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STORY Convictions

Chapter 1 - Jason Arrives

The battered white Bluebird bus pulled into the gates of the penitentiary known simply as Reidsville. The bus had driven several hours to get to this point, it had passed thru miles of unused swamp land and finally arrived at the middle of nowhere.

17 year old Jason James was on that bus, he stared thru the wire grate covering the window beside him. He felt queasy, his pulse was rapid, and his palms were sweaty.

Looking up, he saw many small towers a few stories high. Each tower had a railed mezzanine and an armed guard. He saw double fences that stood at least 12 feet, the fences were topped with curling strands of barbed wire. All that he saw only reinforced his fears.

The bus moved forward and the gates behind it were shut. The prisoner transport bus was now in an area between two sets of gates. Several minutes passed and the bus passed thru, into the prison that would now serve as Jason´s home.

A few drops of sweat rolled down Jason´s forehead, he held up his cuffed hands and quickly wiped it away before it could run down his face and be mistaken for tears. Indeed, Jason felt very much like crying, but tears were a weakness he couldn´t afford.


Less then 90 days ago, Jason Jacobs had been free. As a guard ordered all out´, Jason´s thoughts flashbacked. He thought of the stupid act that had put him here. As his mind replayed the scenes that had led up to this, he stumbled. He had forgotten the leg irons that were clamped to his ankles.

He was 6th in a line of 9 new inmates being led into a huge double door. As the march suddenly halted, Jason stumbled again, almost falling into the man a head of him.

Again Jason looked around. Guards began unlocking the handcuffs and leg irons. Jason waited his turn. As he took in the size of the guards and the size of the other prisoner´s he felt even younger and smaller. He felt more sweat running down his forehead as an even deeper fear sank in.

One stupid desperate act had brought Jason to this point. So far he had survived, so farâÈÙ but as he looked around, deep fear of his future life filled him.

The new arrivals were stripped, searched, and showered. Jason had been thru this ordeal before. It was a routine that had happen when he was arrested. It had happened when he had arrived at the prison systems Diagnostic Unit. Even so, Jason still found the showers embarrassing.

Jason would have been more embarrassed if he had realized several trustees were watching him shower. The trustees had reason to stare.

Homosexuality was an accepted way of life at Reidsville. There was a complex web of relationships, some as simple as just sexual, some romantic, some that no one cared to think about.

Jason´s long blonde hair had been shaved at the Diagnostic Unit. It was a rule. There was no real reason behind it, it was something that had been done for decades. It was a practice, more or less.

Yet, shaved head and all, Jason Jacobs was pleasant to look at, to say the least. He was young, he was white, his body was boyishly smooth. Jason was a 5 foot 5 inched young man. He had never been an athlete yet his body was well formed. His shoulders tapered down to a slim 28 inch waist. His butt could only be described as a prison attribute, it was firm but plump. The crack was simply a seam between two nice globes that suggested something delightful was hidden away. His legs were well developed and only a few sparse hairs coated them.

From the front, Jason´s face was not model pretty, it was boyishly good looking. It was a face that a man that had been locked up to long would like to look at. A young face, an innocent face that would make a pleasant addition to an incarcerated man´s world. It was a face of innocence, a face that had hardly felt the swipe of a razor. A face so young, some small problems of teenaged acne marred its smoothness.

Jason´s chest still had that light touch of baby fat. Not one hair marred the surface of his pecs. A man´s rough hand could grab those smooth pecs and close his eyes and pretend. Jason´s nipples were neither small nor large. They were a shade of rose beige. They were about the size of a quarter and the nubs were slightly lighter in color. The nubs were like those of most young men, they hardened when the wind blew. The nubs were quite small until they stiffened. Then the hardened and became about the size of a pencil´s eraser, a size that would make locked up men stare at.

His belly was flat, puberty had removed its handles. While Jason had a flat tummy, in no way was it a defined male 6 pack. His navel was an innie´ and below it were a few almost invisible hairs that declared him a natural blonde.

The sprinkling of hairs trailed down to a somewhat thicker pubic bush. Jason´s pubes were a curly shade of brown blonde, they formed the proper vee shape, but by no means did he have a thick hairy bush.

Below that, Jason´s toys hung. Even on the coldest day, his limp dick was about 4 inches of cut manhood. Fully erect was a different story, it grew hard and stiff, rock hard, steel hard! But it only reached a length of about 5 inches and the diameter of a silver dollar! He had a tight, almost hairless scrotum that encased testicles that were about the size of almonds. Small balls, but they could fire! Jason´s soft cock was long and thick enough so that it almost covered his over producing sperm makers. But it was not huge, it was small by the prison standards. Jason wasn´t hung, he was just in proportion for his body size.

As Jason showered, the trustees continued to watch him. Jason was unaware of the sexual fantasies that he was playing a role in during his 5 minute shower.

Jason and the other new arrivals stepped out of the shower at a guard´s order. He dried off and stood in line for underwear and a uniform.

Jason dressed and walked in line thru a small maze of halls. As he stepped out into Reidsville´s rotunda he had to keep marching even though the vast rotunda kind of amazed him with its marble and brass. He looked up as he stood in line. The rotunda was an open 5 stories of marble, roofed by a stain glass dome. As he followed the line Jason felt cold and his fears deepened!

Jason knew he was in a bad place, and he knew that rape was a possible thing in his near future. His time in county jail and his time in the state´s Diagnostic Unit had been spent in single cells. He had heard enough to know how bad Reidsville was. He knew his young age and his small size made rape a very potential part of his future.

Like most men, young or old, big or small, Jason James feared rape. He could almost imagine it, big men beating him, then making him do things with them! Jason was scared, and he had reason to be!

He was now told to sit on a bench. He needed to sit down, his legs felt weak. His heart was beating so loud it could almost be heard. As he wiped his sweat wet palms on his orange uniform, he looked around.

Jason wasn´t the only person in fear, most of the others sitting on the benches were nervous also. They were about to be classified, assigned a cell, assigned a work duty, classified by a person that really didn´t care what happened in the deep dark areas of the prison.

