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He was the best baseball player in the league .His 24 year old handsome classic blonde all- american boy looks graced the boxes of countless cereals. Young women, and quite a few men, gazed at his posters seeing his sculpted muscular torso with that killer smile and those liquid gold flecked brown eyes ! A gifted natural athlete with the grace of a panther on and off field he moved with animal agility on the playing fields and in the bedroom of the cities most beautiful women. He was the hot sex stud of the day who mistreated women and fans alike with arrogant confidence in his prowess. I hated him!

Well, to be fair, I had cause. You see old Derek was one royal ego trip and, as the local court counselor it was my job to keep that ego in check! For the last year, as part of a court ordered counseling session, I had to treat his "anger management" problems (stud muffin had cold conked a guy who winked at him--the team "settled" out of court) .In the last month it was obvious he had learned nothing from our talks so today, I decided to go more "active".

I had arranged to meet macho jock late at the office. No need to have a crowd. As usual he was late when I buzzed him in. He sauntered in wearing his trademark spandex biking shorts (he always biked to meet me at the office) which showed off his bubble butt, his 9''uncut "babe breaker"(as he called his cock) and ,the "wonder globes babe's juice sack" between his legs (yeah he was all ego but, they were fine globes to be fair). He slouched in the chair opposite me draping one leg over the chairs armrest .

"Listen doc," he stated while chewing his tobacco wad, "I got a new girl moaning at home waiting to taste a real players juices so lets make this a fast one ok", he winked with a leer at me as if to make me appreciate the young ladies anticipation He probable figured what would this middle-aged slightly chubby therapist know about sexual heat huh unless you told him. I looked at him and smiled, he leaned back and brought his leg off the armrest. His muscled thighs were slightly opened to give his "package " breathing room I imagine. He flexed his taunt arms, the biceps bulging as he flexed then, he reached down with his powerful right hand to rub his crotch area (I assume to get "primed" for the festivities planned). Unfortunately for stud muffin, tonight's game was about to be called ! But, I thought , maybe I'd give him one more chance to avoid fate.

"Derek, you've realized by now that hitting that man was wrong am I right" I inquired hopefully.

"Fuck doc," he drawled--southern boy--, "that faggot should have known better. The fat shithead. Ah no offense there doc," he smiled.

"None taken, " I assured him grrr!

He leaned in, "listen I can understand them fairies ouzing for a piece of the babe here", he chuckled as he massaged his cock to a semi hardon, " but shit doc, it's sick drooling over a cock. Fuck some of them even take it up the chute! Sick bastards"

"So any man that sucks or gets fuc.."

"Listen doc any man does that or gets it done to him is ruined for life," he growled! "he's a pussy who deserves to be that other guy's slave!"

He stared at me filled with arrogance and defiance!

"You'd never.." but I didn't get to finish.

"HELL NO!!", he exploded. "This is one super straight stud not some weak sloppy fat fucker whose better off dead. Shit I ever did that...well fuck they'd could keep my sorry ass for good. Dam , I think those pansy guys are pathetic especially the fat ones-- those mounds of soft flesh on you ugh.....losers!!No offense doc," he smiled more winking at me.

Well, I thought, he had his chance.

"Okay Derek," I replied , "lets end early with a quick examination of your eyes ok".

"My eyes?"' he asked puzzled.

"Derek you got that lady waiting ; just do as I say ,lets not waste time explaining-- do it, and you're out of here fast! Now, look into my eyes so I can check something out quickly."

"Got it dude", he flashed that famous smile once more and gazed into my eyes

"That"s right look deeper, don't take your eyes off mine", I stated in a soft rthymic monotone.He stared as I talked, his breathing becoming more steady.

"Ghees doc" he mumbled,"I'm feeling abit funny there"

"Just keep staring Derek,"I whispered softly as he began to blink, "its so relaxing isn't it Derek?"

"Huh...soo..rtaxing",he responded in a soft slurring. His eyes were dropping now ;his tight hot muscled chest chest rising and falling in a steady rate.

"That's right", I cooed gently as he stared into my orbs. I noticed that his smile had faded and his hands had dropped to the sides of his now swaying upper torso!

"Feeling weak now, but so safe right?"I inquired.

"Weth..yeth.. whhhatsss.. hapninggg..",he sighed.

"Don't fight it...fall into my eyes and sleep" I insisted .

"Yath..sleeepp..saftttyhhhh." his eyes slowly closed and his honeysouthern voice became a slow drawl. His breathing was steady . I felt his pecs, fondling those ripe nipples then, ran my hands over that hard six pack of his--hmmmm yummy. He was built. As I rested my hand on his chest I could feel his heart beating slow !

