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Cameron Brock III (cameronbrock3@gmail.com)

NOTE: I'm only 19 so don't expect a bunch of fancy writing from me.

Yeah, this really is my real name and email and all this shit really

happened. I know its sounds weird but it's all fucking true because

people really are like this. A guy couldn't make up all the freaking

stuff. Don't read it if you can't stand the truth about adults.

Some fag just wrote me wanting to send me something from amazon as a

tribute to me. That's only natural he should want to do that.It would

be cruel of me not to allow him to follow his natural inclinations of

worshipping a superior male. Fags send me stuff from amazon or fag tax

via paypal all the time. But it reminded me how much I like to take

from fags the stuff that is rightfully mine as a real man from a real


And then sort of turn it against them.

As a real male teen with a power-dick that enjoys screwing real pussy,

fag-stuff like that just makes me laugh. It's just plain fun.

Like guys who buy me shoes.

Sometimes I make them present me with these brand new shoes. You

should see how proud these naked faggots are to finally be able to

GIVE me something!

After they finish licking my feet clean, they put on my socks with

their teeth. Then fit my shoes on. They sit there naked at my feet

beaming proudly at their little gift for me. Their minuscule cocklet

gets hard and they sit there like a puppy expecting to be patted on

the head.

But he's a faggot and doesn't deserve that.

Next of course I say, "Ökay spread your legs. Put that little dick of

yours down on the floor."

The fag starts to look all worried, but he does it. He does it. His

little clit is quivering and spitting. Hell, it's so tiny, so

shrunken that it can barely TOUCH the floor! He's gotta really push

down and spread his legs wide to get it to touch the floor.

What a sorry piece of equipment. Nature sure had a good laugh making a

bunch of nubby-dicked fags. That's why they were so obviously made for

guys like me to abuse.

The baby-clit even seems to shrink up more cause the little-pricked

faggot is scared.

Anyway, he knows what's coming.

I take my brand new shoes that the fag bought for me, and proceed to

step on his little clittie. Slowly applying more and more pressure, I

keep pressing until the faggot is practically crying, pressing till I

squash his little dicklet like a bug. Which it is, really.

The fag really screams when I'm putting all my weight on it. He

screams and crys and squirms cause he can't pull his babydick out from

under my crushing foot. And the crybaby fag doesn't have any recourse

but to start holding onto my leg for dear life, hugging it tightly,

begging, mewling, crying, clutching my leg while I just keep squashing

his fag clit/soul.

Sometimes I play another game with it.

Like stomp the bug. I actually STOMP on his clit dick. Real fast and hard.

Watch'em scream. Of course the hollering fag tries to jump out of the

way, but hey, in my new shoes they bought me I'm feeling great!

So I kick'em around a little till the fag's willingly got his legs

obediently spread out for me again.

And I STOMP on it again. He's jumping all over the place, crawling,

sprawling, cringing, cowering, balled up and crying and begggin.

I tell cringing little queer that the more he resists, the more

stomping his little dick is gonna get.

(Not true. I'm going to do it for as long as I fucking feel like.)

So he tries like hell to keep offering it out to me. And of course, it

hurts like hell, but it's fun to watch fags squirm like that, his red

sore raw stomped-on dicklet.

And of course, that little weenie is going to ache for a few weeks

afterwards so that they're perpetually thinking about the punishment

they received cause they're clit is still aching. Plus it's all

because they were stupid enough fags to give me that weapon against

them in the first place.

Even my old dirty shoes I fasten to their faces nose-first into my

sneakers with shoelaces, the way I told you I did with my first fag

Mr. Gifford. Tie it around their faces right in the very insides of

the sneaker so they crawl around like that all day inhaling my feet

smell, still trying to do chores for me.

I'm a pretty creative guy so I try to be original in other ways. If

the cunt buys me a nice cellphone, I make sure to take pictures or

movies of him sucking my cock, maybe showing me a mouthful of my

creamy sperm.

I keep the pics just in case the fags I'm breaking get uppity or get

scared and want to back out. Maybe they're ashamed of how far they've

gone in their faggotry or how low they've sunk. They want to

disappear. That's when I promise to send their cocksucking pics to

their family and friends.

Or their office. That pretty much keeps them in their place. How

pitiful is that? Faggots so ashamed to be themselves. The only relief

they can get is sucking a man's cock.

Or if a fag gives me something like a vacuum cleaner. You don't think

I'm the one who's going to be doing the vacuuming in my place, do ya??

Fuck no! I make HIM do it, bare butt naked, from now on. Vacuuming my

condo. That's one of his weekly chores. Yeah, I might use it myself

occasionally, but only to stick his dick in the hose and watch him

squeal when it gets sucked in the tube.

If a fag gives me underwear I might wear it regular for a year, but

then I hand it back to him for some replacement underwear. I make him

wear the other underwear on his face, maybe all weekend, while i fuck

his mouth through the fly in the underwear, so I don't have to see his

stupid fag face all the time.