In prison, your neighborhood isn´t a thing of choice, your roommate sure isn´t! You can´t control anything really. You can´t dial 911! Even if you´re raped and make the mistake of telling, your life is over. It´s not as easy as yelling for help or telling a guard. Telling is snitching, screaming is snitching, and prison society doesn´t have snitches. Bad things happen to snitches. Real bad things.

It´s all supposed to be real organized. It´s all supposed to be fair. It´s only fair to the staff that actually plays a part in overseeing the prisons operations. The classification board consists of people with college educations that couldn´t get a better job. They have a few empty beds to stick new arrivals in. It doesn´t matter to them if they stick a hot check writer into an empty bed in a cell with a murderer. What matters to the classification board is 5pm and payday. They have a few empty beds, and they place the new arrivals in them. They don´t rearrange the entire overcrowded prison everyday. It´s a made up job that they perform. The board simply looks at what cells have empty bunks, and what new arrivals they have been made to deal with.

When it was Jason´s turn to walk into the classification room, his legs were shaking, his fear was obvious. His file wasn´t reviewed. There were a few empty cells in L Building and that were Jason was being sent. Jason did luck out a little, it was time for the classification staff to take lunch, and they didn´t even bother to assign him to a job.

The entire 3 minutes that Jason spent in the classification room, he never even spoke. The staff never really looked at the scared 17 year old. They didn´t realize he had been sent to what was the state´s worst penitentiary simply because it had empty beds due to a recent riot. If they had realized, they wouldn´t have cared. And now, Jason James was being placed in a cell simply because it had an empty bunk.

As the uniform guard led Jason from the classification room, the staff of it was already trying to decide what they would have for lunch. Jason was just another prisoner to them, just another number.

Chapter 2 - Adam´s Feeling Lonely

Adam paced back and forth in the small cell. He didn´t pace from nervousness, he didn´t pace from fear. Adam Holden paced when he was in deep thought, like now. Adam´s 6 foot 1 inch frame couldn´t take many steps in the small cell, but the country boy´ part of him seemed to think better when he walked.

Different thoughts were running thru Adam´s mind. He´d been locked up for 9 months and 3 days, 9 very long months. Over 6 months had been spent in the very prison cell he now was walking back and forth in. This morning, his cellie, his cell mate had been placed on the outgoing chain´. Adam felt lonely, his best friend in this whole damn prison had left!

Adam had no real reason to feel lonely, he was one of the lucky ones, one of the special few at Reidsville. He had a vast amount of family and friends on the outside, in the free world that wrote to him, visited him, and supported him. Adam had visitors, he had mail, he had money in his prison trust fund, and even contraband cash available. He had the ability to obtain drugs, alcohol, and many other forms of prison contraband. In the eyes of many other prisoners, Adam Holden had it all!

But he didn´t have it all! Not in his mind, not in his thoughts. Adam was lonely, he had been lonely before but now that his cellie, his best friend had left on the chain bus, his loneliness had increased. Adam and his ex-cellie hadn´t been lovers, but they were best friends. They had gotten along, they had developed prison routines, and they had been a stability to each other in the prison way of life.

And now, Adam was alone. He didn´t have his best friend to bullshit with anymore. He didn´t have the buddy that he had lived with in the small cell for month after month. The tall, well built country boy was feeling down. He felt almost abandoned.

Adam knew he would get a new cellmate today. He was well aware of the prison overcrowding. But he was pacing, thinking, sorting out his thoughts. Adam was wondering if he wanted more then a friend, more then a buddy. In all the months of lock up, being away from women, only twice had Adam ventured into the deep dark secret sex life of a straight man in prison. Only twice had the country boy done what he thought was an unspeakable act. Two times now, he had paid for the privilege of a free world dick sucker. Only two times had he reduced himself to use a cock sucker, two times in over 9 months!

Adam had felt inner guilt from his sexual enjoyment. There was no doubt that he had received expert head, the best two blow jobs he had ever known in his short life span. He could buy a prison punk, he could easily pay for a good cock sucker to be in his cell. He had the connections and funds to get one of the few punks that even had breast implants, the ones that everyone prisoner looked at. He could have the best!

He paced, thinking about it, thinking and pacing. He finally just made a decision as he looked at the empty bunk in his cell. He decided if they put some God awful freak in his cell, he´d pay a guard to have them moved. He didn´t know who he wanted in his cell. It wasn´t as easy as in the free world, but Adam was lonely, he really wanted someone to talk with, to bullshit with.

Adam stopped at the small sink in the back of the cell. He splashed some water on his face, then wet his hair and slicked it back with his long fingers. He looked at himself in the mirror and wished his ears didn´t stick out! He sat down to read his mail.

A while later, Adam heard the yells, the prison cat calls, the hints of a new guy arriving in the cell block. The yells he was hearing were somewhat threatening, somewhat suggesting danger. He looked towards the bars, out to the cell block runway as the guard led Jason James to his cell.

Adam´s face took on a frown as he watched the guard direct Jason into his cell. He didn´t dislike Jason on site, that wasn´t what made him frown. Adam was pissed because of the other prisoner´s making rude remarks about his new cellie. He looked at the young small dude and felt a protective instinct develop.

A few of the convicts were peering into the cell, Adam gave them a angry look, and closed the sheet that served as a makeshift privacy curtain for the steel bars.

A voice from outside yelled, "Hey Holden, if you ain´t gonna share, at least let a nigga watch." Adam ignored the comment and the laughter that accompanied it.

"Don´t pay no attention to that bull shit, you ride with me now dude, ain´t no one gonna fuck with you." Adam announced a bit louder then needed, but wanting his voice heard by those who lurked outside the cell. He held out a large hand, "I´m Adam Holden."

Justin was still in a daze, just walking to this cell had been another awful experience. He was too embarrassed to even look up to where Adam towered over him. He murmured, "Justin, uh, Justin James." He shook hands, uncomfortable with the contact in the small space.

"Cool, man. I like the top bunk so the bottom is yours. Chow call is in about an hour, but it´s some kind of noodle shit tonight so you can eat a spread with me, if you wanna. In fact, you´ll be better off if you stick with me at first, man. It´s rough in here, especially for new dudes. You´re gonna wanna avoid a lot of dudes. They´ll try and catch you off by yourself, or in a stairwell, just all kinds of shit they watch for." Adam advised.