"Now you will obey me at all times correct Derek" I ordered .

Derek 's head was resting on his chin , his muscular arms helpless at his sides!

"Obey," he responded drowsily.

"Good, now listen Derek, you're my own little doggie now ok." He nodded slowly.

"Now I want my doggie sitting at attention and happy to serve his daddy.Do it now!" I commanded.

The effect was amazing, baseball's biggest hero and the pinnacle of athletic manhood opened his eyes, climbed on the chair with his legs crouched under him, arms at his sides raised in a "pooch begging position". His tongue hung out of his smiling face as he panted away without any care but to please me.!

"Good dog," I laughed as I scratched behind his ears causing him to howl in pleasure


"Now stay Derek while master makes a phone call . I went over to the phone watching the baseball stud sitting in place barking softly and rubbing his ear with his"paw". I place a phone call.

"Eric, its Bill," I replied to the man who had answered. "Yeah he out of it ".I smiled still gazing at my new pooch.

"Listen, get some of the guys from our fat men's support group to meet me at our club ok. Tell them tonight they get to live out their "field of dreams". Just make sure we have alot of shaving cream, women's lace undies and bra , stockings ,and high heels.. the dildos and tit clamps you got last Christmas too. ...oh yeah" I laughed as I contemplated the future, "better bring your cam can video recorder too".

I hung up and opened my desk drawer taking out a leather studded dog collar and leash. I slapped my thigh , "here boy time to go for a nice trip". Derek lumbered off the chair and up to me on all fours. I collared and leashed him.

"Good doggie, " I murmured petting his waiving rump as I led him to the service elevator and my waiting vain. "You 'll learn some new ball tricks tonight." I chuckled as the door closed on us both. "What do you think of that!"



It was dark in the room except for a single spotlight illuminating a center circle. Around the circle were seated a group of men of various ages. Their common denominator---they were all fat and, they were there for the show! It grew quiet, suddenly an announcement was made.

"Gentlemen let the show begin!". The clapping arose as the entertainment began and the "artist" entered into the circle. As the performer was recognized quite a few patrons hooted in delight for there, performing for them, was baseball's hottest macho stud ,Derek, but this time the uniform he was wearing was very different. Dressed in black net stockings that showed his powerful calfs and thighs, wearing stiletto heels, a lacy black panty that bulged with the weight of its stuffing , a flimsy sheer bra that emphasized his hard pecs and finally, that "cereal box face'' all done up in lipstick and rouge-- he was quite a sight!

The audience went wild as he "flaunced" (thanks to a hypnotic suggestion that had the stud thinking he was a famous female performer) into the center of the circle and curtsied to them and the camera.

"Thanxs youth.." he lisped effeminately (another hypnotic suggestion). "Tonight I will do my famous dance for you," he lisped suggestively fluttering his fake eyelashes to the sheer enjoyment of the crowd.

From the nearby speaker a tune arose and "Dereka" began to sway. His body moved in a series of lewd pelvic thrusts as his gloved hands rubbed his crotch to an erection. Slowly he turned his back to them and bent over giving the boys a great rear view of that famous butt. Derek ran his hands over each buttsphere moaning loudly to the screams of the audience. The men began to clap as the young "bull", now turned "heifer" started a slow sensuous strip tease first , removing each glove then, straddling each one by pulling it up and down between his panties.

"Thanths soth dear men" Derek minced fluttering those lashes to their applause.

"More..more!!" yelled the crowd.

Always a trooper Derek next moved "her'' hands up her stomach letting the hard muscles there undulate . Slowly he felt under his bra literally "feeling himself up" for the patrons who noticed that "her" panties were now tentpoled. In a sudden movement the bra were flying and the crowd went wild.

Next ,Derek went up to the fattest man there and knelt before him. Slowly he licked the mans sweaty thighs moving up to so he could rub the man's protruding belly with his pelvis. The guy smiled like he was in heaven .Grabbing his hand Derek guided the patron's meaty paw and slipped it under his lace panties.

Aloud sigh came from Derek and, his cock stiffened as he was pumped by the man. One of the other men came up behind Derek and dry humped his butt. The men hooted as Derek moaned in pure lust under the assault . The man's massive fat stomach pounded into Derek's rear and the young ballplayer seemed lost in a daze. Quickly the man in front slipped off Derek undies leaving the high heeled stocking stud ready for the "second show"! Still the camera recorded it all!!


