice was all squeaky

and beggy like a faggot's "Could I just maybe....k-k-kiss them just a

little while? Just please let me kiss your toes."

I acted super-offended, grossed out. Started calling him a pervert,

queer toelicker, footsucker.

The stupid fuck offered me even MORE money if I just would be quiet

and wouldn't tell nobody.

Seemed like the worse I treated him, the more he liked it. The more

offended and arrogant I acted, the more money he kept offering to pay


Well I took the money and before I left I said, like, well okay, I

guess you can get your fag thrills just kissing my toes. Go ahead. Get

down there and kiss my feet.

You woulda thought it was the biggest treat in the world!

Man, the way Mr.Gifford got down on his knees. Actually got down on

ALL FOURS! HA! A grown man crawling in front of a fifteen year old

boy! But he was beyond caring about appearance. The fag had no dignity

by now. All he knew was he was so fucking horny to kiss my toes.

Well the fag put his lips to my toes and made all sorts of sloppy

faggy noises he was was grateful to just be at my feet. I couldn't

believe it! A grown man! Licking the toes of a fifteen-year-old!

I couldn't help but snicker at how he was acting like suck a horndog.

Man, if a grown fag paid this much for my toes, what WOULDN'T he do for my COCK?

But that was just a glimmer of a thought in the back of my mind at the

time. I just fucking liked the idea of making a grown man (or fag) do

everything I say. It got me hard imagining have my personal


Eventually, I'd get Mr.Gifford's wallet, his credit cards, his car,

his house--even his wife and daughter.

But I wasn't thinking so far ahead then. I didn't have such a

long-range business plan at the time.

Right in the middle of some kind of weird-ass fag-ecstasy if his, I

sort of kickslapped Mr. Gifford smack the face and told him how

disgusting he was.

He said "I'm sorry Sir!"

Sir! He actually called me, SIR!

ME, a fifteen year old kid who was letting this thirty-something fag

kiss my toes--for money. He called me SIR! Ha ha!

I threw my socks at him and said something like "Here, cuntface fag,

you can have fun rubbing your measly little clit dick all around my

socks thinking about my feet kicking your balls and your butt. Just

suck'em clean once you spooge 'em with your fagslime."

That just seemed to get him MORE excited. The stupid old fag actually

seemed grateful! Relieved, even.

Then I laughed and told Mr. Gifford MAYBE I'd be back tomorrow.

"Please, Sir, will you let me suck your toes again?"

"Maybe, fag. If you pay enough."

"And maybe you'll let me suck your--your cock, too?"

I told him maybe --And he'd better be ready. Ready to do anything I

said now that I knew he was a fag and would do anything for a guy's

cock. Anything!

That grateful cocksucker actually thanked me over and over again as I

went out the door. The stupid little fuckfag was inhaling my socks and

thanking me, saying things like Thank you Sir, oh God, yes, thank you

so much Sir! Thank you for letting me serve you! the stupid faggot

cocksucker. Actually thanking me, a young kid half his age, for the

privilege of PAYING me to lick my teenage toes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next day I just walked in like I owned the place, 15 year old kid

bossing this middle-aged faggot cuntface around.

There was double the money laying there on the coffeetable so I

figured he wanted more of the same -- and I gave it to him. Plus, the

stupid faggot fuckface was already naked--NAKED!-- on his knees waitng

for me.

I grabbed up the money and looked at his squirmy little pink body and

thought, Dude, this was going to be one sweet summer!

I said to him, "Yesterday you called me Sir. That's because you know

how to respect a real man, right?"

Mr.Gifford shook his head like an obedient puppy. He was practically

panting for it. His little pink balls twitched like excited jumping


I smirked down at this grovelling middle-aged pussyboy:

"Well, fag, I think you ought to call me Sir from now on, just so we

both know where we stand. In fact, I don't think you should STAND at

all. I think your position in life is to always CRAWL in the presence

of a real man. Hell, you'll even PAY for the privilege. Now I want

you to CRAWL and get me your wallet."

Mr.Gifford scurried off naked on all fours fast as he could crawl!

Naked. Balls flapping. His little dick wiggling and dripping.

Once he brought me his wallet I just made myself at home even though

when he saw all I started doing with his credit cards and stuff, I'd

have to kick him in the nuts to shut him up. W

hen he finally gave me the password to his computer I got online. He

whimpered again. I kicked his little pink beanbags again. "You keep

interrupting me, you're balls are gonna be like scrambled eggs," I

kicked ém again. He yelped. "You don't seem to realize that you really

need to be owned by a superior man like me. Even though I'm fifteen

years old, I'm TONS better than you."