Justin made no comment. He didn´t know what to say. He had heard everything Adam had said, but the phrase ride with me´ is what he dwelled on. Justin took a few glances at Adam as he made his bunk. The guy had acted decent so far, he was pretty tall, but he wasn´t old, fat, or hideous. Justin made a major decision based on the fear he had felt just walking down the cellblock run to this cell. Justin decided he would do what he had to do to keep Adam as a friend and protector. As Justin thought about homosexual relations he decided it would be better to willingly be with this one decent guy then to be gang raped by no telling how many.

As Justin made his decision, he visibly relaxed, yet retained nervousness. He didn´t know what to say or do after he had the bunk made. The silence felt awkward.

Adam had been in his bunk reading mail, he jumped down and sat on the end of Justin´s bed. "So how much time you got Justin?"

Justin made first eye contact with Adam. There was something in Adam´s eyes that seemed kind. "3 years," he answered.

"Man, that ain´t so bad. If you keep your goodtime, you´ll be out before you know it. This fucking hell hole is real over crowded. They´re giving extra goodtime now, just handing it out like candy." Adam responded. "Hey, when they call chow, most of these broke mother fuckers with go to eat. That´s when you and me are gonna hit the showers. Otherwise a lot of these perverts will be trying to check you out, if you get my drift. Especially the ones that been locked up to long. Anytime a young dude comes in this place, the old fuckers are all over em."

Justin croaked, "Uh, okay." He didn´t bother to announce that he had just recently showered. He figured Adam knew the chain routine. He figured Adam just wanted to see his ass or something. That thought gave him shiver, but he pushed it away. Adam made small talk with him.

A buzzer rang, and he heard a guard yell, "Get ready for chow! Chow in 5 minutes, chow in 5."

Adam stood up, and unzipped his orange prison jumpsuit. With no hesitation, no embarrassment, he stripped completely nude a few feet from where Justin sat. Justin stared at a small spot on the wall, feeling uncomfortable. Adam wrapped a towel around his waist and then tossed another towel to Justin.

"Free world towels," Adam laughed. "Enough material to cover a dude up, not like the thin worn out crap they issue in here."

Justin stood as Adam sat back down. Justin knew his cellie expected him to strip and put on the towel. His nervous fingers fumbled at the zipper. He kept his back towards Adam as he stripped. And of course Adam looked.

Adam hadn´t really intended more then a glance, but as he saw Justin´s back and ass, the glance lingered. Adam thought, A boy shouldn´t have a butt that pretty.´ He had never so much as touched a dude´s ass before, but he knew he wouldn´t mind touching a pretty butt like Justin´s. He felt that familiar twinge that his cock gave before it started getting stiff. Fortunately, Justin now had the towel wrapped around him.

The two cellmates headed towards the shower walking side by side down the run. The large shower was in the front end of the cell block. It had 40 shower heads. A half wall separated it from the cellblock run. Adam shared soap and shampoo with Justin as they showered. He didn´t want to pop a boner in the shower, so other then passing the soap and shampoo, Adam never looked at Justin.

It may have been fear of the unknown, it may have been normal curiosity. Justin did take a few looks at Adam. His tall cellmate was thin but well built. And as Justin noticed, apparently Adam was hung. Adam´s cock was soft but to Justin it appeared quite large. It flopped and dangled as Adam scrubbed. Two large balls swung freely in an equally impressive scrotum. The size of Adam´s equipment made Jason even more nervous. He closed his eyes to shampoo the stubble of his cropped out hair but could still see the large dangling dick in his mind´s eye.

Justin wasn´t aware of the stragglers that had not gone to chow that stood watching him shower. One of them, a large pot bellied man, openly groped as he watched the young man shower.

The two cellmates finished their shower. As Adam dried off, he glared at the men who stared at Justin. The glare made two of the men walk away, but three remained.

"Ain´t no need in looking," Adam said in a dangerous tone, "He´s riding with me."

Justin´s face flushed with embarrassment that worked its way all over his body. He was well aware of what happened sexually in prisons, he knew he was a chosen victim because of his age and size. But these men had stared with openness and a lewdness that shocked Justin. The way they had stared at him was like the way a group of construction workers would stare at a hot young woman.

On the trip back to the cell, Justin could still feel eyes burning holes into his back. He knew the men were staring at his once again towel covered butt. Even though the thick towel more then covered him, Justin felt as naked as he could get. He knew that all that stood between him and those men was his cellie.

"Here," Adam said as they were back in the cell. "Free world boxers my aunt sent, there too small for me but they should fit you."

As Justin pulled up the boxers, he said, "Thanks Adam. I mean thanks for out there too, those dudes, the way they were staring and shit. Man! I don´t know what I would have fucking done without you! Thanks!"

Adam knew what Justin was trying to convey, if he hadn´t known, the sincerity of Justin´s voice would have told him. He felt a stab of guilt for checking out Justin´s ass earlier.

"They´re just fucking pervs," Adam said, "But I´m just as bad man. I checked out your butt, dude. I´ve been locked up too long, fuck, I almost boned up seeing your ass!"

Justin looked at Adam who still stood wrapped in a towel. He looked into the blue eyes of the older teenager that was his protection. Justin didn´t speak, he knelt down in front of Adam.

Adam´s hands were at his sides, clenched as Justin tugged the towel free. The cell was silent except for the beat of two hearts. For a few minutes, Justin stared at the cock in front of his face. It had already been big, but it grew in front of his eyes. Longer, and thicker, slightly darker as he stared at it.

A whisper came from Adam, "You don´t have to do this." Those were the words but it almost seemed a plea, Adam almost seemed to beg for relief.

Justin´s tongue appeared, wet and thick. Justin felt almost calm as he licked Adam´s stiff rod. The lick caused Adam´s cock to spasm, to jerk. Justin was surprised at the taste, it wasn´t that bad. Just the underlying taste of the soap from their shower. He opened his mouth wide, and covered the cock head. It had looked big, but felt huge now that it was inside his mouth. It was so thick that he couldn´t seem to open his mouth wide enough, but he tried. He was able to work a bit more of it into his mouth.