Derek was taken backstage to be prepared for the second show. Eagerly the men awaited the event. Then he appeared. The audience howled and clapped at the new transformation for there, in diapers and bib, was "baby Derek" sucking on a lollipop dildo. The young imp waived to the crowd who shouted greetings to the "star". From the right a man came onstage. He was masked and wearing just a leather g string . His immense stomach rolled over the pouch. Derek 's eyes poped at the size of him . His mouth hung open with the "lollipop" resting on his tongue.

"Derek," the man snarled. "You've been a bad boy I hear"

Derek nodded vigorously in agreement his eyes locked on the fat belly in front of him. Many in the audience noticed that his mouth was drolling as well."Yes daddy", he muttered.

"Come here baby," the hooded figure commanded sitting down on a chair. Derek slunk over.The man grabbed the baby roughly and pulled him over his knees to the laughter of the crowd and the eye of the camera.

"Time to learn boy," the man barked . His fat fingers slipped the back of the diaper from Derek exposing the young baseball player' famous mounds to all to see once more. Many in the crowd could recall seeing those buns poured into a tight baseball uniform and flexing for the camera while their owner winked at the female fans.The figure rubbed the buns slowly ; each man envying him. Derk began to sigh deeply his hypnotic orders in full effect!

Then the man raised his hand and...


The air was rent by the sound of the strikes and then, by Derek's howls.

"OH DADDY!, he cried.

But the man increased his speed and the crowd watched as the "former" studs famous muscular legs flailed up and down fanning his reddening butt.

"DADDY PLEASE." he bawled to the delight of the men.

"I'LL BE GOOOOOOODDDDD!!!!!", he screamed in a broken whine that sounded childlike . The audience cried for more as each WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! seemed to be their own revenge on all the hotshot macho muscle jocks who had traumatized their school years! It was the quarterback, the swimmer, the gymnast, the popular jock there getting their asses tanned. The breaking of Derek was freedom for them all!

Then it happened, the glorious finale as Derek was reduced to babyhood !




The men broke into applause at the sight of America' stud muffin finally reduced to baby cries!

The man stopped and let Derek slip to the floor. Derek's eyes were as red now as his butt which he was rubbing. The man turned to the audience. "Anyone have a pacifer ?" , He asked. One heavy ,hairy guy got up. He went to Derek and unzipped his jeans letting his rolls of fat free. Fondling a fat thick cock he asked, to no one in particular, "this should do I think!"He walked up to the weeping "baby".

"There , there", he said gently stroking Derek's tearstained face. Derek sniffled as he looked at the man.

"Baby need a lollipop," he chuckled as Derek nodded. "Well try this ," he said as he guided Derek' mouth onto his hard cock.Derek gurgled as his lips encircled the fat cock. Soon he was cooing contentedly as he sucked his lollipop to the cheers of the group. The man gazed at the "star" munching contentedly on his dork and smiled.

"Yeah, you bastard, suck on my fat meat. Bet you don't remember that time in the bar when I asked for your autograph and you told me you weren't signing tonight for fat fans. The other players and their girls you were with had a good laugh with you. Well, who's laughing now you cocksucker!" Derek gazed up at the smiling man who's cock now filled his mouth.

He saw the mans smile and grinned too ...he liked pleasing his daddy's friends esp. when they gave him lollipops. He cooed contentedly and sucked harder with the camera recording. Time soon for the third act!!


By now the crowd was revved up for the promised finale. Backstage "doc" was getting Derek ready with a hypno booster shot.

"Derek I want you to gaze deeper now", he said as the young jock's dilated pupils stared deep into his "doc's" eyes". Derek was now dressed in his baseball uniform looking like his old macho stud self once more . The tight fit of his players clothes emphased every muscular curve of that hotshot body. It had been custom fitted for him by the team tailor but now, the back had been "altered" to create a nice slit along his butt crack for easy access!

The young stud was swaying in a hypnotic trace as "doc" fed him his instructions."You understand what you are to do correct".

Derek nodded dully, "yes sir .." he slurred.

"Repeat it then son", "doc" stated.

"I'm to do whatever my fans request sir.." he muttered in his hypno trance. " I'm to make them happy and ,when they are happy I'm excited sexually."

"Good boy," "doc" replied causing Derek to break out in a wide grin. "Doc" noticed that Derek responded to the compliment by getting stiff in his crotch. The athletic cup was rising like a giant mound. "Now go to it machoman", he said to Derek as he swatted the players butt .Derek nodded and walked on the stage to the appreciative applause of the guys . There was their fantasy guy in all his athletic splendor waitng to please them all!

"Hey Derek," a man in back shouted, "remember the time you gave me the finger and said 'rotate on this' just cause I asked why you yelled at a kid who wanted to meet you. Well, how about YOU rotate on that finger for me huh!"