He calmed down considerably once I got online and let him get between

my legs and start sucking my cock. That's what he wanted all along. My


The Twat Wallet was in pig heaven once he finally got to suck on my cock.

He didn't care about anything else. It was like his mind went to

another place and all he could focus on was the pleasure he was giving

me by sucking my cock and serving me. I later learned this state of

mind was what was called being in the Fag Zone.

My fifteen-year-old cock was now his entire world. Good thing too,

because After that, I was free to surf the web and buy stuff with his

credit card while he sucked and sucked to his little cocksucker's

heart content.

Fact, he let me do anything, anything at all, as long as he got to

suck me. I bought a bunch of straight porn, joined some straight

cyber-porn sites and got my cock even harder by him while I watched

some chicks getting dicked. He was like my own personal fucktoy. My


Sometimes I made him look up from his cocksucking when it showed pics

of a big dick fucking a pussy and said things like, "Don't you wish

you could do that? Don't you wish you had a big dick like that?"

Hell I even ordered a pizza online since I decided I was going to take

some time enjoying this cocksucker.

Of course I looked all through Mr.Gifford's computer files, getting

all his passwords, his bank accounts, figuring him out some more. When

a fag is in his Fag Zone, it will give up anything to serve a superior

young teenage cock.

Mr.Gifford was obviously wanting this for a long time. I found all the

sick pictures of the fag stuff he jacked off his weinie to. Mostly it

WAS picks of older guys getting face-fucked by grinning young teens.

For some reason he got all excited about the idea of me actually

SEEING all that, like it was a big relief letting all those fantasies

out, his whole twat-face started bucking around on my cock, but I kept

him close and sucking, but boy did his tongue do some wagging around

my balls while I laughed my ass off at his sicko collection of pics of

a bunch of faggots being abused by real men.


You'd be surprised what you can get a cocksucker to do once you break him in.

And the thing about cocksuckers is, they really WANT to be broken!

Seriously. They really WANT it. They really want to lose themselves in

the cocksucking. They have this innate need to fag out on authentic

maleness. And they will do almost anything to get it.

They NEED to worship. They NEED to serve real men. It's like they

enter this zone, this FAG zone, where they're finally at peace with

themselves when they're sucking a REAL man's cock. All you dudes who

have ever "trained" a faggot know exactly what I'm talking about.

Fags get to this space, if you train them right, where they could just

keep sucking forever. And they get addicted to a real man's dick and

cum. Maybe its a REAL man's pheromones or something, but fags KNOW an

alpha male. It's like they can just sense his presence in a room. And

FAGS really really really WANT to be made to bow down to him.

Fags really want to be used. Fags are happiest that way. The look on

their face when they're sucking cock and getting lost in the feeling,

taking a real man's cock down their throat, coaxing my warm teen cream

out of my balls. It's blissful for fags. I call it their 'fag space'

or their 'fag zone' or even 'fagthink'.

When a dues-paying pussyboy is in his 'fag space' there EXISTS nothing else.

There's only dick and cum and balls and serving a man.

And when a pussyboy is in his fag space, he'll do ANYTHING to

entertain a man and his cock.

A pussyboy in his fag space will do ANYTHING a real man tells him to

do, because the fag knows it can't possibly live without getting that

real man's cock. So the desperate cum-thirsty fag'll do anything. I

found this out training fags when I was fifteen years old.

A fag like Mr. Gifford or the dozens others that I've met and broken

in to their true natures will run to the fridge to get you a beer.

He'll let you kick him. He'll let you belt him. He'll buy you all the

fucking sports equipment you want just so he can smell your jock.

He'll clean your toilet. Hell, he'll even BE your toilet!

As a real man, you become a fag's god.

I recommend that you have a lot of fun with your fag once you get him

broken in and get him into his fag space.

There's nothing like an obedient cock-hungry grown man fag doing

whatever you tell him.

And the more you do it, the deeper you take them, the more you

humliate them. The more the fucking fags want it!!!!!!!

After some fag-training they're wanting it everyday. CRAVING it. After

they learn it's okay to be fag in front of you, all you have to do is

snap your fingers and your pussyboy goes instantly into his fag-space.

I even taught Fag Gifford to do a little fag dance that he would do

whenever I ordered it and I wanted a big laugh. I even filmed it one

day with the camera he bought me.