If he buys me a laptop of course I give him the assignment of making

him find me other cash fags, But also he gets to hunt the internet for

porn that turns him on. Like I described before, I fill up several

wifi servers with what I call Fag TV. I make 'em listen to FagRadio

over and over till they practically have it memorized.

I give them the assignment of watching nothing else but that FagTv and

listening to FagRadio, maybe in a dark closet and maybe for an entire

day, so that they can better fixate in their minds.

When Mr. Begley my high school science teacher who turned out to be a

fag gave me the keys to his condo, he had no I idea I was going to

bring an entire fraternity of studs over there to use him as their

pledge fag.

A Pledge Fag has to suck off all the guys in the fraternity PLUS the

pledges, and then taking a whipping with the pledge paddle. Plus now

all the guys at the fraternity have keys to his condo and they've been

using that fag's mouth all summer.

I'm talking with one of the tougher fraternities around town about

helping me with some fag experiments, you know, using fags as our

slaves, training them to serve us. Hell I've even had some fags I've

mentioned it to actually VOLUNTEER to get caged up and used and

trained by a fraternity. That's

Mr. Jamison gave me a gift certificate to a health spa, and now I make

him spend all the time in the lockerroom while I'm working out.

I tell him he has to go up to at least three big guys and tell them

that he is a fag cocksucker and offer to suck their cocks.

Sometimes he gets the crap beat out of him, but a lot of times he ends

up with his mouth full of cum. I tell him he can't swallow the cum of

the last guy and always has to open up his mouth and show me his mouth

full of cum.

With gift cards I buy all sort of fun things for myself. But every

once in awhile I'll buy an adult toy, like a leash, or a whip, or an

extra-large dildo. Add it to my personal arsenal of devices that

torture faggots because they deserve to feel more pain and I deserve

to enjoy laughing at it.

If they want to buy me dinner I usually take'em up on it.

I'm a growing boy, so I eat a hearty meal. Jumbo portions. Expensive

restaurants. Just that the fag doesn't get to eat a single bite.

Usually the fag understands his role so it sits obediently there while

I smilingly savor every morsel.

The fag has to sit there and watch me enjoy eating the feast he is

paying for. Of course, the waiter thinks it's a bit strange that one

guy is eating everything and the fag across the table is just sitting

there, admiring me, basking in the honor of providing me sustenance,

but then I make the fag tip the waiter big too. If the waiter asks if

the fag wants something. I usually just plain out say, "No, I'm going

to feed the fag when we get home." Most of the waiters just smirk.

Any food a fag buys me at home I might share with them when I feel

like it. You'll find that most of my fags stay pretty skinny, mostly

because I always keep them hopping. They're not allowed much idle time

to think for themselves, mostly because the poor things are really

congenitally unable to think of anything but cocksucking anyway.

Besides they should be thinking about more and better ways to please


But they're also skinny because they don't get to eat very much except

their especially formulated scientific fag food. Crusts of bread, my

leftovers, steak gristle. My cum. Usually the fags stay so hungry

they're grateful to eat anything I throw to them on the kitchen floor,

which, of course, they lick spotless.

Of course not a bite of it goes to them without it doesn't have some

of my personal fluids on it in some way. That's required.

I might spit on it. Or piss on it. Or just cream it up real good with

my cum. Sometimes I don't always have time to cum for them right that

minute, so of course I make them save up my sperm in little balloons

of condoms. That way, when I'm not around and they're allowed to get

something to eat, they can just spread my man jelly onto whatever

little morsel I let them gobble.

Eventually fags start to crave their food like that. It doesn't taste

right to fags without my teen jelly on it. They can't eat it any

other way.

I'll talk more about the psychological importance of connecting

fucking and food in the training of your personal fag later. I've

learned how important it is in breaking a fag plus in maintaining

their total obedience and servitude.

See, faggots are born with a need for constantly trying to ingest the

essence of a real man in some way.

It's because they don't have it themselves, and are constantly horny

to get it in one way or another, even if they have to eat it off

stale toast. Like I said, more about this later.

If they buy me a tennis racket, I make sure that they get spanked real

good and regularly with it. They'll even keep it mounted on their wall

so they can view their instrument of torture every day. Or I might

spend some time practicing my backhand by having him stand naked in

the garage while I whack some tennis balls at him. You should hear the

stupid fag yelp when he gets beaned with one. He's always dancing

around, covering up his little balls. Even me and my friends will play

a type of raquetball with the stupid fag in the middle trying to dodge


Like I say, I'm really creative. Hell, if the stupid fucker had the

nerve to buy me a yo-yo or some lame-ass shit like that, first I'd

spend an evening just flinging it at him over and over again, bruising

him up good. Then I'd tie the thing to his dicklit for about forever

and tell him to practice with his stupid yo-yo, making it bob up and

down until he was able to work it right. Fuck, he'd have to fucking

LIVE with his stupid yo-yo tied to his dick for the rest of his life.