Derek smiled his famous killer grin and lifted his middle finger to his mouth. To the hoots of his "fans" he sucked on it getting it wet then, bending his knees to get into a 'crouch' position he slowly reached behind himself and inserted the finger into his butt. The crowd went wild as Derek fingered his hole for them.

"How does it feel jockboy", yelled the man as Derek pistoned his chute.

"OOOOOOOHHHHH...yyeahhhh", Derek moaned as he finger fucked himself even faster .

"Give it some steam boy", another voice cried out. Derek held his hand steady and began to buck up and down on his finger. The crowd chanted his name with each downward thrust

"Derek! Derek! Derek!"

"Ohhhhh shhhiittt ," he howled teeth chattering in sexual heat. His athletic cup rose even higher pulling the back of the uniform even more snug against his ass.

"Hey Derek", another man growled, "you once told me to piss off. YOU do it!"

Derek , by now lost in an over the top lust , nodded and the men laughed in sheer joy as they saw a growing wet stain filling out the crotch area of the stud pants. It grew in size and began to soak down his legs.

"Wow ," he sighed, "thanks sir for letting me warm my balls in that hot liquid." The laughter and applause was deafening. Baseball's macho idol had wet his pants on command for them and the camera! Still he fingered his hole nonstop filling the room with his cries of pleasure.

"Derek stop", an extemely fat man on the side said as he lumbered up onto the stage. Derek , ever ready to please ,did so and straightened up as some in the crowd protested.

"Derek", the obese man man said as he began to unbuckle his pants, " You once told me to kiss my ass. Well I want you to not only kiss it but eat my hole clean. Now on your knees pussy!" Derek dropped to his knees as the man turned and bent over.

Without missing a beat Derek began kissing the mans hairy butt and then, to squeals of delight ,he inserted his face deep between the guys butt cheeks. The man turned to the crowd and gave them a "V" sign. "He's eating it men" he cried to their cheers.

Derek face burrowed in so deep it was hard to tell where the man's fat cheeks ended and the face of the former arrogant stud began. From deep within the mans fat hairy cheeks the guys could hear the basball player's muffled moans and they all, as well as the camera, noticed that Derek had one hand down his pants massaging his rising mound! Soon every guy was on stage having his butt 'cleaned' by the sport idol . The finale's finale was fast approaching as the eternal camera recorded it all.


"GENTLEMEN!!" , a voice boomed out. Time for the cherry picking don't you think. The men roared in approval. Derek was grabbed out the last guy's butt ;his mouth still wet with saliva dripping from the corners. They positioned him on all fours. The first guy inserted a well oiled finger up Derek's butt causing him to sigh and wiggle his ass back onto the invader .

"OOHHHHHHOOOOOOO... ," Derek growled in animal lust, "it feels sooooooo gggoooodddddd..." his back arching and falling catlike as his helped get himself all slick in his soon to be unvirgined chute.

Having made sure that studmuffins butt hole was well 'buttered' the man lined up his cock between the slit hole in Derek's uniform and pressed in.


as the mans fat cock broke through his tight cherry ass ring . As the man rammed his 'Derek buster' home the men watched in a mixture of envy and happiness. There before the eyes was super stud moaning like a two bit back alley whore squirming under a fat mans cock thrusts!

"More....more ..," sighed Derek as he bucked and pushed back on the hefty meat that was deflowering him for all time. The ones nearest to Derek noticed that Derek's athletic cup was pushed up hard against his uniform. It was obvious that the famous 'wonder globes' were about to burst forth up through the once infamous 'babe breaker'.

"I can't.....holdddddd...aaahhhhhh..iitsss.cummmm",Derek cried in a earsplitting howl.

The man screwing him yelled in lust, "take my jiss you pussy!!!"

As he erupted in him, Derek saw stars and blew his load into the cup. The crowd laughed and began to serenade the conquest, "take me out to the ball game..take me out...."Derek collapsed smiling. As he drifted off he heard the final verse filling his head, "for its 1,2 3 strikes you're out at the old ball game".

"Think our boy toy needs to be revived men," the announcer stated. "Hell that jock deserves a stiff drink right guys." They turned him over and someone undid Derek's pants carefully releasing his athletic cup which was now filled to the brim with the ballplayer's cum .

"Drink up Derek ," one of them said as he put the cum filled cup to Derek's lips.Derek's eyes fluttered open with a look of heavy lidded lust. His lips parted and he slurped up the 'babe's juice' like a contented cat feeding on cream. Some later swore he purred as he drank it all up He was out of it for sure!