When I snap my fingers, he's ready to do his little fag dance, or get

a whipping, or let me slap him around, or kick his nuts, or laugh at

his useless dicklet.

One of the tricks to breaking a fag, see, is keeping him

concentrating on your man-cock and not his own pleasure. So he's not

allowed to cum EVER.

In fact your fag should understand that his ONLY pleasure is in YOUR

pleasure. As a fag, he doesn't deserve any. Fags are not real man.

That's why we call them fags. Only real men deserve pleasure.

Drum that into his cocksucking head--which is all his head is good for.

The trick is going slow, and never letting him be sure where he

stands. Well, in fact, you should tell him he should always be on all

fours in the presence of a real man. NEVER standing. Slow and steady

is the way to get the best personal cocksucker possible.

Most cocksuckers are scared the first few times they actually get to

be the all-out fag that they know they are. They can't believe they

can really be that low. They're not sure how far they want to go.

Don't rush it. It's a combination of force and encouragement, pleasure

and pressure. I've read a few books on the subject now. Talked with

some Masters on-line. Might even major in Psychology in college. So

now I understand the best Alpha male (that's me) doesn't force things

too much. Eventually they realize they need it. Eventually they're

begging for it. Just let's them gradually come to acknowledge and

enjoy their "inner fag".

Thing is, after awhile, after you teach it to them slow and gentle,

most of fags are grateful they can finally have a real man with a real

live throbbing dick that they can completely give themselves over to,

that they can suck whenever you tell them.

Naked, submissive, wallowing in their own faggotry. They get addicted

to regular feedings.

I guess its kind of a brainwashing. but let me tell you, once you do

it this way (slow and steady) you've got some of the most loyal

cocksuckers you can imagine. You can have regular feeding times and

worship service at the tip of your cock three times a day seven days a

week if you like. And they'll pay for the privilege--one way or


Eventually the little piggies are just squealing with the pleasure of

finally knowing they can completely let go and be the total freaking

fag cocksucker that they know they are. They know they need this. They

eventually settle down and they're grateful they've finally found a

guy who will give it to them. For a small fee, of course.

One time Mr. Jamison (another one of my personal cocksuckers I'll tell

you more about later) fucked up and bought me the wrong beer for the

football game I was going to watch at his house. During the game he

would suck my cock, and during the commercials I would fuck him.

Well naturally I had to whip Mr.Jamison's faggot ass. You can't let a

faggot get away with that kind of disrespect for a straight man. I

told him he didn't deserve my cock anymore.

The fag got all upset and start whining like a little boy, and he

started pinching his tits and whimpering, saying he would do anything,

anything at all, to make it up to me.

So i told him to run get me my sneaker. He ran and got it. Brought it

back to me in his mouth. (See what a natural born slave he was?)

"Now put it down on the floor. Now get on all fours. Now put your

face inside my sneaker. Go on, get it in there. breath it in! get your

face in there really good. That's it faggot!" I couldn't help but

laugh at how eager he was to do everything I was telling him just to

earn my forgiveness, just so he could get a chance at my cock again.

But it was important that he do all of this himself so that it would

impress on his mind that this was something that HE wanted.

This was his own choice being the faggot that he was. Then when his

face was all the way in to my shoe, I took the loose shoe laces and

tied 'em up around his head, so that the shoe was permanently tied to

the front of his face.

He really looked like some stupid fag pig with that shoe tied to his

face. His little clit wiggling between his legs while he fumbled

around. I let him crawl around awhile that way. Laughed at him the

whole time. Even hard, you could barely tell his little pink nub was

a dick, even tho it kept spritzing little drops of pre-cum everywhere

he was finally so relieved to be put in his place. Being punished like

that actually excited the stupid cockuscking little fucker. He even

offered me an extra fifty bucks for that particular fuck-up, and for

just being a fag. I guess a fag like that is otherwise useless, so he

might as well pay for my fun.

Nowadys when Mr.Jamison fucks up he's knows he's going to get The

Shoe--plus some extra punishment. And he doesn't know when The Shoe is

coming off his face either. I might order him to wear The Shoe for a

whole day. Or all night. Maybe sometimes I might let him take it off

just so he can blow me, then I might make him tie it back on his face


I discovered something else too. With a a little hardware, and a

drill, I made it so there was this nice floppy dildo sticking up

through the heel of the shoe. That way when he puts his face down into

the shoe and I lace it up, his mouth also has to swallow a dildo at

the same time. So he's got my foot smell, my shoe is his face, and a

dildo-dick sticking down his throat. This is a perfect combination of

training for a pussyboy slave and personal cocksucker.