Adam had tried to remain still, his fist opened and closed, cords stood out on his neck. His hands went to the stubble of Justin´s recently clipped off hair. He moaned quietly, and almost on their own, his hips began a slight thrust.

Justin had no experiences with hard cocks except the one between his own legs. He knew enough to keep his teeth away from the sensitive steel hard organ. And actually, Justin was doing a very good job. He was dealing with 9 ½ inches of thick man meat attached to one very horny 19 year old.

Adam´s hips continued their thrust, Justin was dealing with as much as 5 inches of the big cock. Justin´s tongue swirled, his jaws sucked, his lips formed a tight sleeve! Adam´s hips slowly thrusted, pumping dick in and out of the warm sucking mouth.

"UhâÈÙ ohâÈÙ fuck!" Adam whispered hoarsely as his cum tube expanded and began to jet!

Cum flooded into Justin´s mouth, there was really no place for it to gave, save one, and without thinking, Justin began to swallow. He swallowed as fast as he could trying to keep up with the pipe like tube that flooded his mouth!

"Oh, fuck!" Adam moaned loudly as his nuts quivered and sent their juicy thick man shake into Justin´s mouth! "Fuck!"

Whoops and hollers came from outside of the cell as Adam fuck cried were heard.

Chapter 3 - Hearts Beat In Hell Too

In the back of Adam´s mind, he was aware of the audience outside the sheet that hung over his cell´s bars. He didn´t think or dwell on those that had listened to him cumming. It was a prison thing, a convict thing, in some ways a man thing. Adam had been at Reidsville long enough to know the way of life. Men in here stuck their noses where they didn´t belong. It was an accepted way of doing time.

Justin also heard the laughs and catcalls from outside the cell. All those men out there knew he had just sucked a dick. They all knew he had just swallowed cum. His face was bright red, it burnt with shame. Sucking Adam off hadn´t actually been that bad, but knowing that all those loud leering men knew, that was real shame! Justin was still kneeling on the cell´s cement floor. His heart was thumping, he stared at a point somewhere between Adam´s long hairy legs.

Adam´s heart was also thumping, it was racing. Adam was in a speechless state, Adam was trying to sort his thoughts and feelings. He had just had his dick sucked by another male for the third time in his life. He had enjoyed it even though it wasn´t one of the best head jobs the world had known. Adam liked it, he liked it very much! There was no guilt about the homosexual activity this time. Adam enjoyed that even more then he enjoyed the fact that he had just dumped a load.

The tall prison stud stared down at Justin. This wasn´t one of the pretty punks that had sucked his cock previously. They had worn make-up, they had tried to appear female.

Adam looked down at where Justin still knelt. He saw a short decently built young man with a bad prison version of a crew cut. There wasn´t anything feminine about Justin. Adam saw a young man, small of build trying to survive in a version of hell. Adam almost shrugged, maybe Justin would be cuter when his hair grew some.

Adam did a strange thing. He reached down with one of his long arms and pulled Justin up. He was strong, he exerted no effort to pull the smaller younger teen off the floor. A stupid thought ran thru Adam´s mind, just a brief and never known thought. For a split second, Adam was thinking about kissing this dude that had just sucked his dick! It was just one of those fleeting deep feelings that one sometimes has after sex.

He pushed the thought away, but he did give Justin a half way embrace, and Adam did whisper "Thanks, I really needed that."

Adam patted Justin´s back, a straight man´s brotherly hug, a hug used on special occasions. He stepped back, and asked, "You know how to make a spread dude?"

Thoughts were running thru Justin´s head too. He had just sucked dick. He was confused by the hug, but somehow he knew it was an effort of friendship, a bonding. He had just sucked this dude´s dick and swallowed this dude´s cum! He had been half hugged and received a whispered thanks´ for his effort.

Justin took a short but hard look at Adam. He saw a tall slim young man. He saw strength and protection. Justin didn´t see a real good looking guy, not like a model or actor. But Justin saw someone that could hopefully save him from the hell that was still making comments outside of the cell.

Justin had been lost in his thoughts, he had just sucked dick and had many things to deal with. He hadn´t heard Adam.

Adam repeated, "A spread? You know how to make one?" Adam saw the confused expression on Justin´s face.

Justin heard Adam this time, but he was even more confused then before. Justin´s thoughts were still in a sexual mode. He was trying to picture a sexual position that two males could have that involved spreading! He looked up at tall Adam. He just couldn´t picture what he was supposed to do! He asked, "You want me to spread my legs or something? I ain´t done this kind of thing before."

Adam held back the laughter he had inside, but his eyes sparkled. Had he gotten the perfect cellmate? He didn´t know, but for the first time in months, Adam was happy!

He answered, "Legs? Spread? Hey, maybe later, but I was talking about food, making a spread. Uh, that´s what its called in here. Its stuff you mix together and make sandwiches from. Junk food from the store, uh, commissary." Adam´s relatively short time in prison had already made it necessary for him to have to translate to Justin. Adam thought in prison phonics or slang.

Somehow, it was natural for both the young men that Justin took on the role of preparing the supper. Adam had a good stash of food. He had the things that the prison commissary sold and he had supplements that he purchased from inmates that worked in the prison kitchens.

As Adam told Justin how to make a spread that was based on canned tuna, Justin followed each instruction, even as he crushed up a small bag of Frito chips and mixed it in the plastic bowl.

Adam watched and gave out the prison recipe for a tuna spread deluxe. It included many things and actually tasted good when completed and spread on bread. But Adam was watching to make sure Justin did his recipe right, Adam was thinking about Justin.

Adam´s thoughts ran wild, He ain´t ugly, he´ll probably look kind of cute when his hair grows back. He´s little and shit. He´s got a nice ass for a dude. But could I fuck a dude? Another dude?´

Justin had finished the mix, tuna, Frito´s, egg, and relish were part of the ingredients. He was spreading it on bread when he realized the prison slang word spread´ had came from spreading it on bread.