"Fuck," he muttered softly after he had finished licking the cup dry.

"Our thoughts exactly," the announcer said ;the other men stripped and lined up to take their turn. Derek was picked up and drapped over a waiting bench ; those powerful thighs spread on either end of it, a baseball mound (how fitting) under his stomach, his ass up, and, his chute flower winking it's invitation to all--- exposed to the passing breezes. It was a team effort, but as the last man blew his wad into Derek's once cherry butt ( all the while with Derek whimpering for 'deeper' thrusts and 'more' of it) it was obvious that the studmuffin had been toasted to a golden brown. As Derek 'came' for the 15th time under the screwing (and ,thanks to a hypnotic order ,his endurance and 'cumming' power reached legendary status that night) it was all caught on the camera!!


That morning it was a drained young baseball stud who awoke in his condo. Derek felt exhausted and , for some strange reason, both his mouth and his butt were sore. He looked on the nightstand to see a note attached to his vcr remote. The note said that there was a copy in his machine of a very fascinating tape. He flicked on the machine and set it on play. For the next three hours he gazed in horror at the perfomance he gave. At the end of the tape was"doc".

"Well Derek, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did," doc laughed. "Now, unless you want this on the news I suggest you try an attitude adjustment. Oh yes, you will report to the club every other month for a show . Got it!"

Derek's head dropped and his prior words to the 'doc' on his views about men who 'sucked or got fucked' pounded in his brain. He was one "owned" pussy slave now and, he knew it!

alternative ending ...add after above last line

Derek pressed the rewind button. As the tape whirled back the images he had seen swirled in his mind. When the tape had fully rewound Derek found himself somehow compelled to press play again. As the images flickered on the screen he discovered that he was 'playing' with himself . Soon his formidable nine inch ' babe breaker' was in full erection. As the section on his deflowering came on again something told him, to check in the nightstand drawer . Inside he found an already greased didlo. A inner voice guided him on what he needed to do. Soon the condo was filled with his loud moans.

That spring the newspapers were filled with the phenomenal change in Derek. His play was never better, in fact it had improved if that was possible! No, it was baseball's former badboy's attitude that caused comment. Patient, giving to charities and fans alike--it was a miracle! Derek even had his own fanclub of overweight fans whom, he made sure, got prime location tickets to every game. He never passed the club members by in the stands without flashing 'his men' that trademark killer smile along with a knowing wink . Even doc was impressed , it seemed that his intensive post hypnotic psychological /sexual rewiring of Derek had been a complete success .Short circuiting that macho jock's legendary hetrosexual prowess had been a great triumph. Of course, it was always possible that Derek was an unknowing closet case who not only liked guys but the fatter the better! Perhaps , chuckled 'doc' to himself , the ballplayer's conversion from fiery stallion to docile brood mare was somehow a combination of both! Doc gazed at the engraved invitation in his hand.

Seems Derek was planning on 'marrying' the club's hefty president in a private ceremony to which everyone in the club had been invited. Doc knew that there would be alot of sad fat men in his group and wondered how to help especially as the 'groom' had insisted that Derek retire from performances. The answer came later that day as he was wrapping the only remaining copy of the "Derek" tape to give to the happy couple (seems Derek had played his copy so often that it had worn out).

He went to answer the knock at his door and was surprised to see the heads of baseball, football, and basketball standing there.

"Doc," one of them said, "we need your help. You did such a great job counseling Derek and we were wondering if you could counsel a few of our trouble players." The man handed a list to doc who inspected it. The names on it included some the handsomest, built , hottest, and sexiest players in their respective sports. They were also the most arrogant ; some even publicly homophobic in their statements.

"Can you work on them doc?' they all asked imploringly. Doc smiled , "no problem gentlemen", he responded to their smiles of relief.

Hmmm he thought, the club's members will be busy.Too bad,he mused ,that the soccer league wasn't making a similiar request. Doc had a vision of a young , rugged, macho, totally arrogant , latino soccer player that he lusted for in a big way --the stud was all defined , taunt muscularity with dark sultry violet-blue eyes and curling black hair.He boasted to all that he was 'all man' and God's answer to women! As doc contemplated the soccer stud's obvious sexual charisma the men started to leave.

"Oh yes," the baseball league head said, "my friend from the soccer league was wondering if he could assign one of his men for extra special counseling" .He handed doc a paper with the very player's name. A huge grin broke out on doc's face .


"I'm told", the man whispered, " the guy is one stuck up lousy cocksucker".

Doc laughed as he closed the door behind them.. "Lousy huh", he said to no one in particular. Well, that will change!!!

© Cicero [kysen1 at yahoo.com]

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