So there he is, this stupid fag, naked, cleaning up the house for me,

with my shoe clamped right to his face, and there's a dildo sticking

down his throat. Sometimes I'll have him make me supper that way, and

it's fun listening to him fumble around in the kitchen while he's

trying to work with my shoe permanently fucking his face.

When his throat gets used to that dildo, I have a way of attaching a

slightly larger dildo, so that it pushes and exercises his throat

more. Always making him expand his limits. Nowadays his throat is real

comfy and takes my cock just fine. Now Mr.Jamison's so trained and

brainwashed to smell my shoes and think of his cocksucking skills at

the same time.

But getting back to my neighbor fag Gifford when I was fifteen.

Finally came the day I knew Mr.Gifford was completely broken in to

serving me and my cock and he wasn't going to put up a fuss about

nothing. I'll tell you more later about how I got his car, his house,

and fucked his wife and daughter regular. Anyway it's with Mr. Gifford

that I learned training your own personal fag properly was really a

matter of the punishment and reward, the carrot and the stick, or

rather: the cock and the whip. If you go slowly but firmly you can

train fags like him in any way that you want them.

You can be creative in your training, like for instance when I

invented Fag Tv Fag Radio.

Alot of times I'll make him watch something I call "Fag TV" in a sort

of walk-in closet which is the little room Mr. Gifford now has to live

in when I'm not using him.

First I make him download tons of pics from the internet. Photos of

faggots being made to suck cock. Pics of guys gagging with their mouth

full of manmeat, cum-covering their faces, some guy grinning down at

them doing a ball-slobbering suckjob on them. Or maybe a group of guys

lined up to get their hard cocks sucked while the faggot is on his

knees. Or even getting spanked. Or abused in some ways while some

other real dudes laugh at him. There's tons of pics like this on the

internet. In fact, that might be a good assignment for your own

personal cocksucker if he hasn't done it already.

Once he's got all that loaded on his laptop I send him to his "room"

and make him get on his knees naked then fire up his computer so that

it's showing the pics slide-show style, an endless loop of those

cock-serving pics. I tell him he's got to sit there like that and

watch Fag TV all day long, watching pic after pic of some snivelling

crawling cocksucker sucking sperm out of real men in ever kind of

slutty pose imaginable.

Believe me, after a day in the closet watching his Fag TV over and

over and over again, seeing all those other fags getting to suck all

those other cocks, well, it's drilled into his head pretty good just

what the hell he's supposed to be concentrating on. When I finally

tell Mr.Gifford he can stop, he gives me the best blowjobs ever and is

more obedient than ever because he's had all those images of obedient

submissive slave fags drilled into his head over and over and over


FagRadio is a sort of recording I made, and perfected over time in

which my voice and my words come at him stereophonically. Gradually I

learned to make it a sort of mantra, telling him what a fag, pussyboy,

worthless, cum-hungry, servile cocksucker he was, all of it coming in

to his right ear, his left ear, and also right down the middle, so his

poor fag brain has nowhere to turn while he's watching his pictures or

serving me, but listen to that recording. He even listens to it on his

mp3 player when he goes to work and FagRadio has worked wonders

keeping him docile and always open to more and more humiliation.

One weekend I kept him in the closet the entire time while i fucked

my latest slut. Every time i took a break I'd do a surprise check on

him and there he was on all fours, eyes glued very close to the

screen, watching intently all the re-runs of Fag TV like it was the

most fascinating thing, earplugs tuned in to my personal FagRadio,

practically hypnotised. Like he was learning new fag cocksucking

techniques, memorizing every detail of new, deeper and deeper levels

of cocksucking and submission. Poor faggot was practically drooling

from every hole.

With these and many other techniques I'll tell you about, I had access

to everything. NoW it was time to have some fun with the little broken


When you've finally got a faggot like this, noW it's only a matter of

doing things to make sure he knows his place. NOW you just maintain

the little faggot's head so he knows his true purporse in life is to

serve the cocks of real men. I made him listen to my FagRadio

recording on a constantly loop, so there was hardly ever a time where

his total submission and obedience wasn't being drummed into his head.

So I play little games with him. You shoulda seen the look on his face

when I brought out the whip I made him buy me. I swear his little

titties got all perky with that fear/excitement that cocksuckers get

when they don't know whether their master is going to hurt them or

fuck them!