Something clicked in Adam´s mind, some thought, some need. As Justin handed Adam a sandwich, Adam took a big bite, "Damn, pretty good man!"

Justin gave what some might consider a half smile, and took a doubtful bite from his own sandwich. He frowned, "It is good! I thought it was gonna taste like shit when you had me add the Fritos!"

Adam wanted to dig deeper, and Adam pretty much did what he wanted. "So you never made a spread before?"

The blush reappeared on Justin´s face as he was slightly reminded on the fact that he thought a spread was a sexual position. Justin took another bite from the sandwich and answered as he chewed, "This is kind of my first time. I really appreciate you looking after me."

Normally, Adam came right to the point. But not this time, he took another look at Justin and knew there would never be any chance that this young masculine teen would become feminine. But Adam responded, "Yeah, its pretty scary in here. It´s fucking lonely as hell too!"

Justin didn´t know how to respond at first, but he knew there where a lot of men waiting outside the cell. Men that might not be so nice, men that wouldn´t be sharing their food with him.

Justin did speak, "I´m scared as shit man! I don´t even know how to tell you how scared I am!"

Adam´s blue eyes were still smiling, almost a sparkle seemed to come from them. He let out a deep breath, not a sigh, but almost a hope. "Look, Justin. I can kind of school you, kind of take care of you. I ain´t normally gay or shit, but I´m so fucking lonely that I kind of wanna hook up."

Justin was puzzled again, but just for a few seconds. He figured out what the term hook up´ meant in prison.

"I wouldn´t mind taking care of someone if they take care of me," Adam was speaking again. "No one in here will fuck with what´s mine or nothing cause I got a few contacts." For some reason Adam felt the need to brag about his abilities in the prison.

"You want me to be your punk?" Justin asked in a muted voice. Justin was staring at Adam.

"Don´t look at me like that!" Adam answered. "I didn´t rape you or nothing!"

Justin shook his head, "Naw, I, uh, I sucked your dick cause I wanted to thank you for making those dudes leave me alone. I never sucked a dick before or nothing. I ain´t gay, but I´ll do what I need too. I´ll do what you say and shit. Am I gonna have to act like a girl?"

No longer could Adam hold back his laughter! He looked at his new cellie, a short dude yes, but broad shouldered and well built! ( And the prettiest butt on the cell block) Adam laughed hard, he laughed from his heart, but managed to speak, "No one will ever mistake you for a girl, no, you don´t have to act like a girl, you don´t have to act like anything. But maybe later, can I see what you thought a spread was?"

Good natured Justin didn´t take the laughter as an insult, in all actuality he couldn´t really do anything that would offend Adam. But Justin decided if he had to be with a man, this new cellmate wasn´t bad at all.

The two sat beside each other eating sandwiches and talking. The few that had been hoping to get a piece of Justin and waiting on the chance that Adam would put him on the stroll had disappeared, they had gone on to their normal way of prison life.

Adam and Justin talked, they shared experiences. Time clicked by, it became time for a prison count. A guard walked down the cellblock walkway, peering into cells, counting heads.

He got to the cell that Justin and Adam were now sharing. The young guard had seen it all. When he counted Justin and Adam he saw two almost naked convicts kissing! He didn´t care, he had been trained to ignore sexual activity between inmates. He had been told it kept the inmates happy and kept them from causing trouble and rioting.

But, both Justin and Adam were kissing another male for the first time. They were kissing each other. Adam was the dominant kisser, his tongue was doing the probing, his hands were working lower and lower on Justin´s back,

Adam had made a major decision. He had decided that if he could get his dick sucked by another guy, then he may as well try a few more things. It was really more then that, it was more then just sexual relief. Adam was just tired of being lonely.

There wasn´t a noticeable difference to Adam as he kissed Justin. It was about the same as kissing a female. He covered Justin´s lips and tongued deep inside the young man´s mouth. Adam´s dick grew to full size. The 9 ½ inched fuck pole hardened and wanted freed from the boxers that constricted it.

Justin´s eyes remained open during the long involved French kiss. His lips moved and gave into Adam´s controlling kiss. He tasted the large tongue that probed his mouth. It wasn´t that bad, not bad at all.

Deep in his thoughts, Justin had known he would be punked.He hadn´t thought of what scenes might take place. But kissing wasn´t one of the things he had pictured in his prison life. But it wasn´t that bad. Even as Adam´s hands roamed his back, moving lower and lower, Justin just accepted the kiss and the groping. In fact, Justin developed his own erection. His 5 incher had hardened at some point.

Adam´s hands had slipped inside the boxers he had given Justin. He had never been much of an ass man with the women in his life but this wasn´t a woman´s ass he was feeling up. He knew that the smooth globes of muscled buttocks he was feeling were male. But it didn´t matter at this point, he was too horny, too excited. Maybe another blow job would have satisfied him, but he wanted, almost needed to fuck.

Somehow their boxer shorts came off, somehow they were both standing. Adam bent his head down, continuing the kiss that only fuel the fire that burnt between his legs. He saw Justin´s boner, it small size caught Adam´s attention.

Justin was now face down on the bottom bunk. He wasn´t sure how he had got there, but he spread apart his legs. He knew what was next. He remained still and watched as Adam produced a bottle of hand lotion. Neither young man knew the in´s and out´s of butt fucking, but Adam knew that lube was needed.

Adam applied a generous amount to his big cock, the shine of the lotion somehow made its size more impressive. He sat down beside Justin and spread Justin´s ass cakes apart, both of their hearts pounded, as Adam took in the small orifice that he intended on entering.

The virgin hole appeared so small, so tiny. If Adam hadn´t known better, he wouldn´t have believed his cock could fit inside that small band of muscle. He began rubbing lotion onto the small ring.

Chapter 4 - The Course of Nature

Adam ran his finger around Justin´s ass rim. He applied a generous amount of the cool lotion. The current sexual activity was a brand new experience for both young men. Neither one had previous knowledge of this type of fucking. Even as Adam coated the smaller teen´s butt lips, he still wondered how the small hole could open wide enough to receive a hard cock. He knew it happened, all the time, somewhere right now, several men in this very cell block were fucking.

