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STORY Marine Prisoner - part 3

Jordan Peters freaked out when Yusef walked through the door. He knew his unspeakable horror was about to continue. He had spent two days sucking the cock of the boy bringing the food and eating pissed on rice. He was weak and disoriented. The young boy had also made him suck and lick his ass. Jordan felt he would never be a man again...such a sad condition for a handsome young twenty year old marine.

Yusef smiled at the naked muscular Marine. He removed his sweat slick shirt and rubbed his hands over his lean but well structured naked chest. He tugged a little at each nipple, as if he were getting ready for some event.

"Hello my friend. I am so sorry I was called away. And right in the middle of our little game, yes? But I took care of that matter, and now I am all yours. Up on your knees..come on now, be a big boy!" He grabbed the solder under the armpits and lifted him to his knees. It was not easy, Jordan in his weakened condition was like dead weight. Jordan's arms were still tied behind his back. The circulation was very bad and the hand were turning blue. The pain was unspeakable. Jordan knelt there in the dust, legs slightly apart for balance, his thick long cock and heavy sack swinging. His dick was still bruised and sore from the torture it had received as was his large fuckbag. He hung his handsome head, breathing heavily, his large well muscled chest rising and falling with each labored breath, his tits looking especially big.

"My handsome young marine. Not much fight left in you, huh?" Yusef reached down and grabbed both Jordan's large nipples. He tugged and twisted them. The young man moaned and chewed his lower lip. "I'm afraid unless you tell us everything we want to know, your discomfort has to continue."

"You fuckers..." Jordan croaked. His voice no longer sounded like his own. "There's nothing I can tell you.....I....I..." Jordan broke off confused and in pain.

"We asked you how many grains of sand in the desert. If you answer that correctly, you will be set free." Yusef grabbed the back of Jordan's head and pushed it into his crotch. Yusef had a huge thick Arab dick, and it grew hard immediately in his dirty linen trousers when he forced the cute face of the young soldier against it. Jordan felt the pulsing prick through the material of the pants. He felt it rubbed all over his face. Then with one hand Yusef reached down and unzipped his trousers and hauled out the huge hunk of stinking fuckmeat. Now he rubbed his cock on the boy's face. "Do you miss your wife? Do you miss fucking her, Jordan? Do you miss stuffing her pussy with your big fat cock?" While he spoke, Yusef rubbed his now leaking dick all over the young soldier's cute nose and lips.

Jordan wanted to puke. But he knew that would only bring him more pain and horror, so he swallowed the vomit that had risen in his throat. Now Yusef stepped back, his thick brown prick quivering and bouncing, the pink dickhead poking through the meaty foreskin.

"Okay, on with today's game." he walked over to a table in the corner and returned with two handsfull of something Jordan could not see. He tossed these on the floor. Thumb tacks...hundreds of thumbtacks. Then he returned to the table and came back holding what looked like fish hooks attached to long strings of heavy twine. He lifted Jordan's beautiful face so the young soldier was looking up at the hooks.

"First, we put one of these hooks through each of your fine big fat titties. Okay?"

Jordan screwed up his cute face and whimpered like a puppy. "Oh God, no..please...don't do this to me. I can't take any more."

"Shhhhhhh. Calm down my pretty soldier boy. You are a marine. Of course you can take more. You'd be surprised what you can take. Look at the pain my little brother endured at the hands of your countrymen, and he was only fifteen. I have every confidence in you. Now stick your chest out like you were about to have a medal pinned to it. Get those tits out as far as you can." Jordan almost fell over. A guard grabbed him from behind and put a knee into his back to force his tits out further. Yusef approached the right nipple with the fish hook.

"Now this is going to hurt a little. Be careful you don't bite your tongue off. Then you couldn't stick it up our asses to clean us out after we shit. But we aren't ready for that game yet, are we? We have so much more to do. So here goes...right through the right titty."

He viciously hooked the sharp ragged point through the meaty nipple flesh..in and out..so the hook was firmly embedded in Jordan's pouty tit. Jordan had visions of how his beautiful young wife loved to suck on his tits when they made love. The pain almost caused him to black out. He wished he could black out..it would make it so much easier. But no luck. A trickle of blood ran from his nipple down beneath his hard pec and across his tight belly. Yusef jabbed the other hook through the young soldier's left nipple, then he stepped back, holding the long strings of twine attached to the hooks.

"Good. Don't look so sad Jordan, that wasn't the game. That was just the set up for the game. The game is this. If you don't get your hands unbound soon, they will turn black and rot off. If you complete this game successfully, we will unbind your hands. All you have to do is be a good little doggie and crawl over to me on your knees as I pull on the string attached to your tits. That's all." Yusef sat in a chair across the room holding the stings like reins. Suddenly he tugged at them. Jordan screamed as horrible pain shot through his distended nipples.

"You see how it's done. I tug on the string and you crawl forward. Oh...lets make the game more fun. We are going to tie a rope around your nutsack attached to a twenty pound weight. You have to pull that with you." A guard did the duties, being very rough with the soldier's already sensitive scrotum in the process.