Or both. Their little cocksucking heads are so mixed up, so desperate,

so confused, sooo fagged out, you just gotta laugh at 'em! They don't

know the difference any more between pain and pleasure. It's all the

same to them. Hey, they're faggots! They just get excited. I swear

even his little dickie oozed a glob of precum and perked up like a

sore thumb when he saw me look at him like the cumhole he was.

I say something like, "Ökay cocksucker, this time you're gonna get on

your knees and get that little pussy butt of yours in the air. I'm

gonna whip it."

I swear he almost cried right then. He started blubbering and

quivering. Poor thing didn't understand. He wanted and yet he didn't

want it, and didn't know which. And even while he was being whipped I

had him listening to his FagRadio reminding him what a fag he was,

what a hole he was, how he really loved to serve men, and loved to

feel pain because I enjoyed making him feel pain.

"But why, I've been good. I've done everything you said. I sucked your

cock. I bought you all the right beers. I bought you those new

bedsheets for having sex with your girlfriends. I bought you all those

condoms. I've eaten all the cum out of them! I licked out every drop!"

I laugh because faggots are so stupid. Hell, when their brain is all

about 99 percent cocksucking, there's only room for stupid, I guess.

I say this almost soothingly, "Now, now. Don't worry. This isn't

punishment, cocksucker." I made the whip crack, "This is just my

entertainment. I'm doing this because I can. I'm doing this because

you want me to. I'm doing this because you want to please me, you want

to entertain me by showing me how funny it is for me to whack a


"Öh okay." he still looks desperately like he wants to jump out of

his skin; like his confused brain doesn't want to be the faggot that

he is. "W-whack a f-faggot, Sir?"

"Well," I flicked his little dickie and it squicked pre-cum

everywhere. Deep down he was already so excited at the prospect of

getting punished for his Master's entertainment. "Get your butt in the

air so i can have fun hitting it. believe me, when i leave here today

you're going to be crying your pussyboy eyes out.'

He immediately obeyed. I could see goosepimples on his chubby little

rump. He wagged it in the air. I couldn't wait to make it red and raw.

Couldn't wait to make that butt soo fucking sore, he'd remember this

little show every time he sat down for the next month. (That's another

thing: always keep your faggot reminded that a faggot is just what he

is and a faggot is all he ever will be. Gradually start giving him

lots of pain that will stay in his head night and day. Make him always

focussed on you.)

I sat down at the computer and flicked on the screen that had his bank

account. I looked at this full-grown man, quivering naked in front of

me, a teenage boy and still couldn't believe fags would teenage boys

like me do anything I wanted to them.

I propped my legs up. I said:

"Here's the deal. Ï'm not only gonna whip your little faggot ass. I'm

gonna KEEP whipping it for longer than you think you can ever be able

to take. You're gonna feel pain beyond pain. And even when you get

there, you're going to go even further. Maybe your life will be

nothing BUT pain from now on. You don't know. That is always for ME to

decide. This is going to be a new phase in our relationship and how

you serve me."

Boy did he look scared! Pussyboy Gifford probably didn't think it

could get any worse.

"Now, faggot, I'm doing this not only because it's fun for me, but

because you deserve it. You need it. Actually you want me to do this

to you. It's okay that you don't even realize yet that a faggot like

you needs and deserves this kind of treatment, but you will, you will.

It's okay. You'll realize later that you were glad I did it. It'll

hurt for awhile but after a bit, and you'll hate every moment of it

while I'm doing it. And you'll still be thinking about it, and you'll

start kissing my hand and asking me to do it again to you. Trust me.

You're a fag and this is what fags do. i'm gonna whip it harder and

harder and harder. i'm not going to stop until i feel like stopping.

I'm just going to enjoy watching you in total absolute screaming

agonizing pain just for my amusement. Besides, you deserve pain for

being a faggot, don't you? Don't you? I deserve entertainment for

being a real man. You do realize that by now, don't you? Of course you

do. You'll be crying and screaming and crawling the walls, and still

you gotta beg me to keeping hitting you. But don't worry, that's the

way things are supposed to be.

"Now here's the catch: every time you let out a little yelp or a

whimper or a scream. In fact every time I detect a sound from your

blubbering little cocksucker mouth, I'm going to deduct 20 bucks from

your bank account and put it into mine. If you're quiet the whole

time, you don't pay me any more money. but every time you holler

about the fun I'm having whipping your faggy butt, it's going to cost

you 20 bucks. You'll have to pay for interrupting my fun. How about

that? Does that sound fair to you?"

I just love to watch that moment in a fag's mind when it doesn't know

where to turn or what to do, When it's scared shitless, caught in the

headlights, and as excited as hell at the same time.