Justin still had his little erection. It laid between his stomach and the rough prison sheets of the bunk. No one had touched his asshole before, not even during the many strip searches he had endured. But, the lotion was cool, almost relaxing as his new cellie´s finger rubbed it in.

Justin was scared, any straight man would have been afraid. No, Justin had never seen the small size of his own asshole, Justin had never seen anyone´s asshole. Justin knew he was going to be fucked, he somehow knew it would hurt. Maybe it was word of mouth, maybe it was a long forgotten instinct, Justin knew that his big cocked cellmate would cause him a lot of pain. He had sucked off that dick, it was huge, he had trouble taking a small part of it in his wide spread mouth. Oh, yeah, he knew it would hurt going up his ass!

Instinct told Justin to push out, to open his ass as wide as he could! Adam was still watching the small ring as it seemed to wink and pulse! He stared at it amazed as it managed to expand and create a very small opening that he sank his finger into!

Adam didn´t know what to expect as his lotioned covered finger entered the butt virgin´s ass! He surely didn´t expect what he felt! Warmth and a smooth tightness encased his finger. Just having his finger in that ass chute made Adam moan.

He moved his finger around a little. Adam felt a bit strange fingering another dude´s asshole. He looked at Justin´s back. He saw a short, but kind of well built dude. Broad shoulders, narrow hips, and a strong muscular butt.

None of that really mattered, not now, not anymore. Adam had completely crossed that line that separates straight men from gay ones when he kissed Justin. Even in prison there were certain rules. You were thought of as straight when you fucked a punk or got head. But kissing, even the oldest convicts that had seen or done it all considered that a queer act. Adam knew those rules, he didn´t care. He wanted sex, good sex. He wanted to fuck, too many months had passed since he had fucked! Pure male need, the masculine instinctive need to fuck had Adam climbing on Justin´s back. But another need, another masculine need to protect made Adam think about his movements.

Adam slowly lowered his body onto Justin´s back. Just the skin to skin contact felt good! Justin felt warm and comfortable underneath his larger body. He could feel the beating of Justin´s heart where his chest touched Justin´s back. His cock rested into the smoothness of the pliant butt. Adam let out a contented sigh, the sound of a happy man!

He was aware of Justin´s fear, the thumping heart gave that emotion away. Adam bent his head close to Justin´s left ear, whispering, "It´ll be okay, don´t be scared. I´ll go real easy, you let me know if it´s hurting too much. You let me know, okay?" Adam purposely didn´t use the words man´ or dude´. Those words were appropriate to use with the young man he was about to ass fuck. Those words didn´t belong in this intimate position.

Adam felt compelled to do more then fuck, he began a form of foreplay that he hoped would make this better for the both of them. He ran his tongue around Justin´s ear lobe, nibbling and nuzzling. He darted his tongue in and out of the young man´s ear using a firm almost fucking motion to french his new cellmate´s ear.

He gently ran the rough stubble of his slight beard shadow over the back of Justin´s neck, then his mouth went into action again. He sucked and kissed at the tender skin of the small teen´s neck.

The foreplay was serving a purpose. Justin was getting horny, his dick leaked and throbbed where it lay beneath his stomach. The 17 year old´s previous sexual contacts had been limited to inexperienced females. He had never known that his ear was an erotic area. He had never experienced a person lying on his back, the weight that seemed to cause sexual stimulation.

As the kisses to his sensitive neck continued, Justin let out soft moans, he slowly thrusted his dick against the rough sheets. He felt hornier and hotter then he had ever been. He could feel the heat radiating from the big hard log pressed against his butt, he felt the slickness of the lube cock touching his ass.

Justin pushed the fear of being fucked to the back of his mind. His teenaged hormones were making their need for more sexual contact known. Justin did a bit of whispering, "I´m so hot, you got me so hot!" He voice was the low tone of someone that recognized he was involved in a forbidden´ act.

Adam asked, "Can I fuck you? Can I fuck you baby?" His voice was gentle and soft but the need in it was heard. Adam heard himself calling Justin baby´. It made him cringe but it seemed to fit. "Please baby, can I fuck?"

"Yeah, yeah," Justin whispered, as was the way with horny teenagers.

Adam rose up, he looked down to where his hardness still touched the hot sweet ass cheeks. He supported his body above Justin´s with one hand as he guided his member into the cleavage of the butt cakes. Almost on its own, Adam´s cock head found the warm moistness of the ass ring. He bent his mouth back to Justin´s neck and pushed gently!

Justin tensed as soon as he felt the thick cock head press against his asshole! A deep fear and an even deeper dread filled every nook and cranny of his mind! He knew he had to do this, he had to be a part of this! He´d rather be involved with this one guy then no telling how many others!

Justin couldn´t relax but once again he was able to push out with his ass ring! He pushed out hard, so hard that he grunted! And his ass had opened enough, Adam´s cock began a slow entrance!

The two had spent some time in their version of foreplay. A lot of the cheap commissary lotion that Adam had used as lube had dried up. Not much remained on the 19 year old´s fuck tool. Justin had only received one of Adam´s fingers! The cock that was being forced inside him was so much thicker! Much too thick!

Justin´s pain was waves of pure agony! He wanted to make it stop! He wanted to crawl away from the huge thing that seemed to be splitting his ass apart! Justin was young, he was small, and he was feeling pain like he never knew in his short lifetime! However, Justin was a man! Being a part of this homosexual prison act didn´t make him less of a man.

And Justin acted like the man he was. He didn´t scream in pain, he didn´t resist. He didn´t cry and beg for it to stop! He hid the pain and he rode on its waves!

Adam sank in slowly, slow as he could! He had expected that Justin´s ass would feel good, he had expected it to feel as good as the real pussy´s he had often been inside of in the free world! He didn´t expect what he was feeling!

If Adam had penetrated any faster, he would have immediately lost it and nutted! His cock was entering something that was so tight it felt like his strong hands clamping around his dick! But it was so much better then his hands! It was a small tight chute with a hard ring of muscle that locked around his dick! It was warm, so tight, but so soft! It seemed to be slowly sucking his dick into its depth!