"Good. Now the weight will trail along behind you as you crawl. Each time I tug your titties, you will crawl forward once with each knee. Just one move, that's all until the next tug. Ok?"

And so it began. Yusef pulled hard on the strings. The nipples stretched out, looking as if they would rip right off the handsome soldier's chest. He screamed out, an animal sound ripping from his throat. the guards in the room roared with laughter. Jordan moved forward, right knee...left knee. He felt the weight tug at his fucksack. It was unbearable. Again the tit strings were tugged and he moved forward..but now a terrible new pain. The first of the thumb tacks on the floor dug into his knees. Yusef smiled and his white teeth flashed as he watched the marine howl in agony from the tacks embedded in his knees. And there were hundreds more tacks to cover before he reached the chair. Jordan threw his head from side to side, shaking off the sweat and tears. TUG.....TUG...HE HAD TO MOVE! His titties were pulled out horribly, the puffy nipples streched and the holes in them getting larger. He moved onto new thumb tacks..now he had almost a dozen tacks in his knees and legs and feet. The door opened and a ray of light danced across his tortured body. Five or six teenage boys bounced into the room jabbering in a foreign tongue, anxious to see the game. They laughed and pointed at the tortured enemy. The guard behind Jordan put his foot on the weight, so the next time the marine's tits were tugged, he couldn't not move. He was pulled forward by his nipple hooks, but his nutsack was stretched back between his legs. He snarled and snapped at the air in agony, and then he tumbled forward, falling right on the field of tacks. Thumb tacks bit into his chest and stomach, into his thighs. Five of them pierced his thick dick, and four of them lodged themselves in his face as it slammed into the dirt floor. He lay there rolling in the thumb tacks..more and more of them piercing his body. Then he passed out.

They had released his hands. The pain of the circulation returning to them was a nightmare in itself. Yusef, the guards and the boys watched with delight. Now he knelt in front of Yusef at the chair, his tits still pierced. They had allowed him to remove the thumbtacks from his body. His mouth hung slack, his eyes were unfocused...he was only the shell of a man.

"We were kind to you and unbound you even though you failed the game. Now you owe us a favor in return. If you complete the task...we will leave your hands unbound. If you refuse to complete the task, we will rebind your hands at once and let them rot off. All we want you to do is to masturbate for us. Show us how you big brave muscular marines masturbate."

As if in a dream, twenty year old Jordan Peters reached down and started to jerk on his dick. The teenage boys in the room giggled like girls at their first dance. Jordan pulled and yanked at his prick but it wouldn't get hard. The torture of the previous days had depleted his sex drive. It was long and rubbery, but would not erect.

"What a pathetic man you are. Perhaps you have lied to us about your wife. Perhaps you are a fucking faggot cocksucker. You can't even get your dick hard. Tell me...is this really your wife?"

He held up the photo of Jordan's pretty young bride. Jordan started to cry uncontrollably. It was all he had of her over here in this Godless place. He looked at the photo of her smiling beautiful face, and he sobbed.

'Perhaps this will help. Look at the photo of your wife as you beat your useless meat."

It did help. As Jordan looked at his wife, his fuckmeat grew hard and thick. The pain from the tacks was forgotten. The pain of the rod that had been shoved up his prick a few days ago was forgotten. He beat his meat, his nuts bouncing and swinging as he looked at his wife and shut out the world. Yusef gently tugged at the tit hooks to increase the marine's stimulation.The cock grew longer and thicker. It began to pulse. Jordan's breathing grew ragged. soon..soon...he stared only at the eyes of his beloved in the photo.

"Good. Very good. Oh my, very impressive, eh boys?" Yusef said, and the boys squealed with amusement and jabbered on in their language. Then suddenly Yusef placed the photo in the dirt between Jordan's legs. "Good..now when you shoot your load...shoot it all over the photo of your wife. Splatter her pretty face with your fuckslop."

Jordan snarled. "No...no I won't do that. You can't make me do that. I won't." His dick bobbed and leaked, his balls pulled up in their sack.

"Yes you will, or we will rebind your hands and let them rot off. Do you think your wife would like her husband returned to her minus his hands? Now jerk off on the photo."

When it came down to it, he had no choice. With tears streaming down his face, he masturbated as hard as he could, jerking angrily on the swollen prick flesh. Then he sobbed and splattered the photo of his dear wife with his dirty fucksnot. The globs of cum covered her pretty face...grew sticky and slimy. The sperm coated the only memento Jordan had of his life back home. He hung his head in shame, his thick dick leaking trails of pricksauce. He slumped down on his tortured knees.

Yusef smiled and picked up the soggy photo. "Good. Now......eat it."

Jordan looked up blinking his pretty eyes. "You want me to eat my cum off the photo?"

Yusef laughed. "No no, dear boy. I want you to eat it all. Eat the photo too!"

Gagging and crying, Jordan Peters eat the cum soaked photo of his wife.

© Dale [maipenraikhap at sbcglobal.net]

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