You can see the frustration and confusion in the faggot mind, how it

wants to run, but it really DOES need the pain. It needs the

humiliation that only I can give it. It really does need the attention

from a real man. Itknows it needs it. It's a fag. It knows it deserves

it. The fag knows that fags can't live without serving me and my dick.

The fag knows now that a fag only lives for my pleasure. The fag

realizes this is the natural next step for both of us. This is where a

fag belongs. That's when I love it, the stupid mindfucked cocksucker

looks up at me pitifully. Fuck, the fag's already almost got tears in

it's eyes realizing what a stupid piece of shit fag it must really be

to be grovelling naked at the feet of a teenage boy BEGGING to be

whipped raw and PAYING to have it done.

The fag looks up at me with that helpless little crybaby-red face and

blubbers quietly like a proper little faggot it knows it now is:

"Yes sir, Please whip this pussyboy Sir!!"

Like I said, way kewl.

I've got tons more how all this got started, including my highschool

teacher, and that business lawyer guy, so I'll go into more details

later about all the stuff I learned about how to make a faggot do

anything you want. Any dudes that wanna show their appreciation to a

superior alpha male like myself, feel free to show me your appreciaton

at paypal (cameronbrock3@gmail.com) and/or show me your gratitude by

getting me something from my gift list at amazon. If you send me

letter at cameronbrock3@gmail.com just remember I don't wa$te time

just playing with fag$ who don't know how to show their immediate and

con$tant appreciation. Or help out all the fags of the world learn to

be even faggier by sending a contribution to Nifty, too.


I now got a copy of a new improved FagRadio which was inspired by Fag

Gifford, but now I use on a lot of other fags to keep them under

control. They even beg me for a copy of it. It's part of their

training but also part of their punishment. So I made a CD which is a

sort of guided meditation CD of 45 minutes ME brainwashing YOU as a

constant reminder of what a lowlife cocksucker you are!

Essentially FagRadio is this: it is a sort of guided meditation about

cocksucking and being a fag, and subservience, and obedience, and

making sure that superior men are always served and receive pleasure.

It is about 45 minutes of a recording made by me, a superior male,

telling a cocksucker (like Cuntface, or Fag Gifford, or Geek Fag) who

and what he is, and how he should go about it, and what he should be

more focussed on because he is just a fag. He is a fag, he was born a

fag, and always will be nothing but a fag. And he will be much happier

once he learns to accept it. This is a recording that a faggot might

play in his ears when he goes to sleep at night, or even while he is

out jogging, or even when he is sucking on superior guy's cock for

long periods of time.

Just as with guided meditation recordings to help you relax or

meditate or become richer, this particular recording is meant to help

subliminally reinforce the idea that you're nothing but a stupid

cocksucker and meant to serve real men. You'd even be able to put this

on repeat and listen to it all night long so that it eventually enters

your subconscious so that during the daytime you will be more open to

the idea of your servitude to the world of real men and your low

stature in that world. Hopefully it will make for a better world full

of more docile and obedient cock-serving faggots, more willing to be

used, so that we will all be happier doing our part.

It's sort of like sleep-learning and cognitive therapy, but a kind of

guided meditation for cocksuckers to learn to accept the fact just

being fags is what they were born for. Fags report that it already

makes them more submissive in everyday life interactions with superior

men. And Masters report that it makes their cocksuckers even faggier

than ever. Fags write me and say they feel happier and less frustrated

because of it. And, because they are more relaxed and receptive to the

ideas, they get even MORE COCKS TO SUCK!

It will be a help to fags AND the world because fags will more readily

offer themselves up as fags to be used by superior men. As the fag

that you know you are, it will help you better acknowledge the fact

and make it easier for you to get over any qualms about serving your

true masters: real men.

I have to say it has some amazing results.

I really DO find that my cocksuckers are much quicker to obey me, they

are much more docile, have less inhibitions about being abused both

verbally and physically, and I get very good results from it in a

short while, if a faggot is made to listen to it regularly.

Even Masters can buy this to use on with their fags to make them more

dedicated!!!!!! Make 'em wear it while their sucking you!

That's available for 30 bucks plus 5 bucks shipping and manhandling

and fagtax at my paypal account of cameronbrock3@gmail.com.

Hell, even send some donation to Nifty.org for even giving you the ability

to fanta$ize your $icko fantasies like Dean Deere.


© Cameron Brock III [cameronbrock3 at gmail.com]

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