Adam did what he could, he tried to watch for signals of pain or stress from Justin! He tried to be careful and not hurt the owner of this wonderful hole! He tried to be aware of Justin and what Justin was feeling! But Adam´s dick was sending out signals that overwhelmed Adam´s thoughts!

Justin remained still and quiet, the pain grew and grew, but Justin hid it! He didn´t let into the need to get the huge thing out of his body! He didn´t give in!

Minutes had gone by, many minutes that left both young men´s bodies gleaming with a light sheen of sweat! In the low glow of the 60 watt bulb in the prison cell, they both appeared almost handsome. Their bodies looked strong and sturdy and desirable.

And the fucking began! Adam had finally entered balls deep! He pulled out slowly, being careful, but enjoying the hot sensations of the clinging ass tunnel more then he could ever remember enjoying anything. He pulled out until he felt the flare of his cock head touching the inner ring of ass muscle, then he slowly pushed back in!

Justin didn´t make a sound, he didn´t scream as it felt like his guts were being pulled out of his asshole! He didn´t move as it felt like a baseball bat was being forced in and out of his ass! He had made a choice, he had made his own choice! That choice involve letting this tall young man fuck him, punk him. Justin wasn´t big enough to protect himself, but he was man enough to hide his agony.

More minutes ticked by, Justin had been stretched. The massive prick moved in and out more freely, the pain was fading. He could feel the size of the dick moving thru his body but either he had gotten used to the pain or it wasn´t hurting as bad. Justin became aware of other things, other things beside the pure agony he had been suffering! He was aware of Adam kissing and nibbling at his neck. Justin admitted to himself that he liked the neck foreplay even though it was from another man.

Adam´s cock had produced fuck lube, and it moved thru Justin´s love tunnel freely. Adam was doing some of his own fighting of feelings. His balls wanted to explode! His dick wanted to forever be in this hot hole!

If one could see Adam fucking, they would see his tall sinewy body in a fluid motion. They would see a young man that was born with the inner knowledge of fucking! They would see a man that was tough and rough, able to face life, but they would also see a lover!

Adam twisted his head, moved around as he continued fucking, his lips once again found Justin´s! He kissed slightly and then whispered, "Can I cum inside you baby?"

Justin hadn´t really thought that far. He had already swallowed Adam´s cum, what difference did it make? "Yeah!" Justin whispered.

Their mouths touched, in the strange position of chest against back, top stud riding the bottom stud´s back, the young men had no problems flexing and kissing!

Adam´s tongue was back inside Justin´s mouth! Justin was being tongue fucked as he was being ass fucked! And friction and sex took over! Justin breathed faster, he wanted the dick to fuck harder!

Adam continued his long but slow strokes inside the fuck tunnel! Adam was a cock master, he controlled his dick! But they had been fucking for over 45 minutes! Adam finally gave into his fuck need! He broke his kiss and moved his mouth back to Justin´s neck! He bit and sucked! He was slamming ass now, pumping cock in and out, grinding the hot chute!

The 19 year old stud cried out softly as his nut began! The words didn´t make much sense but they were the soft words of a man that was in climax!

Adam drained his load, he was spent and done! He kissed gently at Justin´s neck as he felt his dick shrinking some. Adam kissed and licked his cellmate´s neck allowing his 9 ½ inch member to reduce to a semi hard on. He pulled out carefully, aware that Justin may be very tender.

Adam stood up and looked down at his half deflated man pole. It looked pretty clean to him but he moved to the sink to wash it. He was tall enough that his dick dangled over the cell´s small sink. He cleaned it and his back was toward Justin. As Adam was drying his cock, he turned and looked at Justin.

The towel dropped from Adam´s hands! "Are you okay dude?" Adam´s voice was louder then needed. Adam looked at Justin, the small guy hadn´t moved. His eyes were glassy looking!

"Oh man! Oh fuck man! I didn´t mean to hurt you!" Adam cried out. "I swear, dude! Oh, fuck, I´m sorry! You want me to get a doctor or something?"

Justin blinked, "Huh?"

Adam sat down on the bunk, "You okay? Come on dude, get up! I didn´t mean to get that rough or nothing! Can you stand up? I can get the guard to call the infirmary! I´m fucking sorry!"

"No, no. I just need to rest here. I´m okay." Justin´s voice sounded far away, he sounded weak.

"No man. We gotta get you looked at." Adam touched Justin´s cheek. "I didn´t mean to fuck like that, I lost control."

Justin sighed, "I lost control too. I´m okay. But yeah, help me up. I need to sit on the toilet."

Adam almost picked the smaller teen off the bunk. "I like you, you know I didn´t mean to hurt you."

As Adam lifted Justin up, sticky strands of cum ran from Justin´s soft drawn up dick to the bed sheet. Justin seemed to be gasping for air, for his very breath. "You didn´t hurt me, you made me cum." Justin said in wonderment.

Now it was Adam that voiced "Huh?"

Chapter 5 - Sticky Messes

Adam stared at the tell tale stain, he knew what it was, he had spent enough of his own juice on sheets to know what the thick creamy mass of fluid was! But? Adam had heard that sometimes punks cum from getting ass fucked, but those were free world punks, queens that spent most of their days getting screwed!

Justin sat on the cell´s toilet. His asshole felt sore, it felt swollen, but he knew he was okay. Just to be on the safe side, he took some of the rough cheap prison toilet paper and gently wiped the swollen ring of his sphincter. He looked at the paper, there was no sign of blood but there were two substances, one he guessed was lotion, the other he knew to be cum. Justin had a new immediate concern, he wondered how he could get Adam´s cum out of his ass? He pushed out, trying to shit it out of his body but only a few drops evacuated. Plus his asshole felt raw, it hurt to push like that! This would take forever!

Adam had continued staring at the sticky mess on the sheet with almost a sense of awe. Suddenly he stuck his thin but well built chest out a bit! He was filled with some prison form of male pride! Adam had been a great lover to many women on the outside. He was considered attractive by quite a few young women, and the fact that he had money had never hurt Adam´s ability in the free world. But in honesty, not only did Adam have a big dick, he was blessed with the ability to use it. Adam had prided himself on making his women achieve climax, And that same pride was filling him again!