Then he'd have to buy me a better gift. By this time he's so guilty

that he pledges to send me regular deposits of devotion via paypal, or

he gets me something really nice to make up for his stupidity and the

possible chance at getting near my cock again.

Modern media is great for brainwashing more obedient slaves, or making

sure they stay in their Fag Space, and I'll write more about

techniques for Fag Training later.

If they buy me something like an dvd player, or an mp3 player, I make

sure they listen to lots of "Fag Radio".

If you don't have your personal fag doing this already, you ought to

get started. That's sort of the equivalent of Fag TV, only it's

recordings of me abusing and laughing at my fags, or recordings of me

sharing my fags with a few of my other friends. Maybe even recordings

of the fag's very own humiliation. After a night of listening to

FagRadio over and over again, their obedience is hammered into their

subconscious and they're much more compliant and willing to please in

the morning.

I make'em listen to those recordings on REPEAT for about a week or so,

earplugs constantly buzzing in their ears, so they have the sounds

engraved in their fucking memories. Till the name-calling and the

screams and the begging gets embedded in their brains. Those fags who

listen to Fag Radio are a helluva lot more obedient slaves after that.

One little cocksucker listened to it just one night and said he

realized he didn't feel right until he was paying me his fag tax every

saturday like clockwork. He confessed to me that he even looked

forward to the day, and felt sooo relieved several days afterwards

that he had even in some monetary way admitted his fagginess. He said

to him it was also kind of a commitment to being a better cocksucker.

With ever payment he sent me, the more it sort of confirmed to him

that he was a lowly cocksucker. And when he felt this way, he

discovered that more real men were more willing to let him serve. Some

of his fag fantasies were finally coming to the surface and becoming

real. He said he was now sucking some cock at least every day.

One faggot in my class this first semester just recently finally broke

down into accepting his own faggotry. After he got finished blubbering

and begging, he offered to buy all my textbooks for the semester. That

was cool with me. I made him carry all all those books to class for

me. He'd be panting along behind me carrying a backpack full of heavy

textbooks and had to wait till I got seated till he placed them

properly on my desk and opened them respectfully to the pages the

class was studying. Then the stupid fag had to run off late to his

own classes. I'll tell you more about little Jimmy later. I've got

plans to really use and abuse him for the next four years.

I filled up his player with FagRadio and said, "Here, listen to this."

At first his eyes opened wide. Fag Jimmy couldn't believe what he was

hearing. He couldn't believe all the awful truthful things he was

hearing me say to/about him. He first looked a little disturbed, but

then his look turned to intrigue as he looked more and more intrigued

and listened and listened more and fell more and more under its spell.

I told him to keep it running in his ears and listen to it all day.

By evening he came panting to me door. He said, "It's true what you

say on the recording. I-I really Am a fag. I really AM a cocksucker!

That's all I think about all the time. Sucking cock. Licking balls.

Eating cock. Pleasing real. Oh god, you're soooo right. Please,

please, can I prove it to you? Can I suck your cock right now? I

really have this this strange need to be a really good cocksucker for


He got on his knees with his mouth open. Practically fucking DROOLING!

I pulled out my cock and let the poor desperate fag suck his favorite

cock. But I made him keep listening to his FagRadio the entire time.

In fact his homework is to keep listening to it all week. He says,

it's already given him a better vibe, that now straight guys seems to

know what a cocksucker he is and how to use him and he's sooo much


Any fags that wanna show their appreciation to a $uperior alpha male

like myself, feel free to $how me your appreciaton at paypal and/or

show me your gratitude by getting me something from my gift list at

amazon. If you send me letter at cameronbrock3@gmail.com just remember

I don't wa$te time just playing with fags who don't know how to show

their immediate and con$tant appreciation.


I now got a copy of a new improved FagRadio which was inspired by Fag

Gifford, but now I use on a lot of other fags to keep them under

control. They even beg me for a copy of it. So I made a CD which is a

sort of guided meditation CD of 45 minutes ME brainwashing YOU as a

constant reminder of what a lowlife cocksucker you are! It's sort of

like sleep-learning and cognitive therapy, but a kind of guided

meditation for cocksuckers to learn to accept the fact that that was

what they were born for. Guys report that it already makes them more

submissive in everyday life interactions with superior men. And

Masters report that it makes their cocksuckers even faggier than ever.

That's available for 30 bucks plus 5 bucks shipping and manhandling

and fagtax at my paypal account of cameronbrock3@gmail.com.

Hell, even send some donation to Nifty.org for even giving you the ability

to fanta$ize your $icko fantasies like Dean Deere.


© Cameron Brock III [cameronbrock3 at gmail.com]

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