He looked at the cum stain proudly and began to pull the soiled sheet from the bunk. He grinned at Justin, "Damn I´m fucking good!"

Justin felt embarrassment, a bad burning feeling that seemed to start in his stomach and spread everywhere. How had he got off? What had caused him to cum? It had hurt so bad then it didn´t hurt. Had he rubbed himself off? Had he rubbed his dick against the sheet and got off? Maybe, maybe that was it! He managed to get a few more drops of cum out of his ass.

Then Justin felt something he had never felt before. It was a feeling many men have felt over time, it was a feeling that a man has when he was fucked and liked it! It was the feeling of an empty ass that had so recently been filled! It was the emotion that overpowered everything else in Justin´s mind!

"I liked it!" Justin spoke out loud. "I was just doing it to survive in here. But I liked it. It really hurt. I wanted to make you get it out of me." Justin had dropped into a sound of confusion.

Adam forgot all about the stained sheet. "I didn´t wanna hurt you. I tried to be careful. You should have told me or something. You gonna be okay?"

"Yeah," Justin answered. "No! Something´s changed. Cause I liked it. Something´s changed."

Adam was putting a real sheet on Justin´s bunk, a sheet from the streets. "I liked it too. No, I fucking loved it! I can´t tell you the shit I´m fucking feeling! I don´t wanna make it worse for you. I don´t wanna make you feel down and shit. Maybe it´s because I´ve been locked up all these months, maybe its because I´ve been feeling down. But what we just did seemed the best I ever had! Shit! If you were a chick and we were on the outside, I´d be buying you a fucking ring! I fucking loved it!"

Justin was still trying to figure out how to get the cum to leave his ass! "So we both ended up liking it, huh?"

Adam didn´t know what to say. He had just made Justin´s bunk. Adam had never made his ex-cellies bunk, he didn´t like making his own. But yet he felt some confidence, and some affection that made him answer honestly. "I ain´t ever gonna force you. I´m gonna leave it up to you. But of you wanna be with me, I will do everything I can to keep you safe and shit. I will take care of you. I gotta level with you, all these dudes around here will know we are hooked up if you choose that. But if you´re with me and listen to me, ain´t none of them stupid enough to try anything. I want to do this again. If we hook up, I expect to do it again."

Justin looked at Adam. He looked at the first man he had ever had sex with. He had willingly sucked Adam´s dick, that wasn´t so bad. He had let Adam kiss him, that was surprising, He had spread his legs and let Adam fucked. Justin grimaced, "You kinda know I liked getting fucked, but how do I get your cum out of my ass?"

"Oh fuck! Is that why you sitting on the toilet! Fuck! I think they douche it out! You know the way a woman does? God! I didn´t think about how you would get the cum out!" Adam was now the most confused one.

But for some reason as the two new cellmates looked at one another they both began to laugh! Shortly after, Adam left the cell and returned with a bottle. It was a plastic bottle that had once contained 16 ounces of a cheap prison commissary shampoo. The mouth had been filed down smooth. It had been modified and its new purpose was to contain warm water to douche an asshole with. Adam had given a pack of cigarettes for the bottle and the verbal instructions on it use. As he handed it to Justin and watched the younger teen use it, he began to fill that rise, that feeling that his dick needed attention.

Justin actually liked the feel of pushing the small mouth of the shampoo bottle into his still puffy as lips. He squeezed the water inside his ass. It felt good to him. Adam took the now empty bottle from Justin and refilled it.

Somehow, as Justin learned how to douche his newly turned out ass, he also began hardening! As he filled his now empty ass with water, his dick stiffened and got as hard as it could get! He flushed out his ass several times!

And Adam was there watching! He had liked Justin from the get go, but the feelings were growing. And Adam´s big dick was also growing! Another kiss began!

But Adam hadn´t purchased the make shift douche bottle from anyone, he had purchased it from a prison queen. He had asked more questions.

The kissed deepened into the need for more sex between the two young cellmates. Both of them were hard, both of them were needing to cum! Justin broke away and moved to his bunk. He lay down in his belly and spread his legs wide! His muscular ass was an open invitation! His short well built legs meant for a place for Adam to climb into!

Adam moved over Justin and licked at the younger boy´s neck. He flipped Justin over, they were now face to face! He began with a kiss to Justin´s mouth, then moved to Justin´s neck!

Justin moaned as he neck was nibbled and kissed! His legs were somehow on Adam´s broad shoulders! The big thick cock was at his ass again!

"Do it Do it Do it!" Justin demanded but the two words do it came out as one, doit!´

But Adam had instructions! And he used what he had been told! He shoved about 3 inches of his cock inside of Justin´s hole! Then he bent his mouth down to Justin´s left nipple and clamp down! He bit into the younger man´s nipple as sucked at it! He thrusted the remaining 6 plus inches of his dick deep!

The two teenagers began a real fuck! Neither one of them wanted to be gay, and neither one of them could end the pleasure! Adam pounded hard, and Justin moved back and forth!

Two men, two young men that met quite by accident were both having the best sex of their lives! Adam kissed, he bit and sucked Justin´s nipples! Adam made love to the shaved head teenager! Adam made the love that he felt!

Justin responded! He wanted to keep the big cock deep inside him! He kissed back, sucking at the fat tongue! The strong white teeth that bit at his nipples off and on almost made him feel like he was going to die from pleasure!

It was a true fuck fest, one that was almost perfect! There was a difference! Once again, Justin came first, one again he was the first one to give into the fuck! He shot all over Adam´s tight belly, and even on Adam´s chest!

As Adam saw his new lover cum Adam stopped holding back, he allowed his cum to flow and pump! Adam came with no guilt, no guilt of the straight man enjoying gay sex. But Adam came with a need.

As his dick softened, he kissed Justin with small pecks of a happy man. Adam whispered, "You´re mine, you´re mine!"

Justin voice was weak but had a meaning in its tone! "No, you´re mine! You belong to me!"

They kissed in a form of sexual contentment, but in a form of two men that had chosen each